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  1. I thought they had the best manager in Scotland.😀😀
  2. Good positive thread after a 6-0 win .
  3. They will accept a bid for Tierney and he will fail the medical , Seems a lot of fuss overage a constantly injured player. Just part of the scum PR machine.
  4. Alfredo is the best striker in the country by a mile, I hope he stays and fires us to 55 and shuts up all of the so called “experts” that continually criticise him.
  5. Really enjoyed watching that half . Good to see the team presiding high and getting their rewards .
  6. Regarding Tierney - how could he possibly pass a medical , he’s constantly injured .
  7. I heard a grass pitch was actually cheaper to install. But they chose astroturf.
  8. The range of goals he scores is brilliant , from “tap in” to “sublime.” He is destined to go right to the top. Hope he stays for this season.
  9. I think Taylor is a good player , McDonnell just seems to punt it to nobody.
  10. If they thought Levein was defensive , wow that is torture to watch , if you are a Scotland fan.
  11. Take Robertson and Fraser out that team and they would be awful
  12. Kilmarnock players dominate the squad - holy fuck - you couldn’t make it up. Ollie Burke 🤷‍♂️ A totally embarrassing squad .
  13. At least they’ll get their derby back
  14. jbm26896


    Absolute arsehole of a guy
  15. jbm26896

    Left back

    Barisic shows no desire . i think that was his last chance to impress.
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