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Warburton charge after Sheep game

Capital Blu

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Mark Warburton issued with notice of complaint

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Alleged Party in Breach: Mark Warburton (Manager, Rangers FC)

Match: Aberdeen v Rangers (SPFL Premiership) – Sunday, 25th September 2016

Disciplinary Rule allegedly breached:

Disciplinary Rule 203: In that immediately following the conclusion of the above match you did commit misconduct in that you entered the field of play and repeatedly used offensive, abusing and insulting language towards match officials.

Fixed suspension offered: Yes – one match

Principal hearing date: Thursday, 13th October 2016

Mr Warburton has until Monday, 3rd October to respond to the complaint.

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No real surprise, that an incompetent employee of the sfa would object to being told some home truths and run like a wee waine to get the Big Bad Rangers manager banned..

It would be Warburtons right to fight this every step of the way..I suspect he will take the 1 match ban and the Club will take another piece of sfa bullshit up the arse..  

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2 minutes ago, ritchieshearercaldow said:

Taking the piss here, I don't like too say Whatabout but Whatabout.

Swearing FFS, don't the players fuckin swear ?

Would it have been OK if he'd wait till the ref came off the park ?


I said it earlier on in another thread mate, we're being kicked whilst we're down and it's not going to stop anytime soon

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How the fuck are referees getting away with having no repercussions for their actions? 

Everyone in the business should be criticised, the only ones that are unable to be given any form of criticism is the referees who have a massive say in how a game pans out. 

Getting in trouble for rightfully calling someone out on doing a bad job is stupid and backwards. 

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Just now, Capital Blu said:

I can't see the club fighting the case TBH, so I'd expect a statement saying that they reluctantly accept the one match ban, while highlighting the referee's incompetence.

If you had stopped after "ban", I would have agreed with you 100%.

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26 minutes ago, Tak3rNo1 said:

Can they give the ref one for being shit at his job?

This. Seems they get away with shite decisions time and again. The same ref went to the Celtic dressing room and apologised after giving hearts a "dodgy" penalty. I'll bet he's not sorry after the joke of a decision which made warburton so angry. 

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