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  1. Roy is a big loss as our top order isn’t settled without him. Interesting to hear on TMS that the wicket being used means there’s a short leg-side boundary. May just put some doubts in about using both Moeen and Rashid, especially when Plunkett gets vital wickets. I think if Roy was fit Moeen would be dropped for today for Plunkett
  2. They won’t be able to loan any decent players in from the EPL or other top leagues with TLB in charge. We’ve got such a good chance this season if we get some quality. We also know that TLB can’t handle pressure, so if they go 6-9 points behind before Xmas expect fireworks. They’re not going to back him so the loan market would’ve been vital for them to get quality in.
  3. I doubt Morelos will be allowed to leave until we’ve secured EL group stage football, or have confirmed Kent on loan again. It doesn’t make sense to sell him this early in the window, especially as the clubs who would likely bid for him won’t need him for European Football
  4. I think Gordon would probably ruin that theory
  5. I don’t see why Khawaja is in the team, he’s not got a good enough strike rate to open let alone bat down the order in ODIs
  6. If they get rid of Ntcham and replace him with Turnbull, that’s an immediate downgrade. We just need a few more of those and it’s a level playing field for this year
  7. He won’t, he’ll just know that the stadium in Tallaght will be on land worth a fortune and he’ll be desperate to get ownership of that
  8. They literally don’t give a fuck about NI or anything related to us. Honestly I think it would be incident free in Cork itself
  9. It was ludicrous. Saying someone who plays in the SPFL should start over someone who played in a CL final a few months before. He’s one I want them to keep, just to see his stupid taig face greeting when we win 55
  10. Yeah they’ll turn over Cork/the uni side. Our first tie is much tougher than our 2nd
  11. Any teams from Kosovo/Serbia will be decent, bit of a nightmare draw for us
  12. Just buy some loose potatoes and give him them in future. Apparently they’re scarce so he’ll really appreciate it...
  13. He is basically their only creative player, they’ll be a worse team to watch than Mike Bassets England next year
  14. Does anyone even remotely understand it? I play a lot of club cricket so like to think I’m clued up with the rules, but Christ I’ve got no idea how they work out DLS. Have they changed the way it’s calculated now to factor fall of wickets? As it seems to dramatically change between overs now
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