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  1. Tumshie

    36 Games Left

    Soon as I saw it (back of the Copland) I thought it was a yellow so he would have been off anyway. Having seen it back it's a red for me.
  2. Tumshie


    A defender that can actually defend properly. Loves a tackle. Wasn't too enamoured with the signing but he's won me over.
  3. Tumshie

    Atmosphere tonight

    I've started another thread about it. There's young lads n our bus who've never seen Rangers win anything. They were blown away by that tonight.
  4. Tumshie

    Still worried about our midfield

    We ran right over the top of a Champions League class midfield without our best midfielder.
  5. Tumshie

    Tav tonight

    That goal was a worldy. If Candeias and Morelos score that goal their goal doesn't happen.
  6. Tumshie

    Young lads on our bus

    There's a bunch of young Bears who are too young to remember as being the Rangers where we were. These young lads have been used to seeing us getting pumped of Alloa and Raith Rovers. Seeing these kids giving it laldy tonight on the bus after a great European result was a joy. Even if we don't get through these boys know what it means to be at Ibrox when it's bouncing. I was lucky to be brought up during 9 in a row when they were winning everything. These lads know nothing apart from us being in the shit. Was great to see all of them buzzing tonight.
  7. Tumshie


    Our front three were excellent tonight. Must-have been 3 or 4 times Candeias pressed their full back and it ended up deflecting off their player. In Europe if Flanagan is at LB we need Candeias on the right to give Tav the licence to get forward especially away from home.
  8. Tumshie

    Happy with a draw at home

    That team were a decent side. Happy to progress. We don't have a right to beat anyone at this level.
  9. Tumshie

    Allan McGregor

    Didn't want him back but he's a huge step up on quality to what we had last season. Guy behind me called it right. He said Foderingham was hardly ever at fault for goals but McGregor would have saved most of them.
  10. Wasn't a bad player on the park tonight but Jack was excellent.
  11. Tumshie

    Kevin Kyle - Si Ferry

    Sums up the state of the club at that time.
  12. Tumshie

    You Heard It Here First

    An outstanding signing but a bit early for the captaincy. Let's look at it later in the season. What a fantastic option to have though.
  13. Tumshie

    The Great Dane

    The team was done. Most of them were mid-30s. If I was going to question anything about Walter that season it would be some of his signings like Stensaas and failing to give Barry Ferguson a good run in the team.
  14. Tumshie

    The Great Dane

    Walter did the same when he won the title in his second spell which we won. I don't think it was a factor. Negri going right off form was a bigger blow.
  15. Tumshie

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    Would take a score draw. Not bothered about the performance. Just go there and get the result.