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  1. Needless pressure now put on the game v the scum, can`t afford to lose that
  2. Controversial but could a midfield and front 3 work with: Forrester Rossiter Barton Kranjcar Garner McKay I don't for one second think Kranjcar is a winger but that would allow him more of a free role to come central and unlock defences whilst Forrester and Tavernier could run beyond to create the width and fulfill the defensive duties which I don't really trust under Kranjcar.
  3. Would take any win but would be hilarious to beat them by more than the tims
  4. Really dissapointed tbh, more so in the fact our alternatives don't look great but there's nothing we can do about it if he failed a medical and the club has acted sensibly.
  5. Fuck sake Senderos it is
  6. Allegedly turned us down for family reasons
  7. Should have just sat on the table next to them and eavesdropped
  8. What a fucking signing if true!
  9. In a similar situation for Hearts on 10th December, really frustrating how late they announce changes.
  10. Much better performance but this game should be dead, everytime we concede a corner I fear the worst.
  11. I didn't like that kit at first but absolutely love it now it's grown on me
  12. The guys also very physical and will wind up defenders, exactly the kind you want in your team but loathe when he's against you.
  13. Garner is a signing of very similar ilk to Bradshaw and Grigg apart from age, in fact I think his record in league 1 the season before last was better than both of them.
  14. I would be pretty chuffed with Garner tbh, especially considering the alternatives that have been rumoured so far.
  15. Stubbs finally gets his ball back