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  1. We let the game become Morelos vs C*ltic yesterday as soon as he was given the penalty. That was a failure, as one man shouldn’t shoulder the mental burden of winning a cup final. We badly need to back him on Thursday, if he went into a bad run of form for the next 3-4 weeks we’re fucked. Defoe looks absolutely finished judging off his recent games and we have no-one else.
  2. If we don’t qualify Thursday, we’ll drop points against both Killie & Hibs. I think the team would be shellshocked and it could very well derail the season. We’ve failed in our last 2 challenges for various reasons, need to amend that on Thursday
  3. It was horrendous conditions and you could see everybody was struggling to run with it today. Had the pitch been dryer and more stable, him, Forrest, Christie etc would all have influenced far more heavily.
  4. I know someone who is reasonably close to him, apparently he was absolutely distraught to not start against Aberdeen and then have Ojo come on ahead of him. For whatever reason Gerrard doesn’t seem to fancy/trust him, yet he’s exactly the kind of player we needed in that game and today to replace Kamara and swap into RW with Aribo
  5. If we don’t qualify, we’ve literally bottled all 3 games in the biggest week of our season. Praying we don’t, I’ll be there and I can see what was expected to be a raucous Ibrox, feeling very timid...
  6. Let’s be honest, even if we got another penalty we weren’t scoring it. The way the day had gone, big Lurch would’ve saved it or it would’ve been blasted over the bar
  7. Him and Flanagan are both shite and need gone. We badly need Jones back in the side and either use Halliday/Forster as backups or release them and bring in someone else
  8. I’m sorry but blaming solely Tav is a bit of a joke here. He had a solid game and has clearly been dropped from penalty taking duties after missing 3 or so this season. I’m by no means a big fan of his, but he’s one of several leaders we have that could’ve made the call on that penalty. Not 1 of Jack, Arfield, Barisic etc even asked for the ball or looked keen for it. If I was a senior playing in that dressing room, I’m straight over there to give Tav another option than let Alfie take it when we know his heads gone
  9. Think you’re just looking for a scapegoat here. Big man was unlucky not to score and lost his way a bit after the sending off, but so did the other 10 players on our team.
  10. Forster had the game of his life, asides from the penalty and the header I don’t think Morelos could do much better with most his opportunities. Goram used to do that in the 90s to them, I just worry we don’t have the edge to get over the line. Happy to give Gerrard the season, but it feels like we’re the modern day Tommy Burns side
  11. Don’t like to admit it, but I think the legs have gone in Defoe. He’s having no impact anymore, I didn’t see him touch the ball once today and he’s been like this for his last few games. We need a big striker who can add an aerial threat as a Plan B, fuck knows why we were launching balls into the box when their centre halves are both 6ft 4+
  12. Problem is, they’ll gain the confidence to push on and win the league because of this. We needed that today, badly. As good as we’re playing, if we go this season without a trophy the fans will turn of Gerrard. I wouldn’t be discussing a new contract until we’ve got some silverware
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