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Petrofac Training Cup


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The thing that annoys me the most is its always on that bloody bbc alba channel with rubbish quality and can't understand a word the commentators are saying!!

I'm almost fluent in it now.

The following phrases I could quite easily say in Gaelic

''Fraser Aird whips the ball in.... and that's a easy catch/clearance for the keeper/defender... ''

''Ricky Foster looks to go long to Jon Daly''

''It falls to Boyd... and he puts it wide''

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say this will be our last ever chance to win it. I'd be devastated if we never won it tbh, just for the fact we'll never gettin chance again.

Really sticking your neck on the line with that quote......

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Regardless of what the trophy is we are a club used to winning and should be aiming to win everything.

The fact we have not won it in 3 years tells you all you need to know about the previous regime.

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Warburton will probably pick a team of youths and reserves, because he wants to concentrate on winning the league, and keeping the first team fresh.

not sure we will have the size of squad to do that. Any way these games might be perfect to bed in all the new players coming in the door before the serious stuff starts.

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