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  1. If he was shite, they wouldn't be half as wound up about this as they are!
  2. I really think McInnes should leave in summer, his stock will never be higher. And next season, he basically faces an impossible task. I'd argue St Johnstone will have a better squad than them come the beginning of the season
  3. Usually i'd agree. But they are losing arguably 2 or 3 of their best players this summer on frees. The last thing they're going to do is sell their best player on the cheap as well. Their fans would lose it. Kenny McLean will cost a minimum 1 million pounds, even with 12 months to go. They're not going to let him go for less than that surely?
  4. Renfrew, christ what a place to go for drinks...
  5. I think Pedro's antics last night will mean Aberdeen won't want to do business with us..
  6. He's not a centre mid, he's someone who plays off the front line behind the strikers. Problem is, he's not good or clever enough to be a creative player, defensively he's shite, and we have players like McKay who would be better suited to the position. He's an impact sub at best, but if we got offered 250-500k i'd take it and run
  7. Our entire team is shite. Literally mince. Beerman looks our best player, because he can actually control a ball
  8. Don't think he does, can only say what my mate says. But they went to school together and he's known him for years, said it's shite
  9. There is absolutely no way he wants to join us again. I asked a friend from Stewarton who knows him well and keeps in touch (occasionally, can't prove it's legit but he's known him since they were teens), and he doesn't want to come back. Still sees himself as a lower EPL/top end of Championship player, and is frustrated and desperate to leave Norwich. But coming back to us is out of the question. Wages alone are around 40k a week plus appearances. Good riddance as far as i'm concerned. Feel free to call shite, but it ayn't happening
  10. You can't really argue with anything he's said...
  11. Celtic have switched off in recent games, but even though the football's been brutal, we've been winning games we wouldn't have under Warburton
  12. Our best chance of catching them is that Rodgers dismantles that team and brings in his own players. He's known for being awful at signing players, and if he shifts the genuinely good players they have and replaces them with overpaid dross, we can 100% bridge the gap sooner
  13. His problem is that under Warburton, if he took on his man and lost the ball, Wallace would be ahead of him and their wide player would have 50 yards of space to run into against our centre half. It's about taking risks in the right areas of the pitch, and I think under Pedro the shape we will play will eventually give him more freedom to be more aggressive at running at players. He could play as a number 10, but he'd again need solid players behind him who aren't bombing on, so he knows if he loses possession he's not going to direct contribute to us conceding.
  14. He's average, but he is playing in a struggling Hearts side who have been brutal for months. Could he do s job for us, probably. If he was anything more than an occasional squad player, i'd be worried. Probably not a bad bit of business if he's a body to come in who Pedro knows, but he's a budget option
  15. Advocaat, we had about half of South America there at one point