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  1. Dominic Ball

    This all day long. We need players like Ball who can do something when called upon.
  2. Ano mate. Too many foreigners in the country already
  3. Tavernier.

    I wasn't offended. Just thought it was hilarious
  4. Tavernier.

    Obviously you've never had arse cancer
  5. Scousers at Rangers

    Which Goram?
  6. Harvey Price

    What school does he go to?
  7. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    You are welcome.
  8. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    Like a genital wart
  9. Our Midfield and Forwards Next Year

    It is a better league with better players, a higher level and more advanced tactics and we will need to do it more consistently. It will take more out the players so we need better players and more players.
  10. A year up on the new sellik manager

    No one in Scottish football, you may mean? Liverpool and Tottenham play exhilarating football at times.
  11. Rangers v Tottenham

    Hope the Hat put some loan names in the hat
  12. Durrant gone?

    Durant had some of the best coaching statistics on Football Manager 2007 along with McDowell.
  13. Jordan Rossiter

    snort for fun up here
  14. Fraser aird

    I agree with that.