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  1. Shame, really nice bloke and a legend in the NE of England.
  2. If you watch Liverpool who he clearly copies in terms of formation and style, they also have 3 CMs who contribute little in terms of goals. Difference is, their front 3 contribute at least 60-70 goals per season on average over the last few years. Morelos will get you about 30, but Kent and whoever is at RW won’t get you the rest. It’s why I badly think we need to change formation to get 2 strikers up top. A 3-5-2 with a 10 behind the strikers would work really well with our current personnel, but the only issue is that Kent doesn’t fit into that formation at all.
  3. 200 odd looks a reasonable score, I can’t see the windies batting deep when they’re missing Meyer etc
  4. And people want us to sell Goldson for £4-5million. Anybody English goes for basically double their worth due to their nationality. At some point a premier league club will want Goldson, when they do we should be getting at least £8-10million for him
  5. I think Denlys time must be up by now. Shame, he’s a good batsman who rarely looks on too much trouble but cannot get past 30 runs consistently. Gets himself in and then gets out to something he shouldn’t. Basically James Vince all over again
  6. Dundee Utd asking top flight clubs to donate £5k each towards their legal costs. The fucking brass neck of them, especially as they’ve just paid £100k in compensation for a new manager. Fuck them, wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire
  7. He’s the kind of striker that would’ve done well in the 80s-early 90s. Explosive, stocky, good finisher but tactically very naive. He worked well in Scotland because most sides play quite an old fashioned style of football. He’s still be useful now as an option in certain games, but wasn’t really Gerrards cup of tea.
  8. As Klopp says, it made no sense for him to stay at Liverpool and be 3rd choice striker. So why would he come here and be 3rd choice striker just because we have Gerrard as manager? I think he’ll go back to a championship club where he’ll start most games
  9. He’s give us something completely different to what we have, but I doubt he’ll sign for less than £50k p/w wherever he goes. I really can’t see us paying anybody that kind of wage, let alone somebody who’s 35+.
  10. Awful news for Niko, don’t think Gerrard views him as a starter regardless. We should use this as an opportunity to bring in a player in their mid 30s with some serious experience of winning titles. Use it as a way of getting an extra “winner” into the squad even if they’re just used as cover
  11. Good move, can play against the taigs and needs first team football. Hes an interesting player, really different to most RWs we see. Is very direct and powerful and can score a lot of goals cutting inside, but his crossing and passing is pretty poor. He’s a bit like a Gareth Bale in terms of style of play (but obviously not in the same league in terms of talent). If he develops, he’s the kind of player that could prove really useful. Still young so needs a couple more years of improvement via loans before he’ll be able to be judged on
  12. He basically cost us both cup competitions. That league cup final was a travesty and then returning late for the Scottish Cup game was a real insult. I think he’s done here
  13. Sorry but Morelos turned up for 4 months of the previous season. He was a fucking disgrace from January onwards, so I don’t think he deserves to be POTY
  14. That’s because we’ve barely had a brand for 10 years that hasn’t been a laughing stock. Brand awareness is everything, the more exposure we get the better it will be for us. Chinese tourists visiting London etc won’t buy kits from sides they’ve never heard of, but a side that has Steven Gerrard in charge and has kits everywhere will undoubtedly get more interest.
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