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  1. RowX

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    Comes across like an arrogant spoilt wee prick. He’ll get plenty managers the sack. The stuff about the different managers was interesting though to be fair.
  2. I’ve said for a while, I don’t see us winning anything of any significance while he is captaining the side. I hope he proves me wrong.
  3. RowX

    Gerarrds Fault

    I thought we did try to defend the lead start of second half. Then we panicked after the quick fire goals and nobody knew what to do next. I’m not sure sitting in and trying to defend suits us at all.
  4. RowX

    Rotating your centre backs

    You’ve got to rotate when the loan one has ‘must play X number of league games’ in his contract 😏
  5. RowX

    Gerarrds Fault

    I had the feeling the instruction at half time was to try to hold what we had and at worst draw. sadly I don’t think our personnel are intelligent enough to play that way and in turn we lose two quickly and the ship is sunk with panic plan Bs getting thrown into the mix.
  6. RowX


    I agree. Coming back without his family would likely be a recipe for disaster. I really don’t see it happening
  7. RowX

    Andy Halliday

    Takes a specific type of player to keep focussed and support the team whole heartedly when not directly involved. I think Andy is one of them and he can be trusted to come in and do a job to the best of his ability at any time. I reckon Gerrard treats him as one of the dressing room leaders for that very reason.
  8. RowX


    Strongly doubt that he’ll be back, we won’t want him back - and I doubt he’d come back. He’s being paid a good wage (from our contract) to play in his home country. I reckon the conquering Europe dream for Pena is over.
  9. RowX


    It’s pretty clear to me Goldson & Worrall are first pick pairing and Katic will have to wait and really take his chance when it comes if he is to change that. I posted on here a few weeks ago before Hamilton that I felt Katic & Halliday played because Worrall and Flanagan were being saved for Moscow & Aberdeen. I don’t think anything will have changed re: Katic as we know how that match went for him.
  10. RowX

    political statement rules?

    Was thinking the exact same thing when I was watching on tv. Would have been lovely to see a big Union flag draped over it but I guess that would have been removed fairly promptly!
  11. RowX

    Neil Banfield

    Great appointment imo. Former academy coach at Arsenal for years before moving to the first team in 2012. He surely will have top class recruitment contacts everywhere and an eye for players that can handle it at big clubs. The type of high profile name having Gerrard attracts.
  12. RowX

    Gerrard vs Caixinha

    journos love to manufacture a crisis as we know bad news and drama sells papers and makes good click bait. we need to be patient... not ‘3 year project’ patient but at least a full season type of patient! I’m not fully blown away by the Gerrard hype train but we’ve signed some good players and I see some good signs. I also like his no bullshit attitude. Equally I think Pedro wasn’t given much of a chance... yes he created some of his own problems and gambled too much on signings that weren’t suited to our league... but after a terrible start back in Mexico he’s now 1 point off top spot in the league and won the Copa MX. Not quite the no mark clown figure the Scottish media wanted to sell him as! Notice too how those same Scottish ‘journalists’ don’t write articles deriding him these days! Patience Bears and ignore the noise. Or the dogs as Pedro would say 🤣
  13. RowX

    14 million loss.

    I wondered maybe Murty for stepping up to the first team? Assuming the other figure is Pedros pay off.
  14. RowX

    14 million loss.

    Wonder which member of the ‘key management personnel’ was paid £783,000 with a £125,000 bonus. Did we achieve anything that warranted a £125,000 bonus during the period?!
  15. Is it .. really? I’m all for giving him time but the performances of late have been uninspiring with Warburton esque no plan B. Results based industry and those Europa results are the only difference