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Season Ticket Renewal


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  1. 1. Are you renewing your season ticket?

    • Yes
    • Yes - I'll be a new season ticket holder next season
    • No - Have to give it up due to cost
    • No - Live too far away
    • Maybe - I'm going to wait to see what happens with the ownership

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unfortunatly i dont think i will be renewing for next season, just going to get single tickets when i can. I would love to still have one but its just been a waste of money this year as i have missed so many games with work commitments and games being moved. Got rid of my ticket for a few of them but on others like last night it just been wasted. Dont see the point spending £500+ for a season ticket and only making 12 games a season when i can just get 12 individual tickets for £26 each and save £200. It would be worth it for the old firm games but both times this year sky have moved them to a sunday and i am a Christian so i dont believe in sunday football so i didnt go to either of them. Pretty much guaranteed they will do the same thing next season.

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I will more or less be a definate to renew but I'm gona wait until the Last minute/closing date (may7th I think?) to see wat happens with ownership etc. I'm of the mind that paying 400 odd quid to watch potentially a team full of youngsters playing is a bit insane, but on the other hand it's still the rangers and they are deep to my heart and I wud keep going bcos of that. The club wud secure alot more ST renewals and new ST holders if the club is sold asap IMO

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Live to far away to give my vocal support every week,but as long as I get my season ticket,I feel Im doing my bit.....Renew until I die loyal

do you drive up?

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I've been promoted in my work, but it means I need to work every second weekend unfortunately. I think I'll need to give it up :(

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I'm over 2 hours away, and should be moving out soon (at 18 :anguish: ) so we'll see. I hope I can afford to keep it, but even now it's expensive for me. Maybe move from my seat in GF for a cheaper seat if possible.

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