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  1. plymouthranger

    Mark Warburton on Open Goal

    When you actually think about the players we brought in and the money spent in the first season, he did an incredible job. Getting a bunch of kids to win the league against a settled Hibs side & cope with pressure of playing at Ibrox was impressive. But he monumentally fucked up the signings once McParland came in. I get his point on the taigs having a record breaking season and he was unfortunate in that regard, but we went backwards that year when we should’ve went forward. Would he have done better than Pedro with that money, absolutely. Would we be miles ahead of where we are now? Not so sure
  2. plymouthranger


    He’s not fit and you can see that by his decision making. When he first came he was bursting forward, linking with Kent and playing some good first touch passes. Now it’s get the ball, wander slowly along the wing and then put a ball into the box without looking. His crossing ability is decent, but it isn’t so good that he can sacrifice doing the other bits
  3. plymouthranger


    He did alright when he came on, actually made something happen and won a few headers and brought us up the pitch. If we’re playing 1 up top he has to start over Defoe next game.
  4. plymouthranger

    Wes Foderingham

    He made a good save but the rest was routine. He was far too slow in passing the ball and should’ve went long more often, not a player we’ll miss when he goes in the summer
  5. plymouthranger

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Lafferty and Coulibaly did alright when they came on, Middleton shouldn't play for us again as he's fucking terrible
  6. plymouthranger

    Kidding ourselves on

    It's over and we need to start looking at our league form. It's horrendous and no improvement on the previous years
  7. plymouthranger

    No further action against Power

    He’s become a right cunt since he’s been made favourite for next manager of the taigs
  8. plymouthranger

    Press Conference : Gerrard and Middleton

    Dorrans won’t kick a ball for us again, he’s finished
  9. plymouthranger

    Defoe and Lafferty potentially out

    St Johnstone are in terrible form so we should manage. They’re shite with defending against pace so put Kent up top
  10. plymouthranger

    At what point does Solskjaer become "unsackable"?

    Just shows you how bad Mourinho is these days, that united side should be top 3 and challenging for the title
  11. plymouthranger

    Ross McCrorie

    He’s 21 next month and already has a fantastic awareness and reading of the game. He needs to do more with the ball, but he’s vital for us against the better sides in the league/European games. He’s almost like our version of Darren Fletcher for Man Utd around 2009, who Fergie saved for the big games but didn’t play him against the cannon fodder
  12. plymouthranger

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Is Morelos available for the replay? If so that would be a big boost
  13. plymouthranger

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Arfields gone off the boil last few games
  14. plymouthranger

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Tavs penalties have been found out. He rarely goes left and everyone knows it
  15. plymouthranger

    Morelos card appealed.

    Literally every single one of those should be reviewed. Problem is the compliance team only look at the sport scene highlights & they’ll never speak against the taigs