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Charity Foundation bid to take over lease of Ibrox Community Complex

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Rangers Charity Foundation has applied to the council to take over a sports facility that was at the centre of a Fan Zone row.

The charity has made a proposal to lease the Ibrox Community Complex across the street from the club’s Ibrox Stadium.

The charity foundation said that budget constraints within Glasgow Life have resulted in very little investment in the facilities and as a result the quality has deteriorated.

Rangers Foundation said it had “positive discussions” with the council and Glasgow Life who own the facility.

It said the state of the facilities could lead to Rangers looking for alternative accommodation, unless the complex can be “significantly improved and enhanced”.

It is understood the deal would see Rangers charity upgrade the facility and still allow it to be used by the community.

Last year Rangers wanted to host a Fan Zone at the complex before matches but it was refused by Glasgow Life stating the community council did not approve.

It sparked a row amid allegations that the council deputy leader David McDonald had intervened to block the Fan Zone.

Political fall-out followed as Labour and Tory politicians criticised the council and were accused of stoking sectarian bigotry by council leader, Susan Aitken.

The council has opened a consultation for local residents and organisations to express their views regarding the complex.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council, said: “We have received an investment and management proposal for the Ibrox Community Complex from the Rangers Charity Foundation.

“As part of our assessment of the proposal, we have opened a community consultation to allow local residents and organisations a chance to express their views.”



Sounds promising 👍

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11 minutes ago, Ferris Bueller said:

How long till the usual moon howlers start bad mouthing this and us and the proposal gets binned?

Started already going by the comments section in the ET.

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5 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Would let the complex turn into dust and tell the council to get ta fuck. 

Invest the money into doing something on our own ground, fuck giving that shower of taig bigoted cunts any money. 

We need to be involved in it or it will be sold off and we'll end up with shitty looking flats right across from the main stand.

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39 minutes ago, Ferris Bueller said:

We need to be involved in it or it will be sold off and we'll end up with shitty looking flats right across from the main stand.

Oh like we have at the moment you mean  

Couldn’t give a shit what they build. We shouldn’t be giving those cunts a single penny of our money and that would only be for a lease. 

Fuck them, let the so called community fix it up if they want it so bad. 

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10 minutes ago, Dickie said:

Só what would we actually get out of this?? Can we not just bulldoze the school across the road and build there,I’m certain there is a precedent for this behaviour.

Sorry you're not the scum, you must abide by the rules we will make up to deny anything you want. Now fuck off.

Bobby Hume likes this
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