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  1. What is the quality of the kits actually like? I’m thinking of getting a long-sleeved one but £60 is steep if it’s crap quality. Also what’re they like size-wise?
  2. plymouthranger

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    It’s a really poor decision. If they had issues with voting him in due to off-field stuff, that should’ve been dealt with before he was ever nominated. He’s arguably England’s greatest footballer, and this comes across as anti-Rangers, anti-English & total fuckwittery to a guy who has a mental health disease. The SFA and SPFL genuinely need to fold and be taken over, it’s worse than amateur.
  3. plymouthranger

    Manager Reaction

    When he said livingstone weren’t going to cut us open, when in fact they did about 4-5 times is worrying. Bit naive in that sense. We were outfought and outplayed today
  4. plymouthranger

    Our attitude to away games

    We've gone full circle, we couldn't play at home last year and now we can't play away...
  5. plymouthranger

    8 points behind but it's really only 2

    Won it in the championship season we didn't go up. We've dropped 10 points already and have only played 2 "top 6" sides in the league - I wouldn't be confident of us making 8 points up on Hearts at present if we can't win away from home
  6. plymouthranger

    Joe Worrall.

    For a ball playing centre-half, he looks terrified of passing the ball. Neither him or Goldson trusted the other and you could see it.Lost count the amount of times one of them broke forward with the ball only to walk to a standstill, turn around and pass it to the full-back
  7. plymouthranger

    8 points behind but it's really only 2

    No, it's 8. You don't win anything for finishing above Hearts
  8. plymouthranger

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    Not a single good performance out there Shagger - kept playing it short needlessly and allowing them to set themselves Tav - woeful, offered next to nothing going forward Goldson - got spun 3 or 4 times by their strikers, passing was slack Worrall - terrible in possession, don't think he's half the player Katic is Barisic - crossing was off, just kept hitting their keeper Coulibaly - offered little, but probably didn't deserve to get subbed Ejaria - terrible, he slows us down every time we are pushing forward. A big Zelalem Arfield - had the odd moment but should've shot on 2 occasions when he had a clear sight of goal Candeias - did nothing, think he's only of use against bottom 6 sides Lafferty - terrible, but why sub him then launch balls into the box all half? Morelos - was bitched by Halkett the entire game Subs: Kent - started well for 10 minutes then faded and offered little Middleton - don't think he's ready for this level just yet, struggling to make an impact from the bench
  9. plymouthranger

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    Worral and Goldson have been complete pish today
  10. plymouthranger

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    Not working with 2 strikers, need to get Middleton or Kent on and give us some width on the left. They’re doubling up on Barisic and it means we’ve got nothing that side
  11. plymouthranger

    If you could be offered...

    I’d take any fuckers winning the league asides from them and their Edinburgh feeder club. But it’ll be us or Hearts that’ll do it
  12. plymouthranger

    Mcgregor Kick

    “You don’t know who the referees are” With good reason you taig cunt. Your team made them go on strike due to intimidation a decade ago, something which had never happened in this country before.
  13. plymouthranger

    ***Official Scottish Football Thread***

    Good to see him gone, one less taig manager. However what on Earth are St Mirren thinking? I can see both them and Livi going down this year
  14. plymouthranger

    Welcome to Rangers, Gareth McAuley

    He'll do a job, we have a lot of extra games this year and he'll be useful against sides who don't play much football e.g. Aberdeen, Motherwell etc.