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Dr record on month long lemmonfest


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Jayasus the ongoing triumphs over a hobbled Rangers goes on each day in the headlines with quotes from a straight fucking face...of Liewell and lemmo..

Europe awaits...

The uphill struggle....

Digging deep...

Busbys cellik babes...

Lemmon is among the greats... Quoted from lemmon LOL

Fuck sekes this is embarrasing to see.

No mention of err.... The obvious missing

" 10"

They are unbelievablely shameless.

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I hear messi has asked to leave the nou camp if the harlem bogtrotters make a move for him!

Scott broon is a numbskull, they truly believe the shite they spout! They haven't even been the better team in 1 old firm ffs yet they are ready to conquer europe! Stick to eating lego ya wee fanny

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ALso saw this on the web site

Scottish news

Neil Lennon 'bomb' plot trial witness is attacked in jail after being branded a grass

EXCLUSIVE: A prisoner branded a “grass” after going to court to testify in the Neil Lennon bomb plot trial has been beaten up behind bars. More Rangers news

That is NOT Rangers news. DR really are a bunch of

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