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  1. People not wanting McInnes because he's manager of a Scottish club, yet these people are championing McLeish, who came to us from a managing a smaller Scottish club and placing high in the league and almost won a cup! McLeish went on to win the treble...
  2. We are closer to the bottom of the table on points, than the top. Just let thank sink in. We have so many fucking chancers at our club trying to lower our standards. This will never be acceptable at Rangers
  3. We'll do well to finish 4th at present
  4. There's not one player out of this current lot that I would want here next season, not one.
  5. He has to say that, doesn't mean he wouldn't jump at the chance to manage us. I actually think he's one of the best candidates suggested. He's got Aberdeen winning trophies, regularly achieving 70 points in the SPL, and actually playing decent football. Id happily take Del, and it would also be a great get it up yae to the sheep
  6. Sorry to be so blunt, but there's not a chance in hell Seedorf was overrated! The only player in history to win the champions league with 3 different clubs!
  7. Last season we used to press sides off the ball and force them to give us back possession. This season we've never done that to the sane extent!
  8. I wasn't for a second suggesting MON by the way! Christ you'd think people would read on a forum... Celtic spent I think around 20million that summer, but we had spent almost 80 million in the previous 2. So its all comparable to today, where they're budget is probably treble ours at present (only treble they'll fucking win mind). I was just trying to show that its not possible to bridge the gap by trying to outplay your rivals when they can outspend, you have to level the playing field, which they did at the signing athletic and direct players who could grind out results. And we could do that and challenge them, but sadly we're not going to under Warburton.
  9. For the next manager, we need a MON type. Admittedly I've said that to get a bit of a reaction, and I'd never in a million years suggest we employ that rabid tadger... but in a way our current situation is very similar to what they went through 17 years ago. In the summer of 2000, we had just ran away with the league by an almost record margin. By outspending all of our rivals, we had assembled a side who were almost unbeatable at SPL level. The scum were in disarray, and brought in someone known down south for making sides physical, imposing, and difficult to beat. Sadly, they were successful to a certain degree, and as a result pegged back a gap in the quality of the sides, that many at the time thought would be impossible to close. Fast forward to the current day, we are now deemed to be years behind our rivals. Financially we aren't in the same playing field as them, and we have been failing to try and outplay sides for the better part of a year. We actually have elements of a side who can bully sides, with the likes of Garner, Hill, Waghorn and a few others who would be suited to it. Under the current management we don't play this way, and never will. We won't under a deBoer either, so for people suggesting them I don't see how it solves the problem. Somebody like a Neil Warnock could probably be the kick up the arse we need now, just like they did with MON sadly!
  10. We need to look outside of Scotland for somebody with a proven record of getting everything out of the group of players they've got. We need to become hard to beat, compact, organised with a ruthless streak. At the moment our budget wont go far, so id probably look at Neil Warnock or someone of that ilk. Sadly he's probably out of our reach at present!
  11. Dave King, as much of a wanker as he is, has every right to doubt this management team
  12. Fuck off Halliday you no mark cunt
  13. Get in Emerson!
  14. Kiernan was woeful there, but what the fuck was Wallace doing letting their man get a free cross in?
  15. Danny Wilson would probably be the best option for CDM we have got at present. He's actually a good passer of the ball, especially long range. Positionally he's alright, he's not going to go forward and get caught out of position. Plus it gives us another threat at set pieces...