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  1. I owned an apartment out there and in the process of selling but have a lot of good memories but most of the bars are the other sort.
  2. Bar Med closed about 1 year ago m8 will try the other one Chemies, Thanks bud
  3. I will be there for 3 weeks don't want to miss the european games i know the area quite well over the years the 2 bars i would normally go to watch the games have now closed just wondering if any of our Bears could recommend any other bars in the area.
  4. We are 23/20 skybet worth a few quid👌
  5. If as quoted on here Lafferty got hooked at half time in the bounce game he probably won't kick a ball for us again.
  6. Same Team as last night Kamara a must starter linking play from defence to front also his composure which was badly lacking before his arrival.
  7. good to see the support backing the manager
  8. http://www.stream2watch.org/stream/69301 seems to be working
  9. What happened to boyds neck, looked a pretty bad gash?
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