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Coach Returns To Rangers


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And just seen the news there that aafter 3 year break Parks of Hamilton are back as team coach suppliers. Just Hope that the team coach is as pimped out as the one Bruce Coaches supplied....

The Bruce coach was torched Collie pimpin had nothin tae dae wae it !

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Funny as it is

The contract should be made public

Or it looks bad, and jobs for the boys.

I fear the worst and hope for the best.

IE... The new contract will save us xx amount per year.....

After another right royal gaffe, of course it will.

It will be getting rewritten to show such as we speak.

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So what happens to the Bruce bus with all the rangers pimp out stuff that they did again after the first one was burnt out?

Was the bus not paid for by Rangers? If so, then suppose it will just be rebadged in Parks colours.

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