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Bet you get tears in your eyes watching this!


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Brilliant , saturday was great for that , the section the ub were in was full of young kids singing their hearts out and having that love for the club engrained in them , contrast that to the away section that was full of obsessed , hateful tarriers that are taught hate from cradle to grave 

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1 hour ago, pollok-bear said:

I always worried that young yins now might not be as passionate as we all have growing up to be but seen things like this makes me proud. Well done to the wee mans family for bringing this wee man up proper.

Also folk complain a lot about the UBs, but the young ones love that shit and it definitely attracts the younger crowd to the games 

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Absolutely fantastic! What a day that must have been for that wee fella. Knowing he was getting taken to Ibrox, donning his scarf, and I must say, a very impressive tammy.  Then his team win, he joins in all the songs, and he does a brilliant bouncey!              And then he is a star on social media! Well done to his folks, yer wee bear is staunch.   😀

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