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  1. 27th December 1982.....hibs 0-0
  2. A pipe dream but wish he would see out his career at Rangers ........What a mentor for young Bates
  3. I had a strong dislike for Maurice Johnston
  4. Ray Wilkins and Ian Ferguson
  5. A real Rangers Man the very epitome of everything Rangers mean to us ............My youngest Son is named after him
  6. I have always wondered about Alan Gilzean do you know ?
  7. Quite a few beers and Ian Ferguson True Blue on You Tube,followed by the tunes into the early hours
  8. The Rangers Family so proud of it ........God Bless Ryan
  9. International football bores me stiff ! Do we really need it ?
  10. Terrible news,thoughts with the families
  11. A portrait of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh in pride of place
  12. Trouble is there are no Rangers men out there with bottom less pockets,just a load of shysters who want to exploit our magnificent fan base
  13. They are not liked amongst most English football fans but we do have a few my great great granddad came from cork
  14. Even down south in Worcester by Sunday lunch time 3 of them had turned up at my work