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  1. haven't they got more pressing matters over in the girodome like smashing paedo rackets The bias Fenian media show more coverage of rangers throwing paper than them filthy bastards boys (paedo) club
  2. Pedro like Warburton are way out of their depth he's not a fucking clue going by the euro exit The board have backed the managers but the board have appointed these duds that ultimately could set us back years . We need a proven manager that has a good track record there was a chance last season to appoint Nigel Pearson but for some reason they bring someone that's was managing a club in a desert the mighty Al Gharafa who indecently choose not to renew his contract but are board decided that he was fit too manage us.
  3. I reckon Dorrans will sign but after that the priority must be too reduce the wage bill if Forrester m.o.h Doodo etc can't be moved on than I'm sure that will have a bearing on more signings
  4. I'm more concerned about the quality of signings . what's the point of having a huge squad when they're are all shit. Has Pedro brought the Mexican/Portuguese equivalent of a third tier English player or worse watching Dalcio play
  5. put miller in goal doubt we notice the difference handling yesterday and distribution fucking pitiful I blame him for the second what the fuck was he doing with his positioning with their free kick that just sailed past the post
  6. he wasn't sanctioned too play regardless of his medical condition he was under investigation and shouldn't have been on the field
  7. The taigs lost 6-1 on aggregate to Poznan with a player not registered coming on in the last 5 min. this player has played in both legs and had a deciding factor in the result if he wasn't cleared by uefa too play in either tie than surely fuck the moral ground just think if the boot was on the other foot and we had a player suspended.
  8. After after 250-300 apart from home nation teams you would do well to even have heard of any of the teams
  9. only fucking Ventolin poor fucker suffers from asthma still some of players looked like they played without a fucking heart
  10. tarrier behaviour going on social media trying too put your own fans in a bad light he's a pampered fucking nobody that needs to be skelped out of the club with about 90 percent of them fuckers sat on that bus
  11. The manager is the most important aspect of a successful side. The board really seem not to have a fuckin clue on the right appointment but seem to be happy with the cheapest option than allowing that unproven manager too spunk it with a load off piss that we'll be difficult to offload. I would really be happy if we just appoint a manager with a good track record and a highly experience one at that that can weed and offload this doss out of our club,
  12. well he said in that interview 4 times he takes responsibility so on that basics please get to fuck
  13. nico was the only player that offered anything remotely tonight a midfield of three that consists of two holding players rossiter and jack who sat behind him what the fuck was he suppose to do and what the fuck was pedro thinking off playing two holding players against a fucking team like that.
  14. Get him too fuck. fucking clueless looks like he's brought in worse piss than we already have I thought that would be impossible. Regardless how early it was in the season it was like watching two pub teams. neither team could string a pass together or move the ball well none of our players were running into space they were fucking static and easily marked . we offered fuck all apart from the odd cross every player needed a second touch as though they only train just once a week Not having the ability to beat a fucking team of amateurs that was arguably the worse team in the competition and over two legs is criminal and enough for Pedro never to return to Glasgow.