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  1. He strengthens them, still a good keeper and an upgrade on Bain and Gordon.
  2. I think it’s more likely to mean Gerrard will use him in the next 2 league games and rotate Katic or Goldson. Gerrard clearly feels he can trust Katic and Goldson to deliver in Europe, to be fair they’ve been excellent so Hellanders exclusion isn’t a massive shock.
  3. His attitude sets him apart from the rest behind Bradman, he’s just got that grit you need when things get tough. It would’ve been easy for him to retire hurt and come back it at 10, but he comes back in after one wicket just to show there’s no fear. Truly remarkable and shows the level of determination he has to get the job done. Fair play to Jofra though, that was relentless yesterday
  4. I like Rory Burns, there’s a player in there and I could see him opening for England for a while. Denly is a walking wicket and I doubt will ever average over 25 at test level. He’s capable of getting 30s, maybe 50s but he plays a lot of rash shots when scoring
  5. Played against the likes of Dan Gosling and Jack Stephens in trial games for PAFC youth sides but never was picked up
  6. Durrant saying we’ve got Jason Defoe up top and we sell out 30,000 tickets each week...
  7. They’re dismantling their squad, which has just won the last 9 domestic trophies on offer. Its a big big gamble, especially with us having a relatively settled side now
  8. If we got past these and Progres, who could we face in the 4th round?
  9. I don’t think anyone could’ve managed another 2 overs, honestly I’ve never felt tension like that barring UEFA Cup penalties vs Fiorentina. People forgetting before those overthrows off Stokes bat, Boult stood on the boundary rope to give him a 6
  10. Shows you how bonkers prices are down there. If several EPL and Championship sides bid for Morelos, we should be aiming for £20-25million
  11. Worried now, we need one of Morgan/Stokes to get 70+ for us to do this
  12. Strong side, but they lost to Accrington Stanley the other day. I’d assume they’re nowhere near as far through pre-season as we are
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