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  1. RowX


    I’m just going to put this out there with a tin hat on but he did give us Morelos (via his choice of JJ) Candeias and Jack who are all playing a big part this season.
  2. RowX

    Alfredo dropped an Old Firm bombshell

    Morelos is going to the top, he’s only 22, full Colombian international and improving all the time. When we do sell him we better make sure we put in a decent sell on clause like the unmentionables always manage to!
  3. RowX

    Cameras on the away dugout

    Dave heard you’ve been framed pay £250 for comedy dives, January is coming!
  4. RowX

    What the fuck is going wrong and how do we fix it?

    For me the problem is the same as with Warburton and playing a 4-3-3 consistently without much variation. (Or 4-2-3-1) if we’re being pedantic It is a system that only works if you have the correct players and it falls apart very quickly if you don’t have an excellent No10 to support the centre forward and link the midfield with the attacking line. It may be the modern way and the preferred method from the coaching manuals but you can only piss with the cock you’ve got!
  5. RowX

    Stevie Gs clobber

    Tend to agree, selling candles on Instagram is a bit low rent... ‘my wife’s pal asked if you could plug her knock off candles’ Still, each to their own. Get the real job done Stevie and we’ll all buy a celebratory candle and have a Taig like mass with them
  6. RowX

    Peña unable to play?

    He can play from Jan 5th, if we decide to play him.
  7. RowX


    Well, he’s back! Didn’t think it would happen but he was in town with Candeias and his agent last night.
  8. RowX


    The last sentence I’ve said myself on here before. Not our worst problem by far but I’d accept a reasonable offer for him in January and strengthen elsewhere.
  9. RowX


    Much better as the right sided CB. Hesitates when the ball comes to his left side. Was noticeably better before he was switched recently.
  10. RowX

    People who think....

    He needs at least 2 seasons to build his team but in the same way he has criticised his players decision making he needs to take a look at his own. The back four in particular is tinkered with too much, Goldson was much more effective on the right CB slot and Katic/ Worrall were doing a job on the other. McAuley is more than useful cover but if he isn’t up to playing regularly he shouldn’t be constantly upsetting the rhythm. He has a blind spot when it comes to certain players.. Ejaria (the guy will not make it at any decent level imo) and Flanagan shouldn’t be played at left back again, he’s too one footed. Halliday showed better balance in that area today as he has done a lot recently. I’m not panicking as a strong 2nd and hopefully a Scottish Cup performance in the new year will be something to build on for this squad. + the unmentionables will drop more points. We need to try to just keep ourselves in the mix come Spring time.
  11. McGregor, McAuley, Halliday, Jack, Arfield, Goldson all better credentials in my humble opinion. But the manager knows them so respect his judgment
  12. RowX

    Tactics vs 10

    Aberdeen were doubling up in the wide areas and our ‘extra man’ was too high up the pitch and we weren’t getting the ball into good areas to hurt them. Many times Jack took the ball from the centre backs and then had nowhere to play it too other than side ways or back. Maybe this is what Gerrard meant when he said the players didn’t follow their individual instructions.
  13. Scored against that mob this time last year at Ibrox. We could have played until midnight last night and not scored. To play a guy like him though in this set up you need Jack and a very disciplined Arfield around him doing all the ugly stuff.
  14. Red for me no complaints...but I’d want my players going for that if I was the manager. take it on the chin.. move on
  15. RowX


    Like him & McAuley as a pairing, seems well balanced + got me a wee Sky bet payout for his goal.