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  1. Kenny McCaskill, hivee through and through.

    Was he the one arrested at Wembly years ago?
  2. Scotland Tonight STV Now

    He is a spin doctor himself and did work for better together and the Labour Party in the past.Thus the reason why he mentions JT and spin. Takes one to know one...
  3. Goodbye

    Rangers should come out against reconstruction and state it is because they listened to their fans! Sound familiar?
  4. Rangers FC statement

    Boom! We are back and fecking gunning for the bigots and haters! Well done RFC!
  5. manthebheatscanttame

    I am lost following the cryptic messages.So is it an ex-Rangers Directior and the politician are one and the same? Is the accusation being they played a part in the RTC blog?
  6. Spot on.Won't forget his comments in his book about the club and Super Cooper! King Richard,his eventual replacement, was superior in my view.
  7. Danny Ings

    Feck the ballot. I am on Skyscanner just now checking flights for Stockholm in a year.
  8. Yaaaaaaaassssssssss

    It's in Big Frank's report! Ps. Stubbs aftermatch comments "At least we never sold Scott Allan to Rangers" 😃
  9. Ashleys deal

    Does it matter if it is via MASH as an shareholder as opposed to MA himself directly owning shares. Didn't SD sponsor Oldham's new stand and that allowed the club to build it as the naming rights covered the cost? Seems there are ways and means to invest in clubs to enable MA circumnavigating the regulations.
  10. US Tour - RFC v Charleston Battery

    This has the potential to be a highly charged match.
  11. Great article about us on the bbc website

    Think it was this guy Remember him put clean through at 0-0 and missed. I was in the CRF. Cracking perfect day. Sure Bomber was scurrying around with an Achilles injury, breaking the pain barrier and our left back Tam Cowan played on with a fractured or broken leg as we had no more subs. Watt in goal was terrorised by big Hateley and Mark Walters showed why he was the best two footed player I have seen by launching a terrific cross in with his left leg for Big H to batter home with the head! 😄
  12. Boss Dismisses Everton Link

    He will go back south someday. No doubts. However I need to take the man at his world when he said he wouldn't have talked players into coming to Rangers if he was not going to be around. He ain't a pauper so me thinks that right now the money is not the be all and end all for him. He wants to win the league from CFC, get a crack at CL football and then he can head off with my blessing. He is less than 1 year into his project of changing the football philosophy and style at Rangers.In MW I trust!
  13. David Cooper Templeton.Been with us the full 4 year journey.Gave up a career injured in the premier league for a lower league status career injured at Rangers.
  14. Gerry mcculloch

    Was nicknamed Ibrox Park at the time when he did match commentatory with wee Jimmy Sanderson. Also sure there was a Fruedian slip when during one commentary he said "we've scored, eh.. Rangers have scored " vs Aberdeen at Pittodrue in 1-1 draw to clinch title in Souness' first season. Also Dougie Donnely played the Clyde Fan like Big Archie played the Airdrie fan .....😄