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  1. Strong taigs team on paper, great to see us stepping up and beating them
  2. He’s fucking terrible and will score goals in Scotland, but he’ll never go for any money elsewhere because he can barely kick the ball. For a big battering ram of a forward, he’s very limited technically by today’s standards
  3. Let’s be honest, it’s over and they’ll win the cup this year. We blew our chance, the sheep are never going to stand up to the taigs in a big game and beat them. They haven’t done it in around a decade, they’re not going to start now
  4. Tugay, Robbie Savage and a few ex Blackburn players said he was the best player they’d ever played with.
  5. Don’t want to sell him, think he’s really important to us and one of the few quality players we have. However, he will be 31 soon, we’re probably not in a position where we could turn down £4milllion or more for someone that age. Id much rather sell Morelos for more and get better players around Arfield, but money talks.
  6. You won’t find a football club nowadays who don’t need 4-5 players in the summer window. The taigs are losing a lot of players due to loans, bosmans etc as well. Realistcially the spine of the teams there, add a 2-3 players of real quality and some squad filler and we’re not far off. Current squad worth keeping: McGregor Fod Barisic Halliday Katic Goldson Tav Polster Jack McCrorie Kamara Arfield Davis Docherty Murphy Candeais Kent (if possible) Middleton Alfredo Defoe Thats 19 players there including Kent. Another CB, full back, 10 & first-team winger and we’re not far off. Anyone who leaves off that list will also need to be replaced. Compare that with last summer where most people only wanted to keep Morelos and Tav...
  7. Being honest the length of time won’t affect him, but that fact he’s guaranteed to be in low-paid work for life is a great punishment. Fuck him For those saying it’s harsh, if he’d thrown a punch he’d be getting at least 6-9 months. So in proportion 100days isn’t that harsh
  8. Apparently was seen at a meal in the west end and was a bit blootered after his old man died. One of the guys from Heart and Hand hinted this and no doubts somebody will have tipped off the club. Whilst understandable, it sounds like this conincided with Worral coming into the side
  9. Katics dad died and I think he struggled a bit for a few weeks/got seen drinking a couple of times.
  10. Wish we’d found this way of playing in January/February
  11. The taigs have got a big rebuild on their hands this summer. I think Gerrards aware of this judging by recent comments and will know next season is what will define him. I expect we’ll sign some squad filler in the next few weeks e.g. Jones, Stewart etc. Then once the window opens and we’ve got offers in for Alfredo or Tav, we’ll look to spend on 2-3 first team players. We’ve had a light squad this year and with the likes of Kent, Coulibaly, Worrall etc going back, we do need some squad players. We’ve learnt the hard way this year that you can’t play a 50-60 game season without having some options on the bench.
  12. Eck has worse and in fairness it felt like we went longer under Murty after the 3-2 game against the taigs
  13. Not sure I’d agree, Ferguson and Porteous play in completely different roles so not a fair comparison. Also wingers (regardless of age) are notoriously inconsistent, so we shouldn’t be shocked that a 19 year old will have a bad/quiet game occasionally. Considering he’s scored in Europe and a few in domestic football, I’d say he looks quite similar to Hastie in ability. Difference is Hastie won’t get pulled out of the side as soon as he has a bad game or two
  14. Thanks Elfidelo. Is there anyone out of that side that you’d be expecting to break into the first team side next year (like Middleton did earlier this season)?
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