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  1. They get some money from a subscription service, some of their members are listed on their website. The main guy Powar is on the Chelsea foundation board some interesting reading on news reports about Chelsea fans previous incidents, such as the alledged incident & defending how much hard work they do to after Chelsea get reported in the press. Is there not conflict of interest there with him being a Chelsea fan and the wife a celtic fan?
  2. Family live in Formby outside Southport kids go to school so i assume that is why they haven't moved. Commute is easier to Glasgow than London.
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RleTwu7ueac Legia hooligan getting ready
  4. https://legionisci.com/news/78549_Fotoreportaze_i_video_z_Lazienkowskiej.html Some good pictures of fans
  5. Was in there as well until about 3pm then had a cracking day in there yesterday. Hope the old bear is ok.
  6. Was that in the Bulldog? Tbh think the reason there was less trouble was due to Polish police and they had undercover watching pubs. Check list for police scotland is full body armour including balaclavas baton revolvers shotguns odd smg few dugs bigger the better and a big apc vehicle 😀
  7. Was great experience maybe not the 1 hour lock in and taxis ripping everyone off hopefully everyone gets home safe. Sat in nice wee apartment centre warsaw with the beer
  8. We have arrived on the football special i can report the codex is still intact and we are now sitting in hot sun drinking piwo. Loads of Polish families enjoying the sun
  9. Codex packed for reference and currently on the Inter City 5th class by the look of it sure we have been overcharged 😀
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