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  1. This playing Miller in midfield pish has to stop now.
  2. The first 30 mins was excellent. Sending off changed the game but Stokes should have been off before that. Sorry to say but second half Hibs played us off the park and our tactics of lumping it long to Herrara didn't help.
  3. Totally bizarre. As soon as Jack got sent off I immediately thought you take off 1 of the strikers and bring on Rossiter. Crazy that it carried on into the 2nd half. I could even understand Pedro taking Morelos off before he was sent off but you just put Miller up top. He's never a midfielder. Crazy decision from the manager.
  4. I like big Wes but he should have done better than the 2nd and 3rd goal.
  5. Lot worse players on the park today than Windass. Hodson behind him was poor and our 2 centre backs made a ginger kid from the Championship looked like a world beater.
  6. Laudrup by a distance. It's not even close.
  7. When fans mention that he did well with Advocaats players it should be pointed out the only reason he got the job was that those same players hadn't kicked a ball for wee Dick for the previous 18 months. We were also miles behind Celtic in that seasons title race and had lost the league by over 20 points the previous season. McLeish turned it round and won 5 trophies in 18 months with that side. His record is patchy and would rather we got someone else in but let's give the guy a bit of credit where it's due.
  8. Amazing what a bit of confidence can do for a player. Same with Waghorn.
  9. He was better last night.
  10. Aye let's go back to the days of McCoist and the long aimless punt.
  11. He will get until the end of the season and then we can reassess.
  12. Wingers are either bang in form or struggle. Wouldn't be a bad idea to take him out the firing line for a couple of games. In saying that I thought all of the front 3 were poor. Forrester has had a decent start to the season and I'd like to see him in the team.
  13. Me and my mates have just started a bus from Stonehouse this season. All we had to do was phone Rangers up and get forms sent out. At the Hamilton game we had 40 on the bus.
  14. Best hardman I can remember was Ian Ferguson. A hard nut that could play, leave a bit on them and get away with it. Guys like Black and Mohsni were imposters. Can't believe folk have even suggested them.
  15. If we can keep him fit he will stroll this league. Having guys like Barton, Rossiter and Halliday doing a lot of the hard graft will allow him to play further up the pitch.