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  1. I'd rather have Nicky clark the hairdresser nevermind the footballer than Waggy I Can't fault his effort or commitment but I blame him for the last time we played them that we didn't win . if Miller played further forward rather than waggy on that day we would have won that match if Miller had the chances Waggy had . Waggy needs too many chances to score i hope we start with Doodo and Miller and maybe introduce Garner in the second half if things aren't happening
  2. I brought my daughters to matches when they were younger but football really doesn't interest them but they know not too bring green into the house and as for bringing a fucking taig to the house now that would create a murder
  3. would like too see Doodo and miller upfront . Mckay's been woeful the last couple of months I don't doubt Garner's and waggs efforts but they simply need to many chances too score in a game which might not present many chances for us. last match against them I thought if Miller played further forward instead of waggy and was presented the chances Waggy had we would have won it
  4. i wouldn't have Halliday anywhere near the bench let alone the starting line up he's a shit bag that lego muncher bullies too fuck
  5. Waggy goal ratio for shots is abysmal i cant forgive him for them chances he squandered at the piggery if only Miller played in that advanced role instead of waggy that day we would have won that. Garner and Waggy simply not good enough hopefully baldy will still be employed at forest in the summer so he can collect some of his Shit .
  6. I'd also like too see hodson replace Tavernier . Tavernier has become lazy and thinks he's better than he is. a back line of hodson Hill Wilson Beerman could be the best option
  7. get garner and waggy too fuck. garner can't stand on his feet the other has only one foot both can't hit a cows arse with a banjo. really impressed with Doodo great movement and if Miller starts to play like a forward rather than droping deep it will be a good partnership get waggy and Garner away the pair are fuckin useless
  8. get waggy and garner too fuck welcome DOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOO
  9. fuckin master bates makes a wank of things
  10. http://www.sportingvideo.org/20170406/vv58e6114c36f881.27696171-1644472.html
  11. I enjoyed reading that lots of positives given time i'm sure he will sort the squad out . Looks like he's not compelled to have favourites and that is a good example after he won the mexican cup he got rid of some of the most senior players . if he is the really is the real deal i expect players like Waggy Kiernan and Halliday skelped in the summer
  12. Every player that Warburton signed was dropping further down the leagues the players at best are simply third tier in England They also haven't got the mentality of winning. it's highlighted when they are out of the comfort zone of Ibrox I can't blame the players they simply have reached their ceiling. some games they might play a blinder but it is so inconsistent . we just have to accept that in every sport a sportsman reaches a ceiling of their ability maybe even the odd day surpasses it Warburton has left us with a problem of clearing the decks to free up wages to bring in new players . We can't start judging Pedro with this shower I just don't believe the players can go up to another level no matter what system we play We simply have to wait for the summer and see if the board back Pedro into bringing in players that could improve the squad and hope that someone comes in for some of these players but i doubt we are going to shift them with the contracts they are on.
  13. We need to offload a lot of players in the summer just to reduce the wage bill in order too get new players that is going to be the problem . shifting players like Waggy Kiernan Halliday Tavernier Holt and Wilson when they are on dream contracts will be difficullt just hope Warburton is still at Forest in the summer to maybe come and collect his shit
  14. I rate him better than Waggy both need to go at the end of the season . what the fuck has happened to Doodo must be piss in training not to even get a sniff with Mckay Miller and Waggy hardly showing any kind of consistency in games