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  1. The foul isn’t a clear and obvious error, he barely makes any contact at all (if any) and the guy flings himself to the ground. VAR shouldn’t be slowed down, it should be shown in real time and if it isn’t a clear error at normal speed, then the refs decision stands. Anything slowed down to almost frame by frame will tell a different story than at normal speed
  2. Sometimes players need dropped to make them realise their performances aren’t acceptable. It wouldn’t be accepted anywhere else on the pitch, so our captain shouldn’t be exempt
  3. Tav has a mentality issue. He seems to make all his mistakes in big games at the “lively” away grounds. Not strong enough to be a captain of a title winning side, needs to realise when he’s having a bad day and let Barasic take set pieces
  4. Morelos scored, hardly contributed nothing. We’d have 1 less point without him
  5. Tav has wasted about 20 crossing opportunities today. Fucking useless
  6. Him, Kamara and Aribo have basically just left it to Davis to try and move us up the pitch. Badly missing Jack, but I expect better from Arfield considering he’s the senior player. I feel these trips to Canada means he’s jaded after every international break
  7. Love el buffalo. How he didn’t get booked for that celebration I don’t know haha
  8. Tav literally hasn’t done a single thing right today
  9. They’ve not photoshopped the starry plough over the LGBT flag, surely 😂?!?!
  10. Nah, I think they tried that with Van Gaal and it was a shambles then as well. I don’t think Man Utd have good enough youth players to step into the Prem, it’s not like under Fergie where you had a core of 11-15 top players and you could through in a few youth players around them when needed. Their signing policies for the last 10 years (including the end of SAFs tenure) has been a mess, short-term planning with no cohesion or clear strategy as to how they want to play. A proper DOF is equally as important as a proper manager, they’ve got neither at the moment. Bringing in someone who’ll try to do both as a stop gap IMO won’t work
  11. Love that man. Great to see him smiling again and actually looking well
  12. That’s a very costly mistake. We could be 3 points ahead in this group, instead we’re level with all the other sides with arguably our 2 easiest games played
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