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Edu and Bartley racism case....


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From the BBC, cut and paste job with no link so they dont get the hits!

Former Rangers players Maurice Edu and Kyle Bartley have told a court they were "intimidated" and "shocked" after receiving racist tweets.

The players - who have since left the club - were sent the messages by Michael Convery on Twitter after a game against St Johnstone in Perth on 14 January, 2012.

Convery, from the Linthouse area of Glasgow, was found guilty of sending the racist remarks.

The players gave evidence at his trial.

Bartley, 22, told Glasgow Sherriff Court he found the messages "intimidating" and thought that "society had got over these sorts of comments".

US international Edu, 27, described feeling shocked on seeing the messages he had been sent.

Although none of the messages were read out in full in open court, it was heard that Bartley was sent a direct comment from Convery and mentioned in a second one and Edu was sent two direct comments.

The players saw the tweets while travelling home from the match on the team bus.

'So much hate'

Bartley said: "I actually re-tweeted the tweet. It allowed the public eye to see the comments, and I reported it to David Martin, who is head of security at Glasgow Rangers."

The court heard the word "monkey" was used. Bartley said it was "a comment he was used to".

Procurator fiscal depute Jonathan Kemp asked how he felt on receiving them and the witness said: "I just felt a little bit hurt and disappointed really.

"I thought it's 2012, I just thought society had got over these sorts of comments.

"Obviously I don't know Michael Convery, I didn't understand why he would have so much hate for me."

Bartley was asked about another racist comment which mentioned his name, but wasn't sent directly to him.

He said he found it "very insulting".

Blamed son

Edu said he was shocked and embarrassed when he saw the first message that was sent to him.

He told the court that later that day, after receiving another message, he was still shocked and said: "I think that time was when I re-tweeted".

The court heard that, in his police interview, Convery told officers he had been suffering from food poisoning and was drifting in and out of sleep in his house on the date of the offence.

He told the court he suspected his teenage son was to blame, although claimed he did not see any comments being posted.

But he accepted the messages came from his Blackberry phone and his Twitter account.

The court heard that there had been searches on Google, hours after the tweets were sent, for "How to delete Twitter".

Convery was branded an "unreliable" witness by Sheriff Valerie Johnston.

She deferred sentence until next month and continued bail.

Tell you what is curious. And that is, that it doesnt say in the report what team this Michael Convery supports. Can anyone think why? I mean if it had been a bear doing this to say, a celtc player then I am sure it would have been stated from the outset of the report.

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Blaming his son

Had the shits

No mention of his team

Then......provoked my plain clothed police officers

"Scottish fans arrested"

Some media we have here eh?

Take it the trams attacked them too and Dam square magically got wrecked by itself?

Liewell really has them in his pocket eh?

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Over the weekend the good name of our club and our support was dragged through the mud with a halfwit on Twitter sending racist abuse to Rangers players and a group of thugs on a train beating up a young lad. I’m happy to say that these incidents have been whole heartedly condemned by the Celtic Family on line. I say on line because these days that is were the hub of social chat takes place I dare say that many off line are equally disgusted by this behaviour.

In the case of the halfwit on Twitter there was a feeling that the account which had very few following or followed could have been the work of someone outside the Celtic family trying to tarnish the good name of the club and support. On further investigation it appears that Michael Convery, 41, from Govan, is according to an ex -girlfriend a Celtic fan albeit an “armchair” fan as his girlfriend describes him. In the grand scheme of things it should not matter who he supports or who he abuses the fact is that he is a piece of racist scum and these type of people should always be reported to the authorities.

5 seconds on google and you get that, bu bu bu but bbc refused to name his supported team i wonder why........hmm

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BBC are so corrupt and biased they are incapable of reporting anything free of septic bias. I will not take the moral high ground as racism is a sensitive issue that is addressed so wrong in this country. We seem obsessed with one form and yet totally disregard it various forms and so often muddy the waters by mis-labelling things racist when they are not.

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