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Another kid bottled

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5 minutes ago, sandyinroyalblue said:

First and foremost I hope the wee guy is ok secondly I hope Sturgeon's stormtroopers actually do their job this time and catch the fucking rodent that done it.

I also hope I win the euro millions without buying a ticket and my work just tells me to stay home every day and they will keep paying me. I also hope the finance company says keep the car and you don't have to make any more payments and all my debts get wiped out by the goodness of all the cunts I owe money to's hearts. I also hope there is a repeat of 1690 and fenian scum get removed from this planet, but lets face it, it's never going to happen.

We all live in hope, but lets face it, it's actions that make a difference. Police Scotland are incapable and we are happy to just moan about shit. Bottom line, nothing is going to change.

Hope the wee Bear is OK.

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24 minutes ago, bigsasasfloopyhair said:

Daily record running a story that an 11 year old rangers fan has been bottled just before the game whilst walking down aitkenhead road.

Still hunting for the cunt who done this two years ago, what chance we got!!!

Fucking Scum. 

Unless he has written his name and address on the label along with a dna sample probably not a lot.

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21 minutes ago, Sparkle said:

Poor wee guy - hope he is ok!

Absolute scum, all the greetin about some toilets and now this has happened twice ?

Did you know man city done their toilets over too? 


Thought not,press seem to have missed that somehow........


Hope the wee Bear is ok,no need for that kind of thing,sickening stuff 

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Why we even tolerate their terrorist chanting, religious slurs and violence in this country is a mystery.

The police should be carting them away in their THOUSANDS.

Practically all of them should be facing treason charges.

It is time for Celtic, Hibs and any club modelled on them to be closed down.

There is no place for bigotry in this country.

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