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Name The Teams You Want Humped Every Week This Season

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The mhankys and Aberdeen don't count

I'll start

Newcastle, I hate pardew and their fans

Cardiff , hope they get relegated

Leicester , trying to buy their way up and fuck you danns

West ham , absolute cunt of a board

Bursaspor , shove your £400k bids up your Turkish arse

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Bursaspor for the reason you mentioned, big spending my arse.

Man United, English seltic as far as i'm concerned.

Leicester for your reasons.

St Pauli, relegated bastards, mon the Hamburg

Man City, hate the way they fling money about, and before anyone comments back saying Chelsea do the same, i am well aware of this :sherlock:

St Mirren, they seem to have a boner for us at the moment, relegation this season please.

Aston Villa if they don't sell us Cuellar :craphead:

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Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, Partick Thistle, Dundee Utd, Real Madrid, Marseille, Feyenoord, Bayern Munich and whatever club Fergie's boy is managing.

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