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  1. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Going to have a stroke watching our defence
  2. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Ugh nerves more beer required
  3. Anyone else buzzing about tomorrow

    Fucking dreading it Mrs wants the tunes on can't get hyped up. Going to get pished and I might cheer up.
  4. Jim from coronation street

    Didn't he wear a tim scarf in the film the firm he must have been spewing doing that scene.
  5. "The Glorious 12TH"

    Southport is packed and weather is great. Falkirk Crown Defenders are the band from Scotland this year.
  6. Progres striker not cleared to play [?]

    Part timers with asthma what next probably one of them had a false leg or something. Should have made the useless cunts make their own way home still fucking fuming probably get the sack today.
  7. Progres striker not cleared to play [?]

    Tims would have lawyers on to uefa and full on media campaign in the Scottish press started we of course are not like that and that us why they are winning.
  8. Pedro Caxinha: Stay or go?

    He reminds me of nearly every manager i have worked for as in a fucking chancer. Obviously comes across great at interviews but can't do the job, he needs to go quickly or become a recluse as he is not going to be able to show his face round Glasgow anytime soon. Also we are in danger of losing a whole generation of fans which is my biggest worry.
  9. Morelos

    Probably be out for the season now with knee injury just to round off a shite week.
  10. The captain

    I Want the cunt transfer listed today and away like his boss
  11. No green boots and watp signs Portuguese Charles green better be gone tomorrow.
  12. Please sack him in the morning
  13. Wallace is fucking pish
  14. Fucking pish and camera view is like emlyn Hughes soccer years ago
  15. NOW TV Subscription For Sunday

    Use it for all our games on sky and it works great but i use their box a weeks pass will get you both games and everything else on all their sports channels.