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Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim


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Will defo buy it and enjoy, but these elder scroll/fallout games are so badly coded. The guys that work at bethesda are so lazy! Notice how the characters and animals fucking float across land and run sideways? Get your fingers out

The worst thing about Bethesda is that fucking diagonal running.

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Can't wait, infinite dragons :D

I'm a little disappointed it was developed on the xbox then ported to PC/PS3. they should develop for PC and port to consoles.

Will still be great game though.

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Can't wait. Oblivion is still my favourite ever 360 game, see trying to get a PC copy without buying online though, it's nightmare.

However, I am looking forward to firing up Skyrim on my new gaming PC come 11.11.11

Its worth it though, great mod community.

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He said they'd have a small batch of them in tomorrow, I dunno if they were selling them the day or what though, as I went in after Uni (half 5).

They probably did and they just sold out.

Loved Oblivion and this looks even better, just going to have to wait it out until xmas but money's tight and I already have enough games to tide me over until then anyway.

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