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  1. I think a lot of people are forgetting that if we qualify for the Europa League groups, we will have a lot of Thursday night fixtures. Our track record in Europe is that we usually drop points after a midweek game, so that won't make the league easy. I'd say group stages of the Europa, pushing for the league, and a cup would be an acceptable season. I wouldn't say successful, as at Rangers anything other than 1st isn't success, and it never will be.
  2. Did he not start against Valencia that year as well?
  3. Young for a centre half, they generally don't peak until 28-32.
  4. Kiernan isn't that bad, he's a young centre half who is playing in a league where most teams play long balls into the box. His biggest defensive weakness is in the air, and as a result he really struggles. We played a system where he was exposed with no cover from the fullbacks, and as a result he was made to make decisions that made him look worse than he was. He's not our standard, but he will 100% do a job in the championship for someone like PNE. Wouldn't sell Tav unless someone offers £2million+, as he'll cost plenty to replace.
  5. Hi mate, I've got the old mid 90s Adidas top from the Gazza 8iar season. Not sure if it's a small or a medium, but it's pretty tight on me and I'm 5ft 9 and about 12 stone. Not sure if it would be too big for the little man? But it's yours if you'd want it.
  6. Absolutely howling at that
  7. Absolute nobody
  8. Looks like we had a strong side, shite result
  9. 100% going, I know we never usually do this early in the season but we should hopefully sell out.
  10. Also narrowly lost to Spurs last year, they are no mugs
  11. Limassol will be no mugs, they thumped Marseille in the group stages a few years back I believe?
  12. What date is the home leg? Going to get tickets sorted
  13. There's some much more difficult potential opponents there than ours! Going away to Latvia, Lithuania is never easy!
  14. Ideally we'd take an Irish or a team from somewhere like Luxembourg initially.
  15. I think he's had a very tough decision. Sunderland are a shambles, and with Bain in charge you know they're going to make some bad decisions. They're a big club on paper, but if he goes there and fails (which most managers will) he probably loses any respect he has in England and mucks up his chances for any future jobs south of the border. On the other hand, finishing 3rd this season would be a really good year for the sheep, seeing as their side is being ripped apart.