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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Agreed - they actually destroyed Dembele by telling people how good he was - they watched him a realised he was not that good- and the fee keeps tumbling down. Happy days
  2. Who is on the Flight........so far

    Never knew that , cheers
  3. Who is on the Flight........so far

    Surprised Lee Wallace has not travelled with the squad , thought he was close to returning for us in the old firm game.
  4. A lot of children for such an ugly man
  5. Player ratings

    Player ratings can vary depending on what you prefer to see in a player ,but yesterday it was all about the team , the spirit / togetherness and desire to fight for each other was immense . Well done to all
  6. El Buffalo

    Potential to be a top striker , thought he done well today , love his attitude .
  7. Declan John

    He done well today, against a £10m winger.
  8. Murty's post match

    What a load of pish .
  9. Murty's post match

    Oh dear - that concerns me .
  10. Murty's post match

    Good - we are in agreement then. whatever a physic is .
  11. Murty's post match

    What mind - never knew I had one .
  12. Murty's post match

    Yes - don’t you ?
  13. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    Nothing can dampen my mood tonight
  14. Murty's post match

    So do I , maybe I am not easily offended , or too concerned about anyone’s thoughts on them.