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The End Of Rangers News


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IT'S a new era for Rangers on and off the field and in keeping with that the club is bringing out a new glossy, action-packed monthly magazine to enhance the media operation.

The first 96-page Rangers monthly magazine will hit the high street on Friday, July 8 and it will be packed with fantastic interviews, features and photography.

The new magazine will take supporters to the heart of Rangers every month with in-depth articles and features.

The launch of the Rangers Monthly means the end of the weekly Rangers News magazine which has been a welcome companion for nearly 40 years.

The sports media landscape has changed and the club feels the time is right to move in a new, dynamic direction.

Day to day news breaks on the club web site www.rangers.co.uk and on the club TV channel www.rangerstv.tv and the new monthly magazine will give the fans a chance for an in-depth read on their favourite club.

Issue 1 will feature an exclusive interview with new boss Ally McCoist who gives the lowdown on his plans for the future.

We analyse the new era at Ibrox with exclusive interviews with new owner Craig Whyte, Chief Operating Officer Ali Russell and Director of Football Gordon Smith.

We look back at 10 years of Murray Park and we start a new monthly feature which is a must for supporters - Pro Zone.

In this section we have fantastic content from Head of Sports Science, Physiotherapist Pip Yeats, Youth coach Tommy Wilson and Head Chef Paul Lafferty when you can learn to train, play and eat like a player.

The new Rangers monthly is essential for all Rangers fans.



Price increase for this as well then.

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for convenience is it possible to have the magazine posted out to my address, with a monthly subscription, my local corner shop used to sell it but don't anymore...!

Yeah once they give out the subscription details.

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Wonder if it will be easier to get hold of out of Scotland :pipe:

Its annoying that I can get the option of hundreds of the celtic equivalent but not one Rangers News.

Agree with this, I only know of three places in the entirety of England that sold Rangers news regularly :(

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Bet it'll be full of bloody advertising

Better off being on here :uk::21::uk:

Will probably generate a wee bit off income, who knows we could save up and buy a new car to pick players up from the airport apposed to Poroits green JAG that's zipping about the place.

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They need to get with the times and make it digital, IMO. I'm sure they'll sell a lot more copies and there's the convenience of reading it on an iPad, iPhone, etc

Hopefully the new mag will be an improvement but it will alway be hard as it will never be up to date, certainly not as up to date as RangersMedia!

I get most news here (although don;t see the transfer gossip as I can't be arsed heading to different sections now it has been moved)

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Just tried to subscribe online and kept crashing at registration(why do we need to register ffs to give the club money). Called the number and 11 minutes later, after getting to press option 7 or 8 still no answer so ive now hung up and will not be parting with my money up front.. :anguish:

Im a moaney faced c*nt. :anguish:

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Want to subscribe as you won't be able to get it down here without ordering every month.

However I can't be bothered ringing as it will be too much hassle and the online system is still broke it seems :lol:

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