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  1. loyal

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Risky but Im happy about the appointment better to have someone that had the drive and ambition too be one of the top midfield players that could install belief and confidence in the team if he surronds himself with good sound coaches it could turn out well rather him than an experienced manager that only knows mediocrity but a 4 year contract thought only a two year at best for a rookie manager
  2. loyal

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Gerrard will be of course a huge risk but im warming of his appointment the alternative is a seasoned manager that only knows mediocrity . we need a manager that can install belief and desire with some good coaching staff it could turn out to be a postive move
  3. How many of us thought Bates had no future at the club and than he puts in a outstanding performance at the girodome it wasn’t too long ago we had only Wilson and Kiernan too rely on . competition for places will help improve the squad and keep them on their toes cardoso has huge potential in my view he’s young and hopefully Murty can sort out some of his faults out but I’m glad he wants too stay maybe he’s meet a burd
  4. loyal

    Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    Good signing only hope he doesn’t get too friendly with master Bates ?
  5. thank fuck for that krancjar off
  6. kranjcer might as well be sat on his arse on the bench playing with 10 men here
  7. loyal

    The ibrox crowd

    I left early yesterday freely admit yes we lose games yes but it's the manner in which we are losing that is coming difficult to stomach . I Don't blame Murty either the players just aren't good enough I left because it makes me angry that Warbs and Pedro have brought players that were making st Johnstone look fucking world beaters I thought the set up yesterday was good it's just the players don't seem too have the fight or urgency to put in a performance . Against the junkies the signs were there to produce a better performance but they simply haven't the mentality too push on its like they won the last four and don't seem to have that believe in themselves the badge is too fucking heavy for these players .everyone has a ceiling in sport unfortunately these players have hit it . These players occasionally put in a good performance above their ability but it will be proceeded with performances like yesterday we need a good manager foremost and real investment too push forward .
  8. loyal

    Let’s End The Uncertainty

    I can't believe we didn't have one candidate that would not arouse the boards interest probably more too do with wages being the stubbling block .correct me if I'm wrong but apparently Murty's isn't getting paid anymore for interim so I guess that would suit the board to a tee
  9. loyal

    Why take McInnes when Murty is better?

    I think Murty didnt want too change much when he got thrusted into the job again probably was in the dark of how long he was going to be acting but the two loses forced him into action of making changes . Im impressed with murty would like him to be giving more time . I didn't see mcinnes in the two games work any miracles to impress his future employees regardless of his strength of the sheeps squad to ours
  10. I think the question most people would want too know. what criteria does the board use too pick a manager the board in my opinion has backed both warbs and Pedro but they have made a huge dent in our financial state with really poor choice of players.it’s imperative that they get this appointment right . I honestly believe if we can get a experienced solid manager in we could challenge. just out of curiosity watched forest the other night warburtons tactics are so predicable 9 loses already he is just as fucking clueless with the same cavalier approach that eventually every team works out
  11. loyal


    Miller over the last few months has put in some dire performances regardless of his relationship with pedro he should be fucking ashamed of his self if he plays a blinder today he obviously another selfish fucker that has his interest far ahead of Rangers. the fucker remember did share a dressing room full of taigs should have been punted two seasons ago..
  12. loyal

    The Case for keeping Pedro

    Over 8 months Pedro has been in charge I was upbeat with the summer signings even more pleased getting rid of KIernan waggy etc It was just what we needed I do believe we have upgraded on the players which wasn't difficult but Pedro doesn't seem too have much of an idea how to get the best out of them certainly the players that were here before Pedro seem to have got worse . I think he has no excuses he's got the players he wanted but the results and performances are shocking .
  13. loyal

    Football is fucked

    Someone at work made me think when he was raging about Murdoch and his sky empire he believes it's part of the global diversity and cultural Marxism programme we are seeing unfold with mass immigration too our shores . He said football has been hijaked by the elitist and used as a tool against the indigenous people . I thought he was a fucking tool but it has made me question what football has become.
  14. I'm happy with what we brought in and even more happier the players we have offloaded not too see Waggy and Kiernan has made me believe Pedro is heading us in the right direction.