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  1. Rod Stewart: "I played against him in a charity match some years ago back up at Firhill. I reckoned I matched him for speed, but that was about it. He was just so tricky he tied me up in knots. Rod stewart rockoned he was as fast as Davie ? You reckoned wrong you daft taig
  2. Good strikers need half a chance he needs fuckin several . I Don't doubt his work rate and effort but he can't use his right foot and if your only one footed you gotta to be good with it which he isn't . simply he isn't good enough. If only Miller played further forward than him against the bheggars and had the chances Waggy had we would have won that .
  3. doubt the bread man will hold onto the job until the transfer windows opens
  4. Warburton is the football version of a Frank Abagnale who impersonated being a airline pilot Lawyer and doctor made a film about him to catch me if you can
  5. He may of left but he's left one hell of a mess behind players on long contracts that never in their wildest dreams could get anywhere else going to be hard shifting them Caxinha got a really tough job ahead of him.
  6. the three fucking Amigos at forest Mcparland Weir and the fuckin bread man I'm putting 30 quid on poor fuckin forest are going too play in league 1 next term hope he stays around there long enough to pick the shit up he brought here
  7. i give it 3 fucking months before they realise he's a fucking wanker i mean banker
  8. a gardener called Ally
  9. The chance when he was one on one i honestly think that cunt Gordon knew you fuck all a bout it when it hit his boot. keeper just got lucky. what i'm pleased with today he got himself into them good positions I'm sure His confidence isn't exactly sky high on account of Warburton chopping and changing him . but credit to him he put in a good shift today.
  10. probably her brother's hand more like from behind he stopped groping when he heard her scream
  11. the only player not to really put in a shift was Mckay and thought Tavernier corners and free kicks were so wasteful in good areas corners never once i can recall beat the first defender
  12. Murty's done more in three weeks to improve the team then that slap head manage in the last year.has installed some belief and character into the side. To be fair Waggy got himself into scoring positions the one on one when he anticipated the ball he peeled off his marker but he just can't take his chances like a good striker them chances don't come round often but that fuckin dumb-bell-end his decision making and chances he squandered show's why no one has come in to buy the rancid cheating cunt. tavs every corner he took he coudn't beat the first defender needs too come off corners and free kicks maybe someone else Mckay ? outstanding performance from us thought we'd have a torrid time there but glad to be proved wrong
  13. fair play mate I hope your right just feel he's a fish out of water in midfield. Forrester I feel would be much more effective last time i saw Tavernier play in midfield he offered very little forward or defensively as I remember the game just passed him by but hope i'm wrong
  14. Tavernier in midfield fuck sake that's already playing with 10 Why can't they play a midfield player in midfield like Forrester accommodating players out of position when we have players on the bench really is fuckin stupid
  15. buckfast is made by bead rattling peado monks probably jazz in the fuckin stuff before bottling up stay well clear