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  1. These last 5 years or so have been fucking brutal
  2. How do Sinclair and Dembele win every free kick like that, slight touch and they leap in the air, think they won v Astana winning a penalty like that too.
  3. Actually I could also do Costa and Ibra for Aguero and Slimani but can`t make a decent judgement about Slimani just yet.
  4. Trying to find a way to get Aguero in my team after this coming weekend, I currently have Ibra, Costa and Sanchez, would swapping those three for Aguero, Lukaku and Hazard be a good idea?
  5. I`d like to see: Fod Tavernier Wilson Hill Hodson Crooks Halliday Windass Kranjcar Forrester Garner I know Crooks hasn`t had much game time but think we need another holding midfielder in the team and Rossiter and Barton are out. Kranjcar, love him or loathe him, is by far and away the best passer of the ball in scottish football and the most intelligent with his vision. He`s not effective in a 3 man midfield as it puts too much defensive responsibility on him and he just can`t track back and defend anyway, he`s slow and looks lazy at times but I think we should just leave him up the pitch near Garner (or whoever the striker is) as Forrester and Windass have shown they`re prepared to put a shift in defensively.
  6. early wildcard has worked a treat for me so far
  7. They are the scrappy-doo of Scottish football. Fucking cringeworthy cunts.
  8. I hope to fuck we score whilst they`re doing it
  9. Seriously fucking hope Windass` injury is nothing serious and just a precaution, would much rather him miss this and be fit for Aberdeen than risk anything.
  10. If O`Halloran really is out left I think that`s a good idea as he and Tavernier just don`t seem to get on well.
  11. Think he said he`d consider tweaking the formation so albeit unlikely I`d like to see this: Foderingham Tavernier Wilson Hill Wallace Crooks Halliday (Rossiter if not injured) Windass Holt Forrester Garner
  12. Ah that`s right, was just thinking even when we`ve played poorly you can almost guarantee we`ll score which surprised me yesterday.
  13. Just thinking, was that the first game under Warburton we`ve failed to score in?
  14. Apart from Hill and Halliday I would say that`s our strongest lineup. First game back for him but quite a bit of pressure on Jason Holt, was outstanding last year until his form dipped after injury, at his best he`s possibly our best midfielder but if he has a slow start then competition might leave him out of favour.
  15. He called Warburton the Warbinator. Sickening.