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  1. Player ratings

    That was the kind of game that we'd have lost 2-1 last season comfortably, it was a really gritty performance and great to see. The closest I've seen to a Walter Smith-era performance in a long time!
  2. Player ratings

    Wes 7 - not much to do but kept a clean sheet and some good distribution tav 8 - two fantastic crosses alves 9 - didn't lose a head all night, they'd have scored at least once from a corner if not for him cardoso 7 - solid enough, still looks like he has a mistake in him john 6 - got caught a few times defensively, good going forward holt 7 - kept the ball well without doing anything spectacular dorrans 9 - MOTM, when he's given a yard of space his passing is incredible! Also what a finish for the 3rd goal candeias 7 - worked hard and covered for tav defensively pena 8 - some good touches and some ropey ones, two really well taken goals windass 4 - awful going forward and doesn't have a clue defensively Morelos 8 - held the ball up well, got their man sent off and on another day with a bit more luck he scores
  3. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    alfredos wound him up and he's bitten, brilliant wee man
  4. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    We might not rate Pena half the time, but he's got goals in him! Something our midfield didn't have last year
  5. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    We might not rate Pena half the time, but he's got goals in him! Something our midfield didn't have last year
  6. Slovenia v Scotland

    Does anyone think Scotland would be better off solely picking players in the SPFL? Or even saying 3-4 players in the squad can play outside Scotland (like Wales, New Zealand, Australia do Rugby) I know it might make the team weaker initially, but long-term it could work far better than giving games to Championship players who barely kick a ball. I think Strachan's downfall has been that he doesn't rate the Scottish leagues, and has ignored in-form players in this league for out of form players in the English ones. I don't really have any interest in the National team at present, but surely anyone with half a footballing brain could see that McGregor or Forest should have got in ahead of the likes of Bannan (has he ever done anything in a Scotland shirt) and Phillips. It might also drag the level of the league up if players know that playing in England means you're less likely to get picked.
  7. Nations League

    I've read that article about 4 times, and still have no fucking idea what's going on...
  8. Jamie Walker says he could get a ‘bigger club than Rangers’

    He's done abspolitely fuck all this season, so we made the right choice
  9. Rossiter

    Everyone on my calendar from August has left the club, will probably be the same next year as well!
  10. How Good Is Harry Kane?

    He shouldn't be as good as he is, but he is somehow. He's one of the only "top" strikers in England who would have been as good if they played in the 90s, as the likes of Morata, Aguero etc. would have struggled with the physicality. Him or Lukaku for the golden boot, I think Kane is a better player and finisher but Lukaku is going to get bucketloads of chances off the players around him
  11. Rangers players who lived in your area or near you.

    Used to live in Kilmacolm when McCoist lived nearby (think it was Bridge of Weir?). Pretty much all he did was play golf
  12. Miller to train with the Kids

    Paul Le Guen was barely here 3 months, let alone 3 seasons. What on earth is he on about
  13. Miller to train with the Kids

    Hadn't thought of it that way but that's exactly what Jose has done
  14. Miller to train with the Kids

    In fairness, Kenny is finished as a player. Great servant to the club, but we shouldn't have him anywhere near the first team. celtic are in the strongest position they've ever been in as a club since the 1960s, so we have to accept we're not going to outplay them at present. Chucking millions at a side who play "attractive football" was a waste, we'd have been better getting a big strong in your face team who could bully teams in the SPFL. Our board have to compare the present day with what they did when we had Advocaat. They didn't try and go toe to toe with us on a footballing basis, as they knew they couldn't win. Instead they built a big team full of cheating bastards who would hoof teams off the park and win by set pieces, and from looking years behind us they won the league the following season. We HAVE to go down this route, and need someone like a Tommy Wright to come in and do it. Pedro's finished, he'll be gone before Xmas. I'd have loved Neil Warnock, we should have done everything to get him when Warburton left. He's exactly the kind of manager we need right now to close the gap
  15. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    He's fucked after that video, no way the ECB will let him go to Aus after that if he gets charged