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Just now, barrymorrison1 said:

I doubt he’ll get a game in s cup final after being out for weeks. Only way he plays if one of the others is injured I’d think. 

Hopefully Buffalo sticks the nut on the pair of them after the game in a fit of rage.

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Can't see him basically trying an untested partnership on Sunday. Goldson & Helander are going to have to pick up their socks. People have been saying this was coming for weeks and they were spot on. Hopefully we see a Porto-type performance from them on Sunday.

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14 minutes ago, IpswichGer said:

I would have no hesitation putting him in on Sunday. Only conundrum is do you replace the clumsy one or the slow as fuck one with Katic?

Replace the clumsy one. Then replace the slow as fuck one with the rapid as fuck, built like a brick shithouse Edmundson

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7 minutes ago, ForeverAndEver said:

Usual trends from Twitter and Facebook mate, tragic 

Mate I like katic but I hate this social media shite. 

Fucking 5 mins after that finishes and #freekatic shite. He's the last fucking person on my mind 

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I do not think that Goldson or Flannagan are good enough to play for the Famous.

It absolutely pisses me off that Goldson gets in the team every week Rain , hail or fucking shine!!

He needs benched imo



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12 minutes ago, GA1972 said:

Honestly think he’ll play 3 at the back before dropping the other 2 

Given his tendency for weird tactics in OF games I wouldn’t put it past him 

3 at the back was the thing he seemed to be pushing for at the very beginning. Normally, I'd be for it going that direction, but sadly, like yourself I could see us trying something that we haven't really tried before in an attempt to 'fix' today, only for the changes to fuck us over like the last OF.

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