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This tackle


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Just now, RFCRobertson said:

Except it was on the wrong fucking person and should've been done to the taigs midfield constantly. 

I wouldn't mind if we could talk about how well we played and not glory in how we managed to get close enough to them to kick them once. 

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1 minute ago, LaudrupsPatrickBoots said:

Title swiftly changed because the thread didn't go as expected :lol:

People were misunderstanding what I meant with it :lol: so I thought fuck it, i'll dumb it down to get the actual point across. 

Was basically sarcasm, it wasn't the highlight of today and summed up how clueless we were. 

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As a born and bred Rangers fan Halliday should know better than anybody else that after the pressure that celtic have piled on referees this week they would be looking for any excuse to punish us and he basically handed them one on a plate that he was probably lucky to get away with.

Absolutely pointless tackle made purely to play to the gallery and nothing to celebrate considering the performance he went on to put in.

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It was a fucking ridiculously stupid tackle. Instead of jockeying down the line he's headed straight for a ball he was never ever going to win. He didn't even stop the attack as they had men who ran on to the ball. Was a waste of a yellow card and he hid after it 

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