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  1. Will that be in Venus days or Earth Days?
  2. Tell the missus next time not to be so Scilly.
  3. Chris Sutton and John Hartson.....both extremely professional with little bias or bitterness in their voices.
  4. Maybe I was at a different game? Yes he slipped up with a pass that led to their goal. However he covered every blade of grass, put himself about and terrific tackle in 2nd half to stop a breakaway.Happy with Joey and will get better in the coming weeks.
  5. The fact someone called Kevin liked it is just as weird!
  7. Maybe he should consider Athletics as with his stamina he might carve out a new career.
  8. Same with Andy Murdoch....where is he these days? Still at the club or let go?
  9. These 3 wee League Cup games we have played at home have brought in around 86K in total attendances that equates to > £1M revenues when catering is accounted for.Games not on ST so good for the fans to turn up in great numbers.
  10. Actually, when big Stubbsy quit she left too........ 😁
  11. Remember something about him getting called personally by the Emperor of the East about 3 years ago as he wasn't aligned with New Order and it's workings.Wanted him onside with the inner circle of trust.
  12. ? Mean you what
  13. Stealth....I work in hotel hospitality at a certain Glasgow hotel and recieve commissions😁
  14. Dad was Henry Templeton who played for Ayr United. He was Rangers daft thus the David Cooper part. Dad and mother split up and her side of the family took young David to the other side.
  15. Maybe I missed it but have Robbie Crawford and Andy Murdoch both been released this summer?