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His name is Lee McCulloch he's the leader of the team


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the greatest centre half The Gers has ever seen,

he's always there or there abouts to score a vital goal,

and as for samararrse

you can stick him up yer hole ! (tu):sherlock:

Haha, Big Lee legend. :praise:

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Lovely goal, almost a carbon copy of his goal in Lyon

And his header Scotland v Ukranie

the abuse the big man gets on this site is a disgrace , sure hes not the best gers player ever but always gives 100% i guess all the guys on here didnt cheer when he scored today

(tu) I don't think Big Lee is actully too bad myself

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It really was a great goal... watch how he drives himself up and makes it his... there was only one place THAT header was going!

Well done big man...

(Ill finish the song for ya...........Na na na na na......na na na na na...)

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