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  1. garner valued at 500k and we paid 1.8 m that's seven goals in over 30 appearances that's nearly 200k a goal if we do only recoup that amount in one of the shittiest league in Europe I really hope Waggy Garner kiernan find new clubs this window i just can't stand the fucking sight of them in our jerseys.
  2. i'll be surprised if we sign any player until we reduce the wage bill first . we will have to i suspect try and off load a few first and that's going to be the problem
  3. I would try and offload all off them. must be only be tav's and mckay that are worth anything if we get anything for the others it would be a bonus .
  4. if Pedro hasn't worked out by now Waggy is a one footed donkey we are truly fucked
  5. so that mighty club in Qatar Al Gharafa sports club choose not too renew Pedro's contract but are stupid fucking cunts on the board deemed that Pedro was fit too manage us you couldn't make it up . No doubt in my mind the board appointed Pedro because he was the cheapest option . A good manager improves a team just by changing tactics and looking at each individual merits that is best suited in a formation until a manager brings in new players that suit his style of play . The last time we played ceptic they started with just one player (SInclair) from the starting line up that was signed by their present manager .
  6. Better lock that bike up in the trophy room first
  7. could have a spreadsheet of warburton purchases for Rangers sent too a mexican forum and it would mean the same as Pedros signings listed here i know doubt they been jazzing in their sombreros seeing waggies shooting ability and Kiernan's positional sense
  8. so the reality is the loaf and that little scouse cunt mcparland have fucked us up too 2020 with contracted players that are utterly fucking pish that would never in their wildest dreams get the salaries they are on here anywhere else. when you look at every individual player warburton signed they're careers were spiralling downwards. When I looked at Waggies career I didn't realise that no club has actually paid a fee for him apart from us.. been loaned out so many times and returned either early or injured his last club Wigan he couldn't get into the team and they were in the third tier and the cunt Warburton brought him on the back of him scoring 5 goals in league 1 .
  9. More likely King has devised a way off how too free up some of the wage bill drive a lorry at Halliday Kiernan and Waggy when their leaving Auchenhowie
  10. you could get a management team together of Diego simone, pepe guardiola and conte in but i doubt they could even improve this shower of shit, The problem is the recruitment by that little cunt Mcparland and the bald prick has been an absolute cluster fuck that could set us back years with the length of contracts these jokers have been given. just reading on the Forest forums that is hasn't taken them long too suss out that the egg head out hasn't got a fuckin clue
  11. The wages they are on here will be difficult too match for third tier sides down south. doubt championships sides apart from baldies club (who might not last the summer) will be interested in signing the dross . only chance is that some of them get home sick and take a pay cut but doubt that the way they played today looks like they think it's a fucking holiday club here. I honestly like too see some of the young talent in the u20's play and as someone suggested here freeze these fuckers out.
  12. only time will tell if it is the right or wrong appointment but i at least expected a better performance today than last week . we know at least we can compete with them look what Murty got out of them against the taigs they pressed and marked them and worked incredible hard why hasn't Pedro got them doing this all good teams do it. . I was shocked today of how much space and time the taigs were allowed Murty's tactics of pressing them showed they are not that composed on the ball pedros needs too find a solution soon it's unlikely any of these players will find other clubs too free up wages to recruit new players
  13. fucking imposter .I was at least expected today at home a better performance than last week would like too have asked Pedro why did are u20 manager get so much more out of this pish than himself does he not realise that when he sat in the stands and watched Murty's side press them especially in our own half that they kind of not that composed on the ball . Allowing them so much time and space without even pressing and marking them tight was fucking madness the work ethic that Murty got out of them is non existent last week and today fucking shambles
  14. Garner is one sneaky dirty bastard that should never be near our club he's an embarrassing little prick that offers absolutely fuck all
  15. waghorn couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo