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  1. barkie

    PlayStation 5

    Be sticking with ps4 for a while.
  2. barkie


    Wtf angry wee fud you aren't you, not sure what your dribbling ramble about Atari ST is i wasn't swapping anything in the playground as i was making a lot of money selling pirate copies of st games back then, most people then used a copy d copy or fast copy to then pass on to their pals, same for Amiga games. Moved on from that made more money selling copies of snes games.
  3. barkie


    Old spectrum game Lords of midnight on android still very atmospheric game.
  4. barkie

    COD Modern Warfare

    If you want a game where hours just vanish Stellaris is the game.
  5. 1st memories of a world cup are great, mines was 82 john Robertson of Forrest scoring. Cameroon v England is worth watching from 90
  6. Not recognized as a great world cup not sure why some great games also was a great summer in Scotland, Cameroon were also good to watch.
  7. Watching it with a beer better than watching death clock on bbc going up every hour. Looking forward to euro 96 repeat wish someone would show italia 90 again.
  8. Nothing good is going to happen to most teams the longer this shit goes on, if this continues until summer most clubs in Europe are going bust.
  9. Or maybe they are guessing this shit isn't going away anytime soon so may as well start saving cash. If it all goes away in few weeks or months then possibly a fuck up if it doesn't then every club is fucked us included.
  10. If this virus shit continues for a year or worse like some predictions then can't see it not affecting us or any other club unless owners or investors just keep throwing money in to keep clubs going.
  11. Who is going to buy them now we can't keep paying players off
  12. What is going on over at the Copenhagen fans? Snp cops trying to arrest the whole team 😂 faces on them they are gutted and studio saying don't blame them for celebrating aye no bother fuds see ya 🥳
  13. Wasn't in Warsaw UEFA guy couldn't get phone or tablet if I remember right out fast enough
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