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  1. Harry Cochrane

    Probably a bad example, didn't realise they were twins!
  2. Harry Cochrane

    You have to have a pathway for kids to the first team. If an amazing player at the age of 15 is looking at clubs, he's not going to go somewhere if there's no youth set-up. I actually agree that there isn't much point in having squads for under 13s apart from continuity. However, these younger groups don't cost much to maintain and allow you the chance of finding that next big prospect (even if it's a small chance). You look at the McCrories, where you've got 2 talented brothers at different ages. If we as a club couldn't offer youth football to them both, we'd have quickly found that they may both have went elsewhere to somewhere which could accommodate both kids. When you're a parent and you're driving plenty of miles on weekends to get kids through youth football, small details like having both boys at one club or having a visible pathway to the men's sides are a big plus point.
  3. Harry Cochrane

    Impossible at the age of 12-13 to tell how a player made develop. Hindsight is a wonderful thing
  4. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Well that was expected. Cook needs to be dropped, he's been absymal with the bat and in the field. Moeen has been terrible and I don't think England can pick him as a bowler on tours. Root has made some bad tactical decisions and maybe the captaincy is too much for him right now? I don't think he's being helped as some of his senior players like Cook haven't shown up. I think Malan and Stoneman come away with some credit, maybe Bairstow as well. In terms of the bowling you'd say it's been desperately poor and too reliant on Jimmy bowling a team away. Need some pace and someone who can actually spin the ball
  5. Tommy Wright

    Big Rangers man from his youth. He absolutely fucking hates them
  6. Tony Pulis

    The good news for us is I can’t see anyone getting sacked in the EPL before New Year apart from Mark Hughes. There’s no chance Stoke would go back to him, so we’d actually have a good chance of getting him
  7. Tommy Wright

    Him or Steve Clarke id be very happy with, both would be an upgrade on the current set up
  8. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Steve Clarke, give him the job now. Not sure if he’s even lost since he took over at Kilmarnock?
  9. Candeias

    He’s a good player playing with no confidence in a formation that does nothing for him
  10. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Exactly why Murty shouldn’t be getting the managers job. Gutless and we’ve rode our luck massively in the last 2 games
  11. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    In fairness unless it's swinging, Steve Smith + any pitch + any bowlers = lots of runs
  12. Barjonas

    He's 19 in January, I wouldn't say he's "such a young age". Look at Cochrane for Hearts who is starting in the middle of the park at 16 and isn't 17 until April.
  13. Barjonas

    Our youngsters were shite, in hindsight we wouldn't have got anywhere. He actually gave debuts to a lot of youth which is overlooked. I'm not defending Ally's management as he was woeful, but he gave the youth a hell of a lot more chances than people let on. His problem was he went and spent big wages on the likes of Sandaza when signing someone like Rory McAllister would have done in League 2
  14. Windass.

    Waburton's big problem was the signings when McParland came in. That first summer when he was signing players off his own back he got the recruitment absolutely spot on.
  15. Windass.

    He's proving all of us wrong. I'm not convinced that Murty should be our future manager but you can't argue that he's improving our current players and getting them to play at their potential. Windass now 4th top scorer in the league, only behind Alfredo, Sinclair and Moult. That's pretty good company to be keeping...