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  1. Miller

    Miller over the last few months has put in some dire performances regardless of his relationship with pedro he should be fucking ashamed of his self if he plays a blinder today he obviously another selfish fucker that has his interest far ahead of Rangers. the fucker remember did share a dressing room full of taigs should have been punted two seasons ago..
  2. The Case for keeping Pedro

    Over 8 months Pedro has been in charge I was upbeat with the summer signings even more pleased getting rid of KIernan waggy etc It was just what we needed I do believe we have upgraded on the players which wasn't difficult but Pedro doesn't seem too have much of an idea how to get the best out of them certainly the players that were here before Pedro seem to have got worse . I think he has no excuses he's got the players he wanted but the results and performances are shocking .
  3. Football is fucked

    Someone at work made me think when he was raging about Murdoch and his sky empire he believes it's part of the global diversity and cultural Marxism programme we are seeing unfold with mass immigration too our shores . He said football has been hijaked by the elitist and used as a tool against the indigenous people . I thought he was a fucking tool but it has made me question what football has become.
  4. I'm happy with what we brought in and even more happier the players we have offloaded not too see Waggy and Kiernan has made me believe Pedro is heading us in the right direction.
  5. Ryan Hardie

    prefer too play Hardie instead of Miller . Giving him 10 minutes at the end when we need a goal is hardly giving the lad a chance
  6. New winger signed on loan

    This must be the cherry on top of the pie for Pedro's master plan
  7. Worst manager in your lifetime

    At least Pedro's got rid of most of Warburtons shit . Imagine if Mccoist would have replaced Warburton players like Kiernan and Waggy stroking mccosit's huge fucking ego we know doubt would still be enduring the likes of them you can't really compare Mccoist's record with other rangers managers as he managed mostly in the bottom tiers but the disastrous championship season must make him the worst manager at least Warburton showed how easily that could be accomplished .
  8. put miller and kranjcar in a old peoples home .sell wallace tavs and wes at the first available possible opportunity
  9. was relived too see waggy and garner out coudn't give a fuck if they score 50 goals between them this season . I saw enough of them that they were pish maybe the championship is overated
  10. Next Manager? (Options)

    I was never keen on Pedro when he was appointed just out of his depth big time 5 months in charge and he has set all the wrong kind of records. I wanted Nigel Pearson he was available when Warburton was working his ticket he has a pretty decent track record and still out off work I'm sure he could steady the ship and improve the performance of the team
  11. Kranjcar.

    needs to be dumped in a retirement home sat next too miller
  12. haven't they got more pressing matters over in the girodome like smashing paedo rackets The bias Fenian media show more coverage of rangers throwing paper than them filthy bastards boys (paedo) club
  13. Pedro like Warburton are way out of their depth he's not a fucking clue going by the euro exit The board have backed the managers but the board have appointed these duds that ultimately could set us back years . We need a proven manager that has a good track record there was a chance last season to appoint Nigel Pearson but for some reason they bring someone that's was managing a club in a desert the mighty Al Gharafa who indecently choose not to renew his contract but are board decided that he was fit too manage us.
  14. Is that the Transfer Budget Torched ?

    I reckon Dorrans will sign but after that the priority must be too reduce the wage bill if Forrester m.o.h Doodo etc can't be moved on than I'm sure that will have a bearing on more signings
  15. Signings

    I'm more concerned about the quality of signings . what's the point of having a huge squad when they're are all shit. Has Pedro brought the Mexican/Portuguese equivalent of a third tier English player or worse watching Dalcio play