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Memories of the Marseilles games

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Reading the comments from the thread of the Walter Smith function, there was a mention of the Marseilles games.  I remember watching in 1993 and at the time, I believed that we had the beating of them.  My conviction is stronger all these years later.  Somewhere, somehow, I think our players got frightened when they realised how close they were and ............ well, that's my take on it.  Still recall Ron Atkinson complaining about McPherson's "lack of recovery pace".  The result still bothers me and the fact that Marseilles were exposed as a bunch of cheats.

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They had us chasing shadows at Ibrox all night, but when McSwegan scored then Hateley they were the ones grateful to hear the full time whistle.


As for over there ?  When Durranty hit the equaliser I thought one more and we are there no need for a last game.

As CB says, French cheating scum, who had world class players and should have been stripped of the trophy and handed to Milan. 

48 game unbeaten run that year Dundee away in August 4-3 all the way to the last old firm game of the season with the league in the bag  

That team had the. NO SURRENDER attitude and did not know when they were beat, just watch the Elland rd  game that season for proof of that,  Leeds fucking hit us with everything that night yet we stood firm and that us every game that season. 

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I'm convinced that the ref in home game against Bruges was paid to get Hately sent off just as the ref in the OM v CSKA game was bribed.    6 nil was a fix.

As for stories on the two Marseille games, we had a German pal from Munich fly over for the home game (An 1860 fan).  I picked him up at Glasgow airport at lunch time and dropped him off in the city.    We had a ticket for him beside us in the Copland rear.   Met him before the game and he had spent almost £200 in the Rangers Shop.   That was a fair wad in 1992.  Took him back to his hotel in Paisley where we had a few beers as he was flying out very early the next morning.    

My wife and I flew out for the away game.    Had a wander round the city then headed to the ground.  Place was mobbed and when we went to get into the ground we and a few others were told it was too full to let us in even though we had valid tickets from RFC  .  Managed to get hold of a British Consular official and he organised seating for us in the Main Stand near the front.  A bit like our enclosure.  When Durrant scored I jumped up and my calf muscles caught underneath the front edge of the fixed seating.  It was very brittle due to exposure to strong sunlight and my seat basically disintegrated.    Had some significant bruising for a week.  Great trip but both Bruges and CSKA away games were better.

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I remember being held in a car park for two hours before the game with no drink or food because that wee fanny Chick Young spouting stories of ultras and Rangers fan causing carnage when the French fans couldn’t have been nicer. Rangers fans using the wooden floors as drums after Durrant scored  set my hair to stand on end Rangers were amazing that year and very unlucky great memories.

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