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  1. Correct. The Ulster Scots or Scots Irish , whatever takes your fancy were the first influx and predominantly protestant.So many Americans are ignorant that when they claim Irish ancestry that many are through the first wave and not the second one a hundred years later due to the famine.It has been estimated that the Scots diaspora is actually nearer 25 million in the US rather than 4 to 8 million due to many not correctly identifying their roots.Masons and Presbyterians set up and ran America in those days.All the Ivy League universities where Protestant (Princeton,Harvard,Yale etc..).The southern states became a mini-clan world bringing the fiddle music and community feel ie. Deliverance 😁
  2. Or Chicago or New York City.....
  3. It should not be forgotten either that day that they had 2 penalties awarded at Rugby Park,missing one.Also Killie at least 3 ex-CFC players playing that day. Watch how easily CS loses Stevie Baggio Fulton at the first or 2nd goal. You would have thought Baggio wasn't trying!! On top of them returning from a heat and energy sapping mid-week 120 minutes UEFA Cup Final loss and all the disappointment that goes with it. Plus several Killie players where in Seville cheering their hooped heroes on....and CS forgot all that?
  4. PL and CFC staff = good tax management Murray Group including RFC = big bad tax evaders That will be the eventual quelling of the story.Similar to the alleged land deals. Ps. Big Bobo.Balde signed around that time a confidentiality clause before he got his pay off from CFC after his fallout. Always wondered what was behind that.......
  5. 19 is from the video posted online of the away toilets being trashed, so is a bear.
  6. Good reflection on the club and the Rangers Charity Foundation. Connal Cochrane seems a tremendous asset to our Club and RCF.Well done to everyone.
  7. I use the 6 monthly subscription and upgraded my broadband to Virgin Media 200mps to get best link.Must add I am parked up at Ibrox just now so still pay my way with a ST😁
  8. Incredible that Hibs and Hearts have HD versions and RTV is still on SD.
  9. Our club statement is needed so as to get it out there as you can be sure the DR would be hiding it in a personal letter or buried in tiny column were most readers would not find it. Hard to blame the club unless trying to find fault. The DR and it's seemingly unprofessional journalist are to blame.
  10. Well done 'Gio' Reid! Just claimed Gold Medal at the Paralympics.
  11. GOLD medal!! Well done and deserved Gio from a fellow bear!
  12. Reverse scoreline from this week.Only fair to record it as 7-0 for Ra Sellick and for Sporting Integrity reasons obviously.
  13. Players at each others throats, tut tut! The 9IAR team had a few internal scrapes if I remember.Didn't someone rattle Gazza one day for acting the tosser? Happens all the time.
  14. Pen miss at 1-0 changed the game.