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Laying Down The Law

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NICKY Law has revealed a face to face meeting with new Rangers manager Mark Warburton convinced him his future lies at Ibrox.


"From day one there was little things the manager changed – we are in earlier now, we have a hydration test in the morning, which the manager is big on and everybody has to be at a certain hydration level before they train".

Some of our previous players might of had a problems with this. There will be no boozing the night before training now. It looks like we are actually going to be professional this year. I wonder is Nandos is banned yet? :lol:

“It’s been a different type of training; it has been a lot of ball work which probably isn’t what a lot of the lads are used to". - I bet half of them didn't know what a ball was.

Everything about MW is impressing me at the moment.

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I have to say, everything MW has done so far has impressed me greatly, and I dont think thats just because we're receiving a coach with some actual proficiency. Seems quite cutting edge with some of his ideas.

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I'd imagine the training methods are a world away from what the players used to. A wake up call for some.

To think the state we'd be in if King and T3B never put Lliambias out on his arse, the gormless McDowell would still be seeing out his contract.

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About time someone got the players into the modern style of training and diet.

Nice to hear more good things coming out of the training grounds at Auchenhowie, and it bodes well for the future.

Triple training sessions! .......... whatever next? ............ hopefully a Big Blue Machine in the making.


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Fair play to Warburton but in all honesty he is only doing the same as most modern football managers.

We would be in a much different place if someone like him had been appointed 3 seasons ago.

The harm that McCoist has done to our club should never be forgiven or forgotten, especially as he continues to take more than he ever put in as a manager.

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I think he was probably talking about the pre-season stuff which is normally minimal ball work, no matter what level you're at.

Opinion on your part, having seen pics of any training we did you rarely saw a football. There must be fitness work in there as well, MW's team was one if the fittest in the championship.
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