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  1. Merry Christmas fellow bears and bearettes. All I want from Xmas is six points from next two games. That and title no. 55 come season end. Watp.
  2. Nerves kicking in but still confident we will go through. Didn't realise Progres game is on at 4.00 good to know mate.
  3. we Never a red ard at worst a yellow. He was elbowed and the retaliation was powder puff. The sheep were celebrating as though they won the league and were at home against ten men for 80mins. A lot of positives from the game a different mentality from last season showing we will not get bullied any more. Feels like a kick in the balls especially as the red card will probably be rescinded.
  4. RIP Neale thoughts go to family and friends.
  5. Welcome to the most successful football club in the world Steven. We are all behind you big man as this time we can't afford to get it wrong.
  6. R. I. P. Ray a real gentleman and great footballer. Thanks for the memories.
  7. St.Johnstone beaten today and Hearts will be beaten tomorrow. No chance of second place but third is pretty much guaranteed.
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