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  1. We need primarily 1-someone physical who wins the ball in midfield and drives forward 2-clever and fast attacking midfield player  3-striker with pace and strength Of secondary importance  1-age 30+ experienced defender 2-winger with sheer pace to stretch defences
  2. Poor Week For 17’s

    Hi Aidan
  3. Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    This signing is sectarian in nature. 
  4. Rangers U20s v St Johnstone U20s

    It's not about winning. It's the taking part that counts. 
  5. Fraser Aird

    Too many fannys talking oot their maws arses on this thread
  6. Should We Loan Out Jordan Thompson?

    That escalated quickly.
  7. Wes Versus Di Fanio

    Credit where it's due then
  8. Wes Versus Di Fanio

    What was that? Di Canio and sportsmanship is like chalk and cheese.
  9. Law And Clark To Leave ?

    Not too bothered Tbh. They are good players but we have Crooks and Windass who I have never seen play coming.
  10. Warbs Added Value Buys

    Not sure if serious...
  11. Warbs Added Value Buys

    Apart from Law. I'm serious there.
  12. What Do We Do Differently Against Kilmarnock?

    We hit them on the counter and cut off supply to Kiltie
  13. Warbs Added Value Buys

    Waggy 500k Tav 300k Holt 800k Kiernan 500k Wes 800k Wilson 400K Halliday 300k Add to that McKay 1m Law 300p
  14. Scottish Players Too Weak.

    Having read some literature by a German doctor who helped the German FA write their football policy, he wrote that the three most important things to develop in footballers was mentality, technical skills and physical ability. British clubs produce many players with on point technical skills but very few with the mentality. Like Lundstram, Tunnicliffe etc
  15. Tav & Foddy

    Off for a Nando's? No wonder we are not beating Dumbarton by more than 6 goals.