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Tiger Woods


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13 minutes ago, JamieD said:

I find it hilarious that he has fucked himself up thinking he needs to be built like a cruiserweight boxer to play golf and this guy has won a major more recently than him.


:lol:that bellend can only dream of winning and doing what tiger did and same as the rest of them nowadays


personally he won't get back to what he was but imagine a last day major with him day,speith(sp)Mcilroy and dustin:crywank:

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57 minutes ago, bigsasasfloopyhair said:

An 85% fit tiger will still compete.

Hope he comes back strong. 

His private life deffo affected his game,the game needs tiger woods whether he'll get back to his best is a different matter


the guy was top drawer 

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1 hour ago, cumnockbear said:

He's withdrew from this weeks open, says his game is vulnerable and no where near where it should be.

Hopefully it's form rather than fitness that's delaying his comeback. 

Needs to get back to pumping everything that moves and playing regularly. 

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Naw he isn't, never come from behind to win a major, never won as many as Jack,  I could go on.


Wonderful golfer yes, greatest no.

Tiger broke many records scoring-wise, there not many times did his shrinking Violet peers actually challenge him head on. 

What did do was turn golfers into athletes.

Greatest front runner of all time, I'll say that about him.

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