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  1. MOH we should have kept, playing him wide right was nonsense. If he'd been played up top he'd have been effective yesterday with the endless balls we played down the channels that nobody ran on to
  2. Fucking stupid appointment, he's basically a worse version of Warburton who's Portuguese
  3. If we don't, Pedro will be gone by Christmas. Hearts are absolutely awful
  4. I'd rather not get a hundred grand when our rivals are getting about 300 times that figure...
  5. I can't see the colts getting a win tonight, unfortunately the step up will probably be too much for them.
  6. Ref is a fucking disgrace, we won't get a decision this season
  7. Surely we can't change the home top we're playing in midway through a season?
  8. We shouldn't need to accept anything under £4 million. He's our 1st choice keeper, arguably one of our best players (certainly on last season), and he's English which is important to English clubs for quotas. He's definitely a top half Championship level keeper, who is young and still improving. We're not going to get 7-8 million for him, but selling him for £2million isn't going to help the squad. I think £4 million is the figure that would mean it makes sense for us to sell and respend the money elsewhere, but any lower and we're selling ourselves short.
  9. As shite as Warburton's signings largely were, they were a lot better than the players above. The players above failed to get out of the Scottish Championship having finished 3rd in the league. At least Warburton's duds won the division. Clubs in England aren't going to pay money for players who couldn't get out of the Scottish Championship, unless they're young with high potential. The Scottish Championship (now that we're out of it with the other two) is probably akin to the 6th tier of English football in terms of standard now.
  10. NO club in Scotland is going to pay a fee for any of those players above. Realistically only ourselves, the scum, Hearts Hibs and Aberdeen are going to pay fees. Occasionally you may get the likes of Ross County spending 50-60k on a player. Aird we probably couldn've got a fee for from an MLS side if we had him on a better deal. If Nicky Law had played in the SPFL with us, we might've got 200k for him. We have to accept all the above players were on big wages for their ability. As a result you chance getting a small fee by signing a player long term, although he can sit on his arse for 5 years getting 5k if you can't. Or you let them go for free knowing at least they're off the wage bill.
  11. So true! People don't appreciate how much of a step up it is from youth football to any level of the professional game.
  12. Think she's the alright one, but not the best one in Little Mix
  13. He's not kicked a ball in 2 years. Would anyone take Adam Rooney? Think his contract runs out next year. He's not top quality, but he has previously got 20+ goals in the SPFL in multiple seasons...
  14. I once nearly injured Dan Gosling at schoolboy level, clame to fame!
  15. I'd take Candeias out and put Dalcio in and that would be my team. I know Dalcio is shite, but Candeias has played a lot of minutes in pre-season and even the Dalcio should manager against Dunfermline. Need everyone fit for the Hibs game, would look at giving Dodoo a run out at half time for one of the strikers if they've scored.