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The Bbc And Mark Daly To Be Sued Over Documentary?


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So either

A) They're criminals, go to Jail and the BBC were on the money.


b) They're not criminals, they don't go to jail but the BBC are liars- but we're no further to knowing why we were fucked over so much.

Each of those is a double edged sword but I'd prefer option A.

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I think that if D & P are successful it could open the door for a stream of writs, off the top of my head I remember disparaging comments about B Ferguson, W Smith and many other members of Rangers staff. They also tried to point the finger at Souness taking Tuguy to Blackburn. Revealing private tax details of individuals using dodgy means of acquiring this information ( LNS ) may also be judged to be criminal.

Squeaky bum time for the BBC, imagine accusing so many individuals of being dishonest with thier taxes when judges have said otherwise.

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Doubtful if anything will come of it. Probably trying to use as a distraction for their own court case

Don't be so sure about that there were many legal matters to be addressed before they could proceed. You only have to look at the Collyer Bristow case to see there was intent to claim as much assets as they could,at that time Whyte and Tickettus were still relevant it may also be a case that they feel this program damaged the product to the extent that it cost them money.

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