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  1. Michel Preud'homme

    If we go down the foreign route, I'd rather go for Jokanovic if he doesn't get promoted with Fulham this year. He got Watford promoted, won titles in Serbia, took Maccabi Tel Aviv to the champions league group stages and has shown he's a tactically astute manager with Fulham. He also has played and managed in English football, so he'll have a better understanding of the set-up/leagues than Preud'homme
  2. Where Murty record is compared with his predecessors

    The last 2 results have convinced me Murty isn't the man to take us forward. He's steadied the ship, but we lose too many games under him. It would be more forgivable if we had say drawn the last 2 games, but we've been miles off in both matches. The fact the dhims dropped points yesterday is an even bigger kick in the teeth. We should be going into the last 8 games of the season within touching distance of them and with a real shout of winning 55, instead we're miles off and battling for 2nd.
  3. Windass stat

    If his shot went in (and it was really close, great save from the keeper) then he scores 2 goals in an Old Firm game. If Morelos instead scores he would have had a goal and an assist. That's hardly nothing.
  4. Morelos over cummings

    We play better with Morelos, he bully’s defenders and has more to his game. But Cummings scores goals, however take the work Morelos does out of the team and I’m not convinced we create half as many chances!
  5. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Waghorn would've scored on Sunday against Falkirk, that's how bad they were. You can't drop the top scorer in the league because he had an off day, and you can't drop the 3rd top scorer in the league either.
  6. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Windass has scored the 3rd highest amount of goals in the league, he's undroppable for this game as far as I'm concerned. Cummings has 1 goal in the league this year, yet people would rather we change our formation, our line-up and our style of play to accommodate him. Ludicrous
  7. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    It sounds odd because it is typically a more defensive formation, but I feel we press and play far better attacking football when we play a 4-2-3-1. When we've played 4-4-2 ala Falkirk, we've scored goals but have been much more static and haven't pressed nearly as well. Really warming to Cummings and he should definitely come on after 60 minutes if it's 0-0, just don't think we can afford to start with him and sacrifice someone in the midfield.
  8. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    This every time. Cannot play 2 up top against them, we're too disjointed and need to stick to the 4-2-3-1 that serves us so well recently. Genuinely think we'll beat them, which I haven't felt since the Warburton semi-final. Just can't afford not to come out the traps, I think this game will be won in the first 30 minutes as our confidence will wane as the match goes on (and they seem to score a lot of late goals at present)
  9. Old Firm Plans

    I wasn't born yesterday... or a fenian
  10. Old Firm Plans

    I've managed to get a ticket off a friend and wanted to see what a good plan of action is on the day? My train get's into Glasgow Queen Street about 9:30 and back at 4pm, where would you recommend for a couple of hours pre-match swally?
  11. ***The Official St. Johnstone v Rangers Thread***

    That was outrageous!
  12. The sheep are a disgraceful joke

    That's genuinely horrendous, is that the worst record for any sides who've been in the top flight the whole time?
  13. ***The official 6 Nations Rugby Thread***

    That spud faced prick had completely fucked it for them, brilliant!
  14. Just win Rangers

    Murty has to deliver 3 points today, if he doesn’t it shows he doesn’t have the big-game management we need to win the league
  15. The changing nature of football

    It's just globalization, you could replace football with companies/culture/countries and have a really similar argument