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Are We Better Since This Time Last Year?


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Team Last Year:


Whittaker Weir Bougherra Papac

Naismith Davis Edu Weiss

Jelavic Miller

Team Just Now:


Whittaker Goian Bocanegra Wallace

Naismith Davis McKay Bedoya

Jelavic Lafferty

Need to think about what Weir was last season and not this season.


Goalkeeper: Same

Defence: Roughly even, if not slightly better.

Midfield: Can't really judge on Bedoya and McKay yet. Weiss was good IMO, a team without Edu though...

Strikers: Worse

Obviously there is more strength in depth, kept all our big players this season, lost Miller and all his goals. Have we improved?

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i may be wrong here. But didn't miller leave in January and the season finish in may?

People are over exaggerating his goalscoring last season. The fact is the team did alright in the league without him

I don't think you can exaggerate a player's impact when he leaves in January and still finishes the league's top scorer.

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From last years team we've lost Miller, Beattie, Fleck, Hutton, Weiss, Diouf, Foster and Bougherra (Webster if you want to include him). So we've signed seven players but lost eight.

There's got to be questions raised about the quality as well. Miller was last seasons top scorer and he hasn't been replaced. Diouf offered us another option up front and was often played ahead of Healy which speaks for itself really. Bougherra is another quality player we've lost, he was a fantastic CB for us. I don't think Ortiz is better than Weiss either.

Is the squad we have now better than the one that started last season? I don't think it is TBH.

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Naw seriously?

I'm glad Webster and Beattie are gone because they were big earners who offered us nothing on the field. But I'm sure from the seven we've signed a couple will be shite, there's always one or two. There's no way all seven will come in and be performers we're not that lucky.

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Well, if I'm being brutally honest, the mhanks have a stronger squad than us, comfortably. Our first XI is capable so we will have to hope we're fortunate when it comes to injuries. Very disappointed in Whyte.

There squads been stronger for the past 2 years but that doesnt matter as we have/had a better team.

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