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  1. Yeah might phone them, will need to be at the stadium pretty early to be on the safe side otherwise
  2. Think when I booked mine I accidently clicked to collect them, going to be an absolute nightmare at the ticket office that day
  3. Could he adapt though?
  4. Don't get why we have a light blue goalie kit for home games
  5. Has there been any word if Crooks might get a runout v Burnley or is that too early?
  6. Foderingham Tavernier Kiernan Wilson Wallace Holt Barton Kranjcar Waghorn Dodoo McKay
  7. Foderingham Tavernier Kiernan Wilson Wallace Holt Barton Forrester O'Halloran Miller McKay
  8. Honestly think Barrie could be a £10mil player the way he's improving.
  9. Booked mine for Club deck, can't wait!
  10. I think he's really underrated among our supporters
  11. Looking at the training pics there may be a decent chance of Barton and Kranjcar being involved in some capacity.
  12. Quite good that when he joins us he'll already be up to date with fitness and with a few matches under his belt here he should find the transition into our team pretty easy for August at the very latest.
  13. To be honest I saw it on Twitter but looks like they've already taken the article down now
  14. HITC linking us with Joel Ekstrand claiming Leeds have dropped interest with injury concerns.