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If you left at half time...


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To be fair, people pay their own money for a ticket, and some just can't handle seeing Rangers like that. It's the most surreal sight I've seen in the time I've supported Rangers, but those who pay for their tickets may do what they want I guess. If they find it unbearable, so be it. There will always be people there who will stay no matter what, many don't have the stomach though.

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I suppose it is the choice of the individual if they've paid their money, but they are depriving another Bear of the chance to stay for 90 mins.

Let's face it, we all know what's coming on the road these days & it doesn't look like changing in the next week or two, so if you're prone to leaving early if it's not going too well, maybe you should be letting someone else take the ticket?

I'd be inclined to cut folk some slack today - I'm sure a lot of folk never contemplated a scenario where we'd be down at HT & FT against Stirling Albion - must've been a real shock for some.

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the 'some' that sing 'no surrender' or crack on about 'not walking away' every week?

no fan should ever leave before the final whistle imo unless you really need to.

I had to go early when my Dad died, but otherwise never left before the last toot!

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You should stay and support your team for 90 minutes. I can't stand folk who leave early.

It is a shame to see people leave, but at the end of the day, they've paid for their ticket, they get to decide what they do.

Many people leave Ibrox early to get away quicker, I'm one of them, but in terms of today, you could understand people not wanting to watch anymore. Everyone is frustrated, some can't stand to watch I guess.

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playing devils advocate here but if you want to show the team your disgust at how they are playing is to walk out, its not like they walked out on a tough match this is a match that should have been dead and buried at half time, the players have to see how this lack of drive and commitment to away games is pissing fans off and is disrespectful considering the amount of support that has been shown

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The guys that pay the money to go should have the choice to leave early,after a'll they have paid :sherlock:

The guys that are lucky enough to get a ticket then leave at half time instead of staying to support the team should just refuse to take the tickets next time (tu)

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