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  1. Tumshie

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    Just want to get out of there with a win and no new injuries.
  2. Tumshie


    We look a lot better playing with either Morelos or Lafferty through the middle and two wingers supporting. Not sure playing Lafferty off the left works.
  3. Tumshie

    Daniel Candeias

    We're a better side with Candeias in the team. His pressing and his link-up with Tav on the right hand side are one of the strongest parts of the team.
  4. Tumshie

    Ross McRorie's contribution today

    Think McCrorie needed that performance yesterday with Halliday moving ahead of him in the pecking order. With all of these midweek games for us he should get a decent amount of game time though. I'd expect him to start on Weds night.
  5. Tumshie

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    Cheers for that Pep ?
  6. Tumshie

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    It's always like the Alamo in the first half at the San Giro but expected more in the second half.
  7. Tumshie

    Next Four Games

    We are 10x the team we were last season.
  8. Tumshie

    Calm the fuck doon.

    Poor performance but still every confidence in the manager and the players. Will make a more rational judgement after 10 or 12 games.
  9. Tumshie


    He's been one of our best players the last 3 or 4 games.
  10. Tumshie


    He didn't track his man, same as Tav didn't last week. He's made an arse of it but he isn't a diddy.
  11. Success in Europe brings in finance and prestige in order to attract players. With the best will in the world I would be amazed if we actually get out the group stage. Add to that the other mob across the city will probably qualify for the group stages anyway - I don't see it being an issue.
  12. Tumshie

    *** The Official Rangers Fc vs UFA Match Thread ***

    Hopefully take a two goal cushion over to Russia. A clean sheet bonus. This mob won't be any mugs.
  13. Tumshie

    Morelos Myths

    Thought it was a good article. The "hot head" line has been peddled a few times.
  14. Tumshie

    36 Games Left

    Soon as I saw it (back of the Copland) I thought it was a yellow so he would have been off anyway. Having seen it back it's a red for me.
  15. Tumshie


    A defender that can actually defend properly. Loves a tackle. Wasn't too enamoured with the signing but he's won me over.