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  1. All of this just to award a title to the scum, Tragic. Null and Void was and is the only answer.
  2. Hope they got the news on a gift card and a voucher for next year. Scum and always will be.
  3. Because its in the papers it must be true , so the manager should be binned. Hilarious post,
  4. Embarrassing pish from the usual Tav haters.
  5. But he wakes up looking like a tramp with yellow teeth.
  6. Where did you get my pic ? 😁😁
  7. No , i said they must shoulder the blame.
  8. Carry on criticising Numpty. Dont forget, sing aloud for 90 mins, gets you lots of credit , somewhere . I made a point , and stick by it.
  9. I agree , apart from Europe.
  10. You think because you sing you back the team more than others - wow. And you call me an numpty? Have a look closer to home, there youll find the numpty. Also i dont claim to be a super fan.
  11. Ha ha , told you , good humor
  12. Probably good advice , but i feel the need to humour myself now and again.
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