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  1. I get that , I meant more the media and other teams support.
  2. He is a class act - only in Scotland can we try and destroy a player with his ability. He has had a tough journey in life and thoroughly deserves the rewards he will get when he eventually leaves us. Our best striker for a long long time .
  3. I’ll give it a miss thanks
  4. No , not at all , just my opinion .
  5. You obviously disagree , it’s all about opinions.
  6. 8/10 for me Euro run was great, beat scum a lot more easier than the score suggested, all we need is consistency
  7. jbm26896


    No better than Rob Kiernan Brutal since January
  8. You can see why Morelos felt annoyed for the rest of the game - a stonewall penalty - game changing decision , and a shocking one at that .
  9. Supporting my team vocally , Not behaving like spoiled brats that don’t get their own way. It’s all about Rangers , not about one group of supporters that really rate their importance a lot higher that it is.
  10. Ferguson is average at best , he would make no improvement to our team .
  11. jbm26896


    He had genuine fouls against him not given , but he let himself down last night by overreacting to every challenge ,
  12. jbm26896


    Well done - a sensible post - they are few and far between tonight .
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