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  1. Alfredo Morelos

    This press would value him at 100 million if he was with the terrorist loving scum
  2. Andy Halliday speaks

    A good man to have on the bench ........He will give his all
  3. Nacho Novo

    No Surrender wee man, speedy recovery
  4. Welcome to Rangers...

    All we need now is a flute band before kick off and Ian Ferguson back, great appointment
  5. Declan John

    I thought John and Bates were outstanding today
  6. True blue ian Ferguson

    Jock Wallace and Ian Ferguson the very epitome of Rangers
  7. Regime change needed

    Charles Green signed on the dotted line for Rangers , not Mike Ashley ............We need serious money to stop the filth from dominating for years to come.......Where do you think its going to come from ?
  8. Regime change needed

    No Arab, Russian or Chinese, are going to buy us, so need some UK money, who else can you think of?
  9. Regime change needed

    Mike Ashley and Alan Pardew for Christmas,please Santa
  10. Things we can all agree on

    Mike Ashley and Sam Allardyce............Money and Top Manager
  11. Just an absolute embarrassment of a club

    Get Big Sam Allardyce to sort this mess out
  12. Favourite Rangers and Loyalist Song?

    At the match,Follow Follow and Derry Walls.........At home Londonderry on the Foyle ,UDR4,Orange Wings
  13. Just watching Newcastle v Liverpool

    Did anyone else hear the comment of a potential buyer of Newcastle in the crowd.............Could free up Big Mike to buy Rangers
  14. Rangers players who lived in your area or near you.

    Andy Gray lived across the road from me in Worcester
  15. Your 1st Rangers away game

    27th December 1982.....hibs 0-0