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  1. Tell you what Stevie lad, you’ll never get the Liverpool job by giving the Liverpool pampered reserve squad a game when you’ve got better of our own out on loan. And managers that call out their own players too much end up losing the dressing room no matter who they are.
  2. Thought Polster did fine but I guess it’s all about opinions. he gets forward and puts in a decent delivery, clearly we miss Tavernier but I doubt he’s ready. In which case I agree with your point about why take up a place on the bench.
  3. Pretty disgusted with that interview in fairness. McGregor saved us losing the game, particularly with the 1 on 1 and Morelos is the last person he should be calling out for missing chances. Him and his staff need to take a look in the mirror. 4 games now where he has been lucky to get out of jail dropping more points for failing to change it up when required. and no I’m not slating him overall, just think that interview is bullshit and a cop out
  4. I agree, wrong set up from the start v Hearts. Especially with the lack of pace on the right, no outlet at all and a stranded striker.
  5. Polster getting his chance, Arfield and Morelos back in is enough. Anything else would be purely knee jerk and I think that will be enough for a good performance personally. Nothing against Flanagan but I think without pace it doesn’t work when you need your fullbacks to provide the width.
  6. I liked your post because you’re spot on in what you say but I think the answer is you don’t play Defoe up top alone and use that system. You find someone to partner him up front and change the system and if there isn’t anyone then that’s a major recruitment flaw under the circumstances. We got away with it against St Mirren just, we didn’t today obviously and I wouldn’t back us to get away with it again. We also can’t look for attacking width from our full backs when Flanagan is in that system.
  7. I’m not going to jump on this band wagon of everything being shite but we definitely need a plan B when things are not working for us and key players are missing. the 4-3-2-1 is not the formation to play with just Defoe up top. Someone on here mentioned the other day that the “unmentionables” still manage to blow these shite teams away. It’s because they adapt and play two up top when it’s appropriate and change things up when plan A isn’t working. We are still sometimes a bit Warburton esque when the game isn’t flowing for us. onwards and upwards, they’re still not as good as they were and we have the beating of them + they will drop points too! No surrender ever
  8. Great job, but also takes a certain personality and level of professionalism to do it well. The fact he has been given contracts to do this in the past at Liverpool and now here shows he fits in well and is happy to be a part of the group. I’m sure he’s a decent keeper too, to what level I’m not sure as I haven’t seen enough of him.
  9. I don’t see him being signed again as a replacement for Wes I’d be certain he’s strictly 3rd choice and a training keeper whilst the others are on loan, playing development squad games etc. He had a similar role at Liverpool before and apparently has a great attitude
  10. Got that bit of Barton about him... well they are 2nd cousins after all 🥊
  11. Defoe said in an interview post Hibs that he was starting these two games. Jones on the bench good to see
  12. RowX


    Watch it back, Tav runs for the ball and I’m sure he lets Morelos demand it. Not the game to change penalty takers. No abuse from me, he’s a Rangers player and I’m fully behind him. But objective criticism is ok surely?
  13. RowX


    I don’t believe him that Morelos was on the pens. Stinks of covering up for him. What a game to start the new penalty taker!
  14. Squad player - should not be captain and of course more than capable to play the way he does against the lower SPL teams. Will always be found out playing like that against teams with a bit of a quality going forward. Not kneejerk as I’ve said this many times. Still, the group is wide open - home games key.
  15. You can buy the Hampden hospitality via the club, they also usually do one where you can eat at Ibrox first before being bussed to the game. DM me if you need a contact for it or call the commercial dept direct.
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