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  1. Stan Collymore will love this .......But everyone deserves a second chance
  2. Ray Wilkins and Frank Lampard
  3. The Longest years of my life over.......Thanks to God I lived to see this day ......WATP
  4. Ally wont walk,and the club cant afford to sack him !He will win the championship,and the with the BTC finally put to bed and us in the SPL,Mike Ashley will step in IMO
  5. Congratulations to Super Ally and his team
  6. I take it you mean off,sorry about that,but just the way I see it
  7. Thats life in the third tier....and why we need to get back to the top asap.The wage bill is only that high because we are The Rangers,they wouid not come to us for normal third tier wages
  8. PLG was brought in to bring through the youth,play European football,how long did he last ?......Rangers have to win every game,but from the luxury of a 23 points lead with 8 games to go, I suppose we can dream of Barcelona style football and a fantasy manager
  9. I have been watching Rangers since 1981 and have heard every manager,get slagged,in pursuit of some mythical style of play, I have never seen(maybe DA at times)Get us back to the top tier Ally,and rest assured your successor will get the same
  10. Man City and Rangers are somewhat different these days
  11. Funny old day,the club with most expensive wage bill in the UK and a squad of superstars,get knocked out of the cup by a team,from the next tier down,at home
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