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  1. I don’t get how you can sell out a pre order?! Surely if they go on general public sale on 1st August then they can continue to advertise for pre order?!? is our deal with SD up on 1st Aug? I wonder if by pre ordering prior to then SD have some kind of claim on profits?🤔
  2. Guys, there’s no fat prick Ashley involved.. our strips should be sold in as many places as possible, if that includes SD who cares! Castore are a genuine high end quality brand, I’ve purchased a number of items and can genuinely say that the quality is top top notch. Their products are classy and that’s shown in the home kit, if the kit is anything like the other items I have believe me when I say we’ll be delighted. Rangers and Castore have not tried to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, whether our kit is sold in SD or not is genuinely no concern of ours, I like most on here have bought from Castore/Rangers pre order. Relax and enjoy, let’s get positive about this partnership, we now have a deal that benefits our club, and the fans have quality taps!😉 A few key acquisitions n these unwashed bar stewards will be running scared!!!! Mon 55! WATP🇬🇧 One gripe I do have is I can’t seem to get back into the pre order site! Seems to be locked, anyone else see this!?
  3. If they don’t do this they should
  4. They don’t have a huge range, I’d imagine on announcing their agreement with Rangers theyll have seen a spike in sales.
  5. I’ve bought a few bits, top top quality bud👍 Sizing: hard to say but the stuff I bought fits me braw, ie size you think is what you get! If that makes any sense whatsoever!! XL for me sadly!!😂
  6. Best ever Rangers player imo. Not the greatest for obvious reasons but if it wasn’t for that injury Mols was a world beater
  7. So if a player is doing really well in the B team, can he be promoted to the A team?
  8. Aye it’s top notch, got a feeling our home shirt will be a classic for next season. Looking at other stuff on their site the style is very classy and timeless, if the quality is as good as the items I have we’ll have a beaut!
  9. Same here, I wonder how many o us have bought a hoodie!!! I bought a hoodie, cap n jacket. Got to say the hoodie is very good quality, just wore it there the now when I nipped out to the bank (which was shut)
  10. Started pishin masel when you heard the school bell in the background!!😂
  11. Canny be firth and 3rd choice surely one or the other?!
  12. Not convinced Ferguson is good enough but Dykes is a handful and would be happy with us signing him.
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