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New Champions stickers

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Bought 2 packets to decorate the tarrier drinking holes in the Inverclyde district, of which there are a few.

Know the boys selling these and they’re doing to fund an absolutely massive banner.    Better this than gofundme’s.    Keep having digs at cunts though.

I'm an old man, I have already got a 55 T-shirt (bought it 4 years ago) and going to get some of these stickers, this is way way above being childish this is going to be epic!

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1 hour ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

Really hope the Championship t shirts have "Can you see us now?" 

Been wondering myself what they will look like. 

I thought two hands up showing 10 fingers for 55, obv a dig at what they’ve been doing for 8 years. 

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Not spent anything on extra stuff, would obviously be different if I lived in Glasgow. Can't really wind up the neighbours I know when they don't care and support Man Utd, Chelsea and Fulham. They all know who I support and chat about our season but I am not buying fireworks etc to celebrate. May have a few more beers butūüćļ

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