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  1. Have we only ever had 5 shirt sponsors? CR Smith McEwans Lager (best by far) NTL Carling 32 Red (not including European one offs ie centre parcs etc)
  2. Two of my favourites, I wore these two out sadly! Back when I could pull of wearing a football top!! Top top drawer along with the first home ntl top.
  3. Kens how to talk anyway!! Jeeso, I needed to catch a breath after watching that... really like to see passionate people at our club, can only be a positive
  4. Gerrard knows exactly how to handle the media, you can tell he’s of a different class to our recent managers. Kent comes across really well, both talk about being on the front foot I just fuckin hope that’s exactly what happens tomorrow, right from the first whistle, stuck in and positive. We are Rangers and teams should fear coming to Ibrox, intae these cunts
  5. We need to start games well, far too often we either 1) show too much respect (them) or 2) think we can just turn up (hearts) the games we start on the front foot are the games we win. main focus being the league but again we show teams in Europe too much respect too, Porto is perfect example, we sat off them for majority of the first half then the goal gave some belief, second half we played them of the park!! Fuckin believe!! We’re good enough lads!! No we really fuckin are!!! Dictate games, make teams react to us not the other way about!! WATP
  6. Gotta start Stewart given his form, dropping him would knock his confidence
  7. £3.5m on helander n £2.5m on Grezda!! For a club with little funds to invest we skunked £6m on shite!
  8. If he starts against cosgrove we’re in for a long 90mins!!! Katic got to be back in the team after that shite tonight
  9. Will always love Ally as the player and character. Can’t stand the co commentator and less said about management and gardening the better... happy birthday 🥳
  10. I think Dallas took a little pity on St Johnstone and purposely didn’t award the penalty, it’s the only obvious conclusion. IF the game was 0-0 or even 0-1 he would have given it! Now that of course doesn’t make it right but as our games have human officials they will of course at times show empathy. At that stage of the game there was only one team going to win, I remember Walter Smith telling his Rangers team to go easy on an opponent, can’t remember who it was but we were coasting 3/4-0 and there was no need to ridicule the opposition further. I don’t think Dallas could ever admit that he did this on purpose of course but surely there’s no one with any spec of football knowledge that, from where Dallas was standing, would not see that as a penalty. Sadly for Andrew Dallas this will cast doubt over his ability to make impartial, correct decisions, not a great position for a professional referee to be in.
  11. Morelos was crying out for a Defoe type player to play off him yesterday, I do think it’s worth a shot but other than Ojo I’m not sure who else to drop
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