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  1. Brilliant
  2. Would give him the chance to come back as he has fantastic ability.
  3. The assistant will be someone with inside knowledge of how the club functions, expectations and a general knowledge of Scottish football. PC has his own back room team and they will be the main guys regarding tactics etc.. The players would look up to guys like Ferguson and Brown based on what they have done for the club. Dont see it as a huge appointment. Where as DOF would be.
  4. I think we can. i have no doubt we are a better side than them.
  5. Great news if true cannot imagine what he would add to Rangers
  6. I think he left us in good shape - the players will prove from now till the end of the season that they have what it takes to play at Rangers - a tweak in formation and a few players added and we will be good for better season next year.
  7. Has played well last 2 games and deserves to keep his place in the team.
  8. Not a bad player for us on the pitch today. well done Gers
  9. We played very well today
  10. Thought he done a good job last season. This season not so good- but we move on.
  11. I am sure he was retiring at the end of the season - so it was more likely to be a mutual departure - rather than a sacking. But the media don't want facts spoiling a good story.
  12. Apparently he is friendly with Alan Stubbs
  13. Good luck to them