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  1. Wes Tav Hill Wilson Hodson Toral Holt Hyndman Beerman Dodoo Miller
  2. If we don't get investment soon , we will have a new manager every 18 months
  3. Dodoo should get his chance until the end of the season or we will never know if he is good enough for us. We cannot judge him on 20min appearances Needs a run of games in my opinion
  4. Both were poor today Should never feature in the same team again - they don't seem to link together at all
  5. Whilst I don't agree with the personal insults to any Rangers player on here - this season has proved he is not good enough for this level. i can see us hopefully trying to sell him in the summer along with Garner.
  6. All managers make mistakes - and I do think his team was the wrong selection However to suggest he is the wrong manager for us is nonsense so early into his reign. Give him a chance.
  7. We are lacking the basics of passing to a player in our own team l have never seen us so bad really thought we could get back into this
  8. A couple of changes and we can win this. Toral and Dodoo on for Halliday and Garner will turn this game around.
  9. Done brilliant for us - but glad he is not our manager now.
  10. In the interests of "sporting integrity " I am sure they won't appeal.
  11. Poor reaction by the keeper - unfortunately it seems part of the modern game .
  12. Can only judge him next season. But I like his attitude and desire to succeed.
  13. Good game - great goal today
  14. Done well today
  15. Potentially - offers a lot with pace and control Realistically - has offered very little Cut our losses and sell him for £100k - if possible.