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  1. Boss Dismisses Everton Link

    He will go back south someday. No doubts. However I need to take the man at his world when he said he wouldn't have talked players into coming to Rangers if he was not going to be around. He ain't a pauper so me thinks that right now the money is not the be all and end all for him. He wants to win the league from CFC, get a crack at CL football and then he can head off with my blessing. He is less than 1 year into his project of changing the football philosophy and style at Rangers.In MW I trust!
  2. David Cooper Templeton.Been with us the full 4 year journey.Gave up a career injured in the premier league for a lower league status career injured at Rangers.
  3. Gerry mcculloch

    Was nicknamed Ibrox Park at the time when he did match commentatory with wee Jimmy Sanderson.Also sure there was a Fruedian slip when during onecommentary he said "we've scored, eh.. Rangers have scored " vs Aberdeen at Pittodrue in 1-1 draw to clinch title in Souness' first season. Also Dougie Donnely played the Clyde Fanlike Big Archie played the Airdrie fan .....😄
  4. Gerry mcculloch

    he's a pianist (did I spell that correctly)? Admits it himself on the show. Plays the "St Mirren my hometown team"angle but the comments and doing the Celtic TV stint baresall.
  5. Peterhead boss looking to make history

    Nothing wrong with that.Talking his team up and trying to instill a belief in them.Its their biggest day ever so we need to be matching their desire. He is right about it being embarrassing for us if you look back at the RR final and the Alloa capitulation.
  6. Ex players congratulate the champs

    Yes.Heard him talk about it before.
  7. Livingston Twitter account And to think a Livi poll in their first couple of years found that 62% of their new fanbase were Rangers fans who couldn't or didn't travel to Ibrox.
  8. Was it a fix?

    So Easyjet or Ryanair are in on it too? What about the New World Order and Opus Dei?
  9. Thanks. Just noticed I hadn't scrolled down on the menu!!! Duh! Got it on Sportsmania. Cheers
  10. subscribed to Sportsmania . WTF is it on there? Can't find a Rangers TV stream on Sportamania.Anyone help?
  11. Man City? Isn't the Emperor's of The East son working there and assisting in getting all these recent Man City players to CP? Would be earth wedon't get a dud sent our way!
  12. Show Racism the Red Card ft McKay and Hately

    Are you not thinking of Michael Watt , when we beat them 2-0 at Ibrix on the final day to take the title in 1991?
  13. Lafferty

    Maybe moving in besides Peter Lovenkrands.
  14. Lafferty

    Eh no. We have moved on from players like that. No more pension pay days. He played the last 5games of each season. Little else from him in his time at the club. You see Kyle ,guys like you and Naismith played AT Rangers. Real men like Lee Wallace play(ed) FOR Rangers.Ask not what your club can do for you but what you can do for your club! You were founding wanting on that and it has not been forgotten. You can pay to get in like the rest of us.
  15. How many season tickets have we sold this season?

    Broomloan and Copland stands now hold around 8,100 each due to seating configuration change from original design 36 years ago when they did hold 7,500. Family section in BR gives you one adult ticket for one of the two old firmleague games each season.Not sure if it is the same for the BF. We did sell around 42,500 one season.