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  1. Agreed, we now have a different formation to play if / when he is not available. Not making the Columbia squad will get through to him , also SG now has options and Morelos will want to play when fit. I think he will be a changed player next year wherever he is.
  2. Disagree - he is young guy in a foreign country , who plays with his heart on his sleeve , targeted by the so called hard men in Scotland, who constantly roll around every he comes near them. He is refereed differently from others in this league. Morelos will mature and develop into a top striker . Another season at Rangers from him would be great for both parties.
  3. Morelos could play upfront in that system , no problem , he is a far more intelligent footballer than some give him credit for, I hope he stays .
  4. We have a large support at the game , they deserve a full strength team and a victory to end the season. Fuck Killie and Aberdeen - not our concern
  5. They are both strong defenders , when they play to their strengths they are very hard to break through. Both superb today .
  6. He is a great signing for us, so composed on the ball .
  7. He has shown a massive improvement since he came back into the team. Loved his aggression today , takes shit from nobody , He is no longer a weak link in our team. Well done Flanno.
  8. He was awesome today again. Class player that we want to keep .
  9. jbm26896

    The Manager

    He has improved us and made us competitive in every game we’ve played. Plus he oozes class in everything he does for us. Roll on next season .
  10. We’ve benefited from it from our fans being able to get tickets , so it should never change . plus I detest seeing them in any large numbers in our ground
  11. He’s done well , but Morelos is our 1st choice striker .
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