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  1. Transfer fees this summer are going to be significantly less than before, as a lot of clubs are going to reign in spending. Unless we’re getting £15-20million plus for him, there’s no point selling. Being brutally honest, there’s a very very slim chance we’ll get that kind of money for him in the current economic climate. If he’s staying, we need a decent striker as backup for when he inevitably chucks in/gets suspended for a significant part of the season
  2. The investors were supposedly Hong Kong based. I mentioned in the thread on the boardroom chat that anybody from HK would likely not be as wealthy as they were 12 months ago due to the riots and turmoil over there, Coronavirus is only going to add to that. There’s not going to be any fresh investment for a long time, we’re going to need to sell the likes of Buff and Tav just to stay afloat
  3. Hardly laughable, King said we needed £10million before end of season and that was before games got cancelled
  4. Worry as the new investment has been cancelled as well. We’ll need to shift players in summer just to cover costs
  5. We should’ve got a buy out clause as part of his loan. Hibs will rip the piss if we want him in summer
  6. Gate receipts shouldn’t really affect us. If anything, with 45,000 ST holders we’ll probably make more money as we don’t have to pay for policing etc
  7. Being brutally honest, as good as he was before Xmas, we can’t afford our star striker to have the following traits: Incapable of scoring against the tarriers Downs tools for 3-4 months every season Disciplinary issues meaning he frequently misses games Morelos has all of these. Sell and move on, bring someone who’ll score slightly less but will play the full season and give their all
  8. I’d go after a Big Sam or Neil Warnock. They’d turn the league into a scrap, have experience winning divisions with non glamorous football and have still had success relatively recently.
  9. We are such a one trick pony, when Morelos is off form we’re pish. Issue is, he’s chucked it as well as being out of form!
  10. They equalise, that’s why they’re champions and we’re a laughing stock
  11. Players have chucked it when there could’ve been something still to play for
  12. Or the fact we’re in legal discussions with both our last two kit manufacturers. We’ll be lucky to get Macron...
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