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TBK have submitted their bid with Ticketus.

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I dunno who to support definately not that club 9 lot, have seriuos reservations over TBK, know sod all about singapore lot and as for kennedy I don't know where he's coming from with this I'll bid but only if nobody else will save the club. Who knows who is lurking in the shadows and their motives.

Just want someone that's good for Rangers whoever that may be.

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Still a bit wary of their involvement with Ticketus but as long as we avoid Liquidation then I'll be happy

I honestly dont think that Ticketus have done anything wrong in this whole thing, they were duped by Whyte as much everyone else was. Think they have acted with a fair amount of class and diginity in trying to get this situation resolved. On the other hand, it could be because as gunslinger puts it 'Murray has them over a barrel'. Either way I dont think it is that bad to have them on board, makes a CVA easier to achieve and gives us a little extra working capital.

Still think I would prefer Kennedy though. :uk::uk::uk:

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Arguably the biggest day in the club's history.

Kind of. Nothing will be decided today though. Pretty sure we'll be sitting here next week with the club still not in anybody elses hands. Have to say, think i'll only be glued to the media when there's actually any movement.

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