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***The Official St. Mirren v Rangers Thread***


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Barca are running riot 4-0

Bayern resorting to St Mirren tactics.

I'd hate to have to resort to the stone age tactics of the SPL but we really could use a couple of players who can dish out some hurt every once and a while.

Dailly will nail Dargo at least once before the end. (tu)

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I really can't see why Stevie Smith can't do a job as backup for us rather than that fud Dailly. :anguish:

Do you keep up with any Rangers-related news or what? Stevie Smith has been downright brutal all season in the reserves. <cr>

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Dailly is a better option than S. Smith - he's overweight and playing awful stuff in the reserves. He has no confidence at all.

Whittaker to LB, Dailly RB, simple really I thought?

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Wow, how impressive has Edu been (tu)

His confidence has grown since the goal. Hope he smashes that wee tim McGinn.

Finally a half decent game to watch.

Also watching Barcelona game, it's scary stuff in comparison to us :anguish:

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Dailly has done nowt wrong. He's a half decent option for right back against st mirren.

Seriously but, how well has edu been in the last 45 minutes? Closed down players, passing has been almost perfect, broke up attacks, and seems to be everywhere. Everything we need.

Our passing has been sharp.

Last ten minutes we guffed up a bit, walter will go in, set ranks again, and hopefully another goal or two in the next 45 minutes. Can't fuck about with subs tho, cause st mirren might just go through alexander or something.

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Anyone wanna give a HT catch up?

Who's played good and shite?

How were the goals?

Couldn't see any of it at all, damn links!

Positive formation and personnel, positive football.

Some nice, neat, slick passing at times. Midfield is strolling through it bar a 3 minute period. 11 or 13 passes for Boyd's goal. Should have had a 2nd but a terrible miss. Great header from Edu for 2nd.

Papac and Beasley off injured. Edu strolling through it, Whittaker and Dailly getting down the right and left, Mendes looking for the ball....

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