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  1. I know even older bears who will sit in their kitchen drinking during old firm games no tv radio etc ­čśÇ
  2. Will have to declare a NHS emergency soon ­čśé over priced and overeated pish
  3. There has always been plenty of of them in Larky, Berries was their pub many years ago but it and the Machan were always actually mixed not sure what the Machan is like now. The way Larkhall is expanding i'm not shocked there is more of them moving into the area.
  4. Aye well no surrender, we will find out soon the reaction from the players.
  5. Their replacements step up and show why they should be playing instead.
  6. I want to see another angle of the pass to Stewart who crossed for their goal, reckon he was offside but no highlights show another view of it.
  7. Was Greg Stewart offside when he started their move fir their goal? I know one of our players put his hand up but never saw anyone mention it or seen a replay so he probably was ­čśÇ
  8. Ferguson was booked so nothing will happen
  9. If it's open season on our players going about their business i suspect the end result will be the same for Sheep and their players.
  10. Rob Mclean going to need sectioned after this greeting like fuck
  11. De Valera was the only world leader to express condolences to Nazi foreign minister a few days after Hitler blew his brains out. Their foreign ministers around world also did at German embassies. Their church also aided and helped high and low ranking Nazis escape mainly to South America.
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