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  1. Exactly mate
  2. If the stupid dab can get a thread...
  3. The J Force
  4. Aye but can he single handedly keep the over exuberant at bay?
  5. Love how the 66000 post member is bullying a guy with 1000 times less posts than him
  6. Joe Dodoo genuinely seems like a lovely young man.
  7. Przemyslaw Dachnowicz scored for Annan yesterday. I don't know anything about him but apparently we released him in the summer. Did you ever see him and how was he?
  8. Usually posted on BBC Football after 8pm on a Sunday
  9. Scored more goals in the SPFL than Messi and Ronaldo combined
  10. Warbs is looking for an out and out goalscorer?
  11. Excellent by MoH
  12. My stream ain't streamin. What haopened?
  13. You're the one that I want Do Do Doooooo
  14. Problems getting a visa