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  1. RowX

    A proper farewell for Kenny - Barry Ferguson

    Never clapped once, torn face leak
  2. RowX


    He will do a job, today was exactly the level he can excel at. Loves the club, good guy to have around. i think he was reminded to keep his discipline (ie not complicate things too much)at one point during the first half. If he can do the role he’s given he’s a very useful squad player.
  3. RowX

    Last 20 mins - Game Management

    Defending too deep and not holding the ball up well enough at the top end of the pitch has cost us the points. We clearly weren’t at our best today, particularly defensively but no panic here. This team has plenty of character but they do need to learn from this.
  4. Regardless of how this finishes we also now have a Rangers team again that we don’t have to worry about folding like a burst deck chair when we go behind... 5-2 finish now let’s go!
  5. I’ve been desperate for us to play with 3 cbs for a long time. Can really see that taking away most of the threat from the taigs. Reckon this is the trial formation for next weekend.
  6. RowX


    Simply saying he works better and is more effective with a partner. Ipswich play 442 or 352 predominantly. He was 6th top scorer in the Championship with the highest number of assists (11) of any of the top 10 scorers. We did not play to his strengths or those of Gardner’s and I think most other than Warburton could see that.
  7. RowX


    We never played him in a system that suited him. That 4-3-3 with him out wide was a waste most of the time. Scores for fun in a front two and will probably continue to do so.
  8. RowX

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    Never good enough, strange signing
  9. He was one of the players to miss in the shoot out v Portugal. World Cup 06 I think from memory. Can’t have been a crucial one as it doesn’t feel as famous as Batty, Southgate, Pearce etc
  10. RowX

    Alnwick.. No 1 ?

    Seems the manager agrees to an extent... McGregor/Alnwick top picks if the S*n is to be believed. Fod on his way out?
  11. RowX

    Can’t see a thread on here about this piece of shite.

    Reported the prick on Twitter as being offensive/disrespectful. Have never followed him but needs to be done or he’ll keep doing it and revelling in his own self importance.
  12. RowX

    Players not going to Spain

    Pretty sure I see Hodson in the pictures.
  13. RowX

    Harry Forrester

    Going to boldly predict he'll be in the 1st team squad for the season... but I love being shot to bits on here. I think (hope) he'll turn it on in pre-season, hopefully learnt his lesson nearly losing his chance here. The kid has talent just lacked maturity.
  14. RowX

    Kirkwood/Murty problem

    Murty is not the reason we didn't finish 2nd. Easy scapegoat , not a manager on earth that would have turned that round in half a season.
  15. RowX

    Pena in rehab

    On loan until January.