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  1. I found it quite strange, especially with Stewart playing well and SG praising him. i would call it good man management as we got a very good response from a player who is not a regular starter at the moment.
  2. SG seems to manage his players very well, However, don’t think Kris Commons agrees with this , as he says SG has treated Greg Stewart as an outcast. Which is nonsense.
  3. They should not be used inside the ground. Its just not safe, if someone loses an eye who takes responsibility. The UB do create a good atmosphere but sometimes they don’t think about others.
  4. Would like him to play King as well , as Kamara has been a bit off recently.
  5. We won’t lose a goal again if we bring in Katic, but we haven’t lost a goal since we brought in Helander . Goldson has not been great recently but since he joined us he has done very well overall. The manager has got decisions to make and 3 clean sheets would deem those decisions to be correct in keeping the same back 5. Fans favourites do not always mean you are the best at the club.
  6. And they won’t play on Saturday either, it’s amazing how good you become by not actually playing.
  7. Nothing pretty about tonight , but massive result for us.
  8. Exceptional support as usual.
  9. Horrible pitch against a horrible team. Good result . we move on
  10. Oh dear , you actually believe that, good but not exceptional.
  11. You cannot bully someone who scores 2 from the spot. Same back 5 for me, if we get a clean sheet
  12. Agreed , as if we want him sent off,
  13. I would take Ojo off and replace him with Stewart, he just doesn’t get stuck in when needed, he has quality but shows no real desire, not a game for him.
  14. You are making Katic a player that he’s not. Using Helander as a scapegoat doesn’t help your argument. Katic will play when the manager decides, these threads are becoming nauseating.
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