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  1. Our club statement is needed so as to get it out there as you can be sure the DR would be hiding it in a personal letter or buried in tiny column were most readers would not find it. Hard to blame the club unless trying to find fault. The DR and it's seemingly unprofessional journalist are to blame.
  2. GOLD medal!! Well done and deserved Gio from a fellow bear!
  3. Players at each others throats, tut tut! The 9IAR team had a few internal scrapes if I remember.Didn't someone rattle Gazza one day for acting the tosser? Happens all the time.
  4. In a parallel universe?
  5. Correct.Sutton after 50 seconds was offside.Rod Wallace on stroke of halftime had a legitimate goal chalked off for offside.
  6. Great cause.Not a criticism,however surely the club could back this request with the relative small amount of finance needed especially if representatives of the club will be attending an unveiling.Not simply left to ordinary supporters.
  7. I am in North Cyprus this week but by golly I will be in a local boozer getting tanked.Then the old Sonos in the apartment will be getting ramped up with FollowFollow etc.... I will be competing with that local mosque blaring out at 5am!!!
  8. Jim McDonald is ex-British Army.Plus in real life he drinks in the Shankill RSC. Seen a documentary a couple of year back on him.
  9. Remember that well. What sticks in my mind was the new 'denied a clear goal scoring chance' rule aka last man rule came into being that season. Tommy Coyne clean through on Goram at the Rangers end and Peter Huistra of all people cleaned him out. As always ,neutral ref Jim McLuskey (RIP) saw fit for a yellow card! Sensible refereeing in those days 😁
  10. Will that be in Venus days or Earth Days?
  11. Tell the missus next time not to be so Scilly.
  12. Chris Sutton and John Hartson.....both extremely professional with little bias or bitterness in their voices.
  13. Maybe I was at a different game? Yes he slipped up with a pass that led to their goal. However he covered every blade of grass, put himself about and terrific tackle in 2nd half to stop a breakaway.Happy with Joey and will get better in the coming weeks.
  14. The fact someone called Kevin liked it is just as weird!