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  1. Good idea But it just won't happen on here
  2. Absolutely To respond regarding how many likes people have is pretty embarrassing to be honest The thread is nonsense - please like it I really need the attention
  3. What a stupid thread .
  4. Never read articles from him. Too much time given to people like him.
  5. The reality is you cannot re-write history to suit we won the titles - end of
  6. Standard practice to alienate players you don't want Souness done it with a few including Roberts
  7. It's all about getting through - no real threat from them .
  8. McKay £750k - Forrest £10m As footballers - McKay is better - so why sell so low ?
  9. Spot on , hopefully he stays fit.
  10. Would take him back as he would improve our team .
  11. Done well last night
  12. Agreed - cannot work out why a Rangers fan would make it personal against our players
  13. Your comment is "utter shite" he had some good games for us - my opinion of course.
  14. Done well for us and good luck to him wherever he goes.
  15. He has ability , good cover to have in the squad.