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  1. McGregor?
  2. Fucks Dodoo dooing?
  3. Boards skint mate. We're gonna have to score them
  4. The return of Edu
  5. Garth's his dad
  6. Patrick Kluivert or Ruud Gullit?
  7. Of all the fucking cunts
  8. Based on what exactly? He is big. But that's all most of us know about him.
  9. I thought this was gonna be another Keirnan thread
  10. Aye but you never
  11. History will remember the Glasgow Rangers
  12. Warburton knows how he wants to play and he will be working towards that with what he has. He will think to get the championship we need to win, to win we need to score, to score we need to attack and to attack we need the ball but it seems he has given priority to everything but the defence. Even our full backs are attackers. Best thing for him to do is to get defenders who are not in the EPL 25 man squads before they are shifted on loan to the Championship in England.
  13. Finally our center back arrives
  14. It seems we are all in a centre back panic here. There are about three or four threads on this and the Transfer Forum about a CB. Panic stations