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Pedro Interview coaches duties


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Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 12:00
by Nick Thomson

HELDER BAPTISTA, Pedro Malta and Jose Belman were the three assistants who arrived at Ibrox with Pedro Caixinha when he was appointed as manager nearly three weeks ago – but what roles exactly will they serve?

Well, in an exclusive and extensive sit-down with RangersTV.tv, Caixinha explained what duties first-team coaches Baptista and Malta, and goalkeeping coach Jose Belman will perform on a day-to-day basis.

And, he began by explaining his desire for absolute unity between all four of them and the first-team squad.

Caixinha explained: “I believe that the coaching staff needs to have the same spirit the same mentality and the same way of thinking.

“This is not about one person – this is a collective squad and if you don’t work like this, it is very difficult to achieve any level of success. So, it is important for us to know each other. It doesn’t mean they all share exactly the same football philosophy as me – we share it but maybe in a different way.
“I am more from the academic side of football, so my knowledge is about the application of that, the relationship of the players, but sometimes it is important to have someone that is coming from the players’ side – that’s Helder. In order to understand that, maybe he has to be a little bit more tough with one guy, and with another a little bit more gentle.

“The players are feeling this, and I want to create that relationship. I want the players to be honest with me, to be clear with me and come directly me to me as the first person. I want to have that relationship, but I know, sometimes they feel more comfortable talking with the assistants than with myself – that is something I need to change.

“Helder is that type of guy – a human guy that cares about relations and has that knowledge about the players’ feelings.

“Pedro is our methodologist – I used to say he is like my eyes on the world with regards to scouting the opponents. Helder also does the opponents, but with regards to the set-pieces.
“Let’s say Helder is going to get all of the information on the opponents with regards to the set pieces and is going to pass it to me like he is the manager of the opponent in that moment but is preparing our players.

“Pedro is about the other moments of the game – the dynamic of the game and the way the teams play.

“He has had 10 years preparation with me in order to get him to know the direction I want, and their reports, and most of them are as video footage for the players, they are exactly the same as if I was holding those meetings.

“So they take work for me in order for me to just look at our team, and they prepare it as if it was myself in those moments.

“Pedro is also is going together with the work of the performance analysts and the fitness coach, and he monitors the training sessions for us. It is very important we don’t see the training sessions as a load; it has to be about stimulation and adaptations.
“What we want to monitor is if the stimulation we are giving to the players are getting the right adaptations on the physical side and on the human side.

“And Jose Belman is in between one assistant coach and the goalkeeping coach. He is someone that likes to discuss the game, and he is also someone that knows how the players are feeling and the specifics of coaching the goalkeepers.”

Caixinha is also looking to appoint a ‘local’ assistant to work with him at Rangers, but in the meantime, he has had under-20s coach and previous interim gaffer Graeme Murty alongside him.

And, Caixinha could not speak highly enough of him and the work he has done with the first-team so far.

He added: “Graeme has been very, very helpful, not only being with us and having one more of us on the training pitch, leading the exercises and being a bridge with the under-20s and under-17s, but also with all the fitness and preventive work with the medical side of things that we need to do with specific players or as a group on a daily basis.”

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Sounds extremely attentive and driven. Something you need to succeed. Can't believe were actually watching our opponents, with one guy solely focused on how they work set-pieces. 

Hopefully Pedro can find 3 or 4 within that squad that can contribute and perform to the levels of Mckay, Foderingham and Wallace, who also need to up their games but we know they can produce excellent displays for them it's about consistency. If we can find another 3 who can raise their game consistently and bring in 4-5 quality players then I can see us challenging next season hopefully.

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1 hour ago, OhW said:

Not sure about that to be honest. Hasn't been long enough, he's had one game. 

If it all goes to shit people will be slagging him and his "behaviours" in no time.

Whilst I'm cautious about jumping in to bed with him, the fact that he has a coach specifically for watching our next opponents is already a big improvement on Warburton, Weir and the best in the business.

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2 hours ago, loyalfollower said:

I'm still looking forward to winning a game 5-0 with 38% possession.

i love that stat


Just now, loyalfollower said:

I'm still looking forward to winning a game 5-0 with 38% possession.

i love that stat

You got Alzheimers mate

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59 minutes ago, Carsons Dog said:

Set pieces at both ends of the park have been a disaster for us for ages

Any improvement is welcome

We have already seen signs of them being better.

We scored from what, 3 corners, in the 6-0 game vs Hamilton?

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