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  1. He was one of the players to miss in the shoot out v Portugal. World Cup 06 I think from memory. Can’t have been a crucial one as it doesn’t feel as famous as Batty, Southgate, Pearce etc
  2. RowX

    Alnwick.. No 1 ?

    Seems the manager agrees to an extent... McGregor/Alnwick top picks if the S*n is to be believed. Fod on his way out?
  3. RowX

    Can’t see a thread on here about this piece of shite.

    Reported the prick on Twitter as being offensive/disrespectful. Have never followed him but needs to be done or he’ll keep doing it and revelling in his own self importance.
  4. RowX

    Jon Flanagan

    A better full back than any of our current squad imo. Takes Tavs place all day long if it's a back 4 but I agree with the above.. can see us using a back 3 a fair bit this season with wing backs.
  5. RowX

    Players not going to Spain

    Pretty sure I see Hodson in the pictures.
  6. RowX

    Harry Forrester

    Going to boldly predict he'll be in the 1st team squad for the season... but I love being shot to bits on here. I think (hope) he'll turn it on in pre-season, hopefully learnt his lesson nearly losing his chance here. The kid has talent just lacked maturity.
  7. RowX

    Kirkwood/Murty problem

    Murty is not the reason we didn't finish 2nd. Easy scapegoat , not a manager on earth that would have turned that round in half a season.
  8. RowX

    Carlos Peña - Club Necaxa

    On loan until January.
  9. RowX

    Pena in rehab

    On loan until January.
  10. RowX

    Windass thanking Miller

    If you're going to play Billy big time on twitter, wind up fans about tickets generally behave like a spice boy, be anonymous for 89 minutes of every match, act like Ronaldo after bagging a few against Ayr & Hamilton, celebrate deflected goals like you've won the Champions league.. well... expect to get it tight! Less time tweeting more time earning your wages!
  11. RowX

    Jimmy Nicholl

    Did you see him coming to the technical area offering advice at any point? Murty looked a very lonely figure during most of those games, but yes, I agree if the manager refuses advice not much he could do.
  12. RowX

    Jimmy Nicholl

    Jimmy Nicholl was there 'assisting' for the 3-2 defeat and if he can't influence a rookie manager to make changes what value was he actually bringing? Having said that he managed the game very well today with what he had so fair play to him. Likeable guy and his love for the club is apparent.
  13. Struggling to believe we offered him the same or less than Jimmy Bell is reportedly on but if he's looking at the other CBs in comparison and feeling under valued I can understand it. Well done yesterday you left us on a high point, thanks for your service and good luck in Hamburg. We move on!
  14. RowX

    Alnwick.. No 1 ?

    For me Alnwick has showed plenty in the past two games. That double save in the first half.. well I was expecting to see us a goal down. He commands his box well and comes off his line to collect with authority. Unfortunately for him it's the end of the season and he might not get the run in the team that he deserves. Thoughts?
  15. RowX

    Return of Pena

    I'm all for giving people a chance but he's had 2 already.. would he grasp a 3rd? Don't agree he was a bad influence or disrespectful though. Seemed a popular character with his teammates despite the clear language barrier. Heard in fact that he was actually very shy and a polite lad, sadly has his problems though.