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  1. My worry is whilst we’ve got a better starting 11, they have much more squad depth and options from the bench. If we don’t at least bring in 1 quality player who can make an impact from the bench, I can see us coming unstuck at some point. Whilst we controlled it last night, we created very little and looked laboured. By comparison, they didn’t...
  2. He’s trying to give the boy some confidence
  3. We got away with one there. I do fear at some point we’ll unstuck in these games without Alfie. I know we don’t play with a 10, but nights like tonight show why we need someone who can link play a bit more. Stewart should’ve been in that midfield or RW position for me, but if he doesn’t get minutes tonight he never will
  4. Wes did an interview the other day basically saying he’d wasted the last 2 years of his career. He won’t be hanging about come summer
  5. Murphy must be a better option than Barker and Ojo, feel we’re being a bit daft if we let him go on loan
  6. So rather than shoehorning someone into the position, you’d rather shoehorn someone else into the position? The way we play, our full-packs are our only true wide players. Sticking a centre half there because he’s got half a yard of pace and expecting the same result is fucking madness mate
  7. It’s only dropped by about 5p per share and shares trade 150p usually. It’s still a decent amount wiped off, but nowhere near £24million
  8. My worry is with them having such a large squad, they’ll flood other SPFL clubs with loans to try and stop us. We should be saying to Doc, Murphy, Middleton, Polster to go join other clubs and give it their all. No doubts Griffiths etc will join the likes of Hibs and try their all against us
  9. They always go with the cheaper option, can’t help themselves. Youve just got to hope one of those new signings comes in, tanks and upsets the dressing room.
  10. Cillian Sheridan was keeping this boy out of the side a couple of years ago...
  11. He’s too lazy to fit into Gerard’s style of play. Scores a lot of goals but would he come here to be 3rd choice!m? You might as well sign Stephen Dobbie if you want a poacher for injury cover (who’d walk over broken glass to come back to Ibrox)
  12. He’d also cost at least £20million judging by recent reports in England...
  13. No, we can’t risk financial stability even with the value of our current squad. Say we spend big, don’t win the league and the don’t qualify for the Europa next season. We’d be in a position where we’d need to sell 2-3 of our most valuable players and we wouldn’t be able to hold out for best prices. This squad is good enough to win the league, let them do it and give them the confidence that the manager rates them. If we can move a couple more out and bring in another RW then do it, but let’s not gamble unnecessarily
  14. We need to find a way of closing the revenue gap with them. £4million in revenue significantly closed the gap from ticket sales. Tifo football did a video a while back and it showed the taigs make around an extra £6-7million a season from ticket sales. That’s a massive chunk of revenue over the space of 10 years and explains the disparity between the clubs financials.
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