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Worst Game Of All Time


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Never owned it (thank fuck) but Superman 64 was truly awful. My mate bought it, we played it once, then he took it straight back to the shop. All the worst ever games lists are right, this was utter pish.

Some of the text based games on the spectrum and C64 were soul destroying. I also detest platformer wannabes like Busby or Gex.

Madworld on the Wii was touted as a fun, adult game. It was shite and repetitive.

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I quite liked that!

I liked This is Football as well.

Olympic Soccer, now that was not a very good football game. Some of the goals you could score were ridiculous and the commentary was hilariously repetitive.

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Chris Kamaras street Soccer deserves a special mention absolutely terrible was on the PS.

And another football game whose name escapes me at the moment but it was the first to feature indoor five a side games. You could also play a management mode in which ex Leeds striker Thomas Brolin was the best player. As well as the obvious eleven vs eleven game modes was horrendously bad as well.

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This is football 2002 with Rio on the front was my football game of choice that year

The diving was an excellent addition, although the refs were all Pierluigi Collina mixed with Hawkeye :(

After that the series nosedived, like PES after PES6

Red Card Soccer, that was an absolute bag of wank as well. After the first 10 minutes and you got over the novelty of kicking fuck out of the other team, you realised the gameplay was awful and you were playing a team of dolphins

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