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would you let davis go?

bear down under

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if we could get 5m for him i would take,done his time for club,but time to move on,plus big wages we cant afford.Think we have to seriously look at every offer in jan cos the squad to me needs a whole fresh approach,whether short loans but with quality.Plus there are guys on frindges who should be given go,there will be plenty of loans from downsouth were we would be paying part of wages but not all,could work in our favour as we are missing pute quality at the moment,who do you think would be available?

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I wouldn't sell him, hopefully we get one or two good midfield additions in the January window and the captaincy is passed on to someone else. I think he has suffered with the pressure of being captain and the fact he has to play beside Jig doesn't help either. Would you be confident in driving forward, like we know he can, when jig is the player to plug the gaps. I know I wouldn't be.

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I would rather he stay along with a decent midfielder beside him, but if we got 3 million for him in his current form, I'd let

him go....as long as we had another lined up in his place....OR we promoted a McKay, a Ness or a Bendikson type player from the ranks, if we have such a beast in the locker.

I'm tempted to agree with nvager...who would pay that kind of money for him at this stage???

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£5m for Steve Davis hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm presses the translate button...........snowball in hells chance. I would take an offer fro him, Would we miss him No not based on this seasons showing and that is the one to judge him on.

As I have mention before if bid comes in say £3m and the club says Steven we would want to take that bid. His reply would be along the lines of, well ok you have accepted the bid so I have a contract worth in the region of £4m pounds , I will accept a pay off fro £2m. So what are we left with £1m

I am not saying that would happen but this scenario is the norm. That is why we get the drivel "I love it here never want to leave" "I will not ask for a transfer".

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