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  1. RowX

    Glenn Middleton

    Think he’s being managed and developed properly like most of the top clubs do with their youth these days. Introduced when required then dropped back to develop again further. It keeps them hungry and also shows the wider group there is a pathway but they haven’t yet ‘made it’ Played reasonably well tonight against a Queens Park side that played with ten behind the ball for much of the game. Final ball still needs to be better though.
  2. The least he could do is take someone right out or with him if he’s going to get a red
  3. RowX

    Glen Kamara

    Yep the boy is a real talent and hopefully will only get better. Always looking for the forward pass and makes good quick decisions.
  4. McCoist and that other knobber with zero preparation as per... Halliday not in the squad as not fit!
  5. Neil McCann is a class act. Yet to hear anyone who has met him say otherwise. No agendas, no squealing for sympathy just some honest putting the record straight in response to recent events.
  6. Just signed for a Polish second division team GKS Tychy. Strange one
  7. No surrender to them ever.. they will drop more points and still two Old Firms. Maybe this season is too soon but it isn’t over just yet.
  8. RowX


    I like what I saw and more importantly he looks like he can handle a restless atmosphere. Never hid and broke up play well. Motm for me too.
  9. Home games against the teams that sit in are definitely a hard watch. Frustrating watching the build up and lack of decision making time after time. I wish a few more would have a dig instead of passing out wide time after time. The manager made a career out of Hollywood passes and speculative shots, you’d think we’d try it a little more! Difficult expecting the younger generation to be entertained and get the bug watching games like today!
  10. Can’t see him being in a hurry to want to play for Scotland again if he doesn’t win the appeal.
  11. Expect Goldson to be involved in the 18 as both McAuley and Flanagan are playing for the reserves just now.
  12. RowX


    I’m just going to put this out there with a tin hat on but he did give us Morelos (via his choice of JJ) Candeias and Jack who are all playing a big part this season.
  13. Morelos is going to the top, he’s only 22, full Colombian international and improving all the time. When we do sell him we better make sure we put in a decent sell on clause like the unmentionables always manage to!
  14. Dave heard you’ve been framed pay £250 for comedy dives, January is coming!
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