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  1. Not bad considering

    Loads moaning on here as usual we won ok scrappy but there were loads of scrappy wins in the past. Happy weekend for me anyway tunes on and drink flowing. Well done Murty 3 wins in a row at last.
  2. Club Statement

    Aye ok so who is replacing the clowns and paying the bills because nobody seems to know who will turn up and get them out.
  3. Club Statement

    No but he managed those so called duds murty gave them something.
  4. Club Statement

    The same pedro wasters who beat his superstars
  5. Club Statement

    A team that got beat by us twice and his own fans wished him dead enjoy mcwinless as the sheep call him.
  6. Derek McInnes

    Oh was his boss not interested in film investments like the rest of them?
  7. Derek McInnes

    United at last with sheep fans in our hatred of the shit bag oh wait they probably all love him again deleting their posts. Average player and manger as time will tell.
  8. Murty

    Hope we thrash them posts on here from I always knew fuds will be great
  9. Murty

    Biggest transfer at the time remember it was on the news 1m quid we are doomed or 1m quid for a shit bag gnome and his Mr potato head assistant
  10. Murty

    This forum though if gets the results up to the winter break. The last two games had us all bouncing hope the players give it all for him on Saturday.
  11. Murty

    Hamilton beat a better Rangers side at ibrox in 87 can you imagine if this forum was around then.
  12. Our Board

    Would have to be a retired one why would you want your business interests hassled by those who now run Scotland
  13. Our Board

    Oh that's good count me in what could possibly go wrong pass me my pitchfork and torch
  14. Derek McInnes

    Must be some frantic post deleting going on at afc chat sheep mods will be up all night
  15. Our Board

    Keep seeing sack the board on various threads which is fine by me but what is the plan to replace them?