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A new Deputy for Ally


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Just a suggestion but does anyone think bringing in a more seasoned Assistant Manger would help Ally out and maybe kick the dressing room into shape? When the inexperienced Souness came to Rangers the most important signing he made was Walter and still admits to this day that having Walter by his side was vital to his success as a Rangers manager. Some may think I'm being harsh on McDowall but lets look at the facts, he came to Rangers after a spell as a youth coach, was made first team coach and now is an Assistant Manager. Hardly experienced as a first team coach in my opinion.

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OP, i was having the same thoughts, however I doubt Super will change something that Walter put in place and believed in - which tells you a lot.

The way I've been seeing it is: The most important person in this area is the manager, all other positions are supporting ones to help the manager in some way. Whether this is to help the manager in things the manager is not the best in or whatever - the specifics are not important.

McCoist Vs Smith

Two very very very different people who became two very different managers. Any Rangers supporter will know the personality differences so there is no need to list them.

So, how the hell can the same managerial supporting staff be as effective at supporting Smith as McCoist?

The answer is they cant, Smith was a seasoned manager whom had lots of respect for his ability for good reason, the management team he put in place would have been solely to aid him and him only. He was a professional, and he would see McCoist as his own man whom after cutting the ambilical chord would have to find his own way.

McCoist HAS to be his own man and not try to be Smith - that is impossible anyway, and that is the very road which would hinder his own abilities and progress as a manager. He NEEDS to construct a management team HE feels will benefit him - only then will he have the tools available to him to do his job properly.

I think the very person required is a Butcher-esque assistant, someone who will not take the shit and add a bit of steel. Walter didn't need that as he had that in his personality already, McCoist certainly does. Mcoist was more cheery and playful - exactly what Walter was lacking.

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Rita wouldnt like him coming to us.

Spot on with that one, very prim and proper.

Chris Woods told me a story of him driving back up towards Dunblane with his wife and Terry and Rita in the car, they lived at Bridge of Allan. Was early hours of the morning when this car came screaming up the road behind them lights flashing drew alongside and Chris said there was Mel Sterland 's wife with her bare tits pressed against the passengers window waving at them.

Chris said him and his wife burst out laughing, and all you could here was Rita voice going Terry you are the captain that is no way for a Rangers players wife to behave, have words and report him laugh.gif

She is a big girl Mels wife .

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Get Ray Wilkins in!

this is what i've been crying out for, he was royally shafted at Chelski, but is a man who can and would turn this team around into a galvanised team of winners, he has the winning mentality, and is a tough cookie,

Wilkins would turn this side around guaranteed!!

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A new assistant would probably make a difference but I'm unsure how happy I would be for our club to treat a member of staff like that. The only way any part of the coaching staff will go, is if the manager leaves IMO.

To be perfectly honest, a change of captain on the pitch would help with galvanising the players more than a change of assistant manager but thats a different issue.

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