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If picked by Levein,should he play?  

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IMO i would prefer if no Rangers players played international football.

How can you say that? It gives the club exposure and increases the value of our players. And personally, as a Rangers AND Scotland fan, it makes me extremely proud to watch a Ranger playing for MY country.

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It's an interesting one though. Personally, I'd never, ever turn my back on my country - like Boydy did. Let's be honest... he did. But...if he wasn't going to get a game before Chris Iw... however you spell his name -- then he should focus 100% on The Rangers. So I get it -- kind of.

But right now.. Scotland are in desperate shape. All the good work from Walter and Eck has been wasted and we need to regain respect. By fuck how Scotland need Walter again. But of course, he told them to GTF anyway.

So.. Boydy back in the squad?" Of course! Even more so given his form, and the fact he himself has said he's "grown up". He must be incredibly committed to have changed his game to such a point that even when he doesn't score (which is rare), all bears (well, 99%) are praising him for his link up play, work rate (yes) and overall effort.

Add to that, he's the best goal scorer in a generation, and it's obvious he needs to be back in the Scotland set up. I look forward to it.

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He's not really suited to international football with Scotland. In a lot of the games we (scotland) play, there is one man up front who needs to work like fuck, chase lost causes, hold the ball up, and link the play. Thats isnt Boyd's game. He scores goals for us (Rangers) because he's playing for a team who dominate games and create loads of chances against mostly inferior opposition. He wont get many games like that for Scotland. Against the SPL teams, he bangs them in, but at a higher level he will always be found wanting.

The only Scotland games id play him in would be the ones where we are up against diddy mobs who we should be hammering. The way he behaved with Burley was for me, not becoming of a Rangers or Scotland player. For the reasons ive already outlined, he was not a regular pick for Scotland. Now there have been loads of players over the years who didnt start every game but still made themselves available, and did their best for the nationa team. Boyd seemed to think he was above that, and in my opinion he's a limited (but highly effictive at SPL level) player with ideas above his station in this regard.

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