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Miller played in a front three with Mols and de Boer in the Champions League when he was but a nipper and he scored* and mixed with some big names. I couldn't have seen Novo getting much game time in European competition under Advocaat. Endeavour alone was never good enough for the Wee General; you had to have a side-salad of savvy along with your energy.

Nacho and big Dado were a great partnership though. Certainly more dynamic and exciting than Miller and Boyd.

So, take from that what you will...

*Funnily enough Miller and Prso were on the same park together in the game against Monaco where Miller scored. A Desmond, as DJ was no doubt heard to say on the night.

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God knows what the question is but I don't think there's any definitive answer for when someone's prime is. It depends on the player.

Davie Weir - his prime was late 30's with us when Walter signed him when he came back. Watched him play for Falkirk, Hearts, Everton and Scotland before coming to us and in all honesty thought he was utter shite but he won me over.

Miller is another who IMO played his best football in his second spell with us when he was over 30.

Guys have their prime early .. I remember the likes of Jeffers and Cadmateri at Everton at about 18 in the late 90's and mid 90's and they looked absolutely outstanding then fell away to shite.

Just depends on the player, really.

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3 hours ago, Sam English Loyal said:

I never appreciated Novo when he was here. Thought he was a weak link. Actually think better of the wee guy now. Better than Miller though? Naw, Kenny is ending his career at Ibrox, Nacho at the Oval. Therein lies the difference. 

Never forget mate, helicopter Sunday, 22 May 2005 Novo's goal won us the title.

I travelled 10,000kms to get there and on the Monday travelled 10,000kms back.

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