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6 minutes ago, WadeWilson said:

They really do employ some strange people as managers.

I'm also sure Delia contacted them personally to open his heart about that tragic semi final.

Craig Swan is another who licks the arse of Liewell.

Tom Boyd was at it as well about referees yesterday in the sun.

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These cunts are the lowest of the low. They'll do anything they can to try and influence a game.

A despicable club, with an inbuilt victim culture, who've been lying, cheating, crawling, and backstabbing their way to the top.

They're always trying to take the moral high ground, with their whataboutery shite. They're never defeated, and always cheated mentality has got them this far.


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Don't buy/read/quote from the paper, it keeps it going, and has long since been rendered irrelevant to most.

Best ignored.

In 2009 the circulation was around 360,000 it is now according to reports hovering around 150,000.

That is some hit which tells it's own story.

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Some Managers come out with these things quite often regarding their club . Most times it's rubbished by the media and is laughed off . But at Celtic their is variety of managers past and present , players and anyone with any connection to the club who are wheeled out to toe the party line at anytime leading up to an important game . It's both hilarious and worrying . 

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Celtic played, management and staff will always follow the party line, do we really expect them to come out and be honest and open? 

At this stage last year we out played, out fought and out thought them and the reality of how fragile their grasp on Scottish football is.  Warburtons biggest mistakes was that he bought into that one victory and didn't adapt. Pedro, in the short time he's been here, has shown that he is capable of changing things up when it's needed. 

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