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Rangers extend Cadbury deal

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9 hours ago, BlueVanguard said:

Great news for the club and hope Cadbury give more deserving fan an experience of a dream match Day.

Great video and know the two boys very well.

Chris the boy who was nominated actually helped me out a lot. I was lost and sad and was stuck in a rut and questioned myself as a father and a person. Truth was I just never wanted to be here anymore but I messaged Chris @ Man On Inverclyde and knowing Chris Personally also he invited me along to play football on Monday nights with other boys in simular situations to myself from all different backgrounds and that couple of month at football helped me so much until the old arthritis kicked in and fucked me :lol: Big Well done to Chris on the nomination he is a great lad and to Wullie for putting him forward.


Great story and well deserved, thanks for sharing

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3 hours ago, RockwellGers said:

This will boost the coffers, good to see we're not afreddo a good deal. Not sure what it's worth exactly but I heard a wispa that it's definitely not buttons. Someone has clearly taken time out speak to them and extend the deal, they didn't flake out or fudge it, and as I understand clinching these deals is certainly no picnic. 

Right that'll do me

Lol was coming on to do the same 👍

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9 minutes ago, BlueVanguard said:

Just getting flashbacks of the episode of Still Game when the wee scheme maw goes into navids because her wee boy had diarrhea from a family bag of revels :lol:

What was it in the end £8 quid for a cardboard sleeve on a pack of Dairy Milk? :lol: 

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1 hour ago, McEwan's Lager said:

What was it in the end £8 quid for a cardboard sleeve on a pack of Dairy Milk? :lol: 

Aye 😂 My mate from London sent me up a box of the Chelsea sleeve ones also. Exact same bar but a different club logo on it, Fly bastards we want the Rangers logo on the choclate also :lol:

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