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  1. Will make a change from being on a cassocked cock.
  2. Perhaps he wants to go because the pressure is too much to deal with.
  3. £16.90 and some Tesco club card points
  4. You have the head to match.
  5. Describe it how you will but anyone with skill will be booted all over the park and get no protection from refs. Sad but this league permits thuggery
  6. Your posts usually are. But try not to be self critical, you'll be happier for it. Enjoy the day.😏
  7. And still you respond? I'm having a good day, but you would realise that if you weren't so obsessed. Chin chin 🤭
  8. It seems to bother you greatly it's just an alternative perspective of the result no matter how joyous. Shouldn't you be reveling in this victory given its significance rather than being upset at my apparent sarcasm? Or is it the posts seem to reflect the sort you usually make.🤫
  9. You appear wounded by the truth.
  10. Bertent


    We are carrying a full back a central defender a midfielder now a forward who's head isn't in the game. Play him from the bench if we must.
  11. Bertent


    He needs dropped for his own good. If there is an issue with the manager playing him doesn't resolve that.however if the issue is with his head give him a week or so off, itll pay dividends in the long run as he's contributing little now.
  12. As I said some people bathe in mediocrity, it is in their essence. The but we won is the hallmark defence of the desperate. Your sole comment repeated ad nausea to any one who fails to comply with you and the Gerrard loyals group think is to make moronic comments. We won, everyone is delighted we did, however we won despite none of the issues actually being resolved, another very poor performance, individual players who are seriously underperforming staying on the park. Etc etc, but hey it's all good. We won. Just hope this magnificent win doesn't make us favourites against the taigs, they might get up in their face and that would be too much to cope with.
  13. Oh dear, your man love for the manager is admirable clearly your passion for him is greater than your love of the club. Some people will always accept mediocrity as its what they personally aspire to.
  14. Hammered them 1 - 0 and people are still critical. What chance is there when people have no vision.
  15. Yes guys a winner and born leader, the manager can clearly see that and he's a world renowned player.
  16. Bertent


    He must still have something or there wouldn't be so many kiddy fiddling taigs on here trying to talk his value down.
  17. Sets us up nicely for a master class in midweek
  18. That's because you've not played at the highest level. If you had youd know that getting 15 min worth of cameo role is more than enough to prove match fitness and sharpness. If you don't shine you clearly arent desperate enough to win the shirt from real class like tav.
  19. The manager knows what he's doing. Some folk just need to remember their station in life and get behind the team and the man whose experience will give is much needed direction.
  20. Stevie is pure dead brilliant, he won loads of stuff, and if he's no here, nae Rangers. FACT, it's in capitals so it's TRUE.
  21. Excuses being trotted out by the chosen ones booster club.
  22. That's where our illustrious board should step in. If they are backing him get him some support. Fuck me media management is hardly a dark art,though it seems alien t our club. Same with the team, put some distance between him and the players so its easier to make tough calls. His current crew don't seem to offer much. The alternative is to bite the bullet and part ways as this is damaging the brand.
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