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  1. Goldson passed the ball to their player 25 yards from goal, he was at fault twice for their 2nd goal
  2. First game of the season we’re under any pressure, we drop points. It’s shocking that the tarriers have had 2-3 games to make up due to Bolignoli, yet they’ll still be top before septembers out...
  3. Is there that much money to be made from EL qualification this year? I always assumed the majority of our revenue from it came from tickets rather than TV (in contrast to the CL).
  4. Willem II will be a tougher test than people realise. They gubbed Progres 5-0, so they’re no mugs
  5. Changed colour in the wash, Castore have said it’s a featured of the pro kit
  6. The Plymouth club is great, I’ve now moved to the North East so don’t get to go anymore. Makes such a difference when the RSC owns the building or has a really good owner. Tyneside have been mucked about for the past few years by the pub shutting down, or Rhebels complaining etc
  7. If you follow their page on FB (Tyneside true blues), they’ve put a post on there
  8. It’s now at Gateshead bowling green club, and they are showing the game. Moved there the start of this year, I’ve not been yet but there was issues with the previous pub they used
  9. She’s not at all. She supports Newcastle, her family all have season tickets there (I have a mutual friend). She made a comment on Twitter once about the atmosphere there on a CL night, which most football fans could’ve made regardless of who they support. Shame, although she was due to leave before Gerrard arrived and then decided to stay. No doubt she’ll get a job elsewhere for another club
  10. Nope, you just use the search bar and type in the show. Advocaat years and time capsule are probably the best 2 shows. Only issue is you have to scroll down a lot of the page to get some of the older episodes
  11. The Advocaat years are great (if a little painful) listening on longer drives
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