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  1. A world famous atmosphere eh, leaving before 90mins, guess the media won't cream themselves over this
  2. Are the Gladbach fans taking the piss with that can't get enough song?
  3. Toure fucking scored it as well I think, fucking brutal!
  4. Can see him getting a job back up here, probably at Dundee or someone
  5. Kiernan and Hill it is then
  6. Part of me would love to see that but part of me wants to see us wipe that smug wanker look off his face, can`t stand the cunt and I`ve never even heard him speak
  7. If we do lose this, I have to admit I will be fearful of us failing to win any of the OF`s this season. Despite that I`m pretty confident this will be a close game and for fuck sake can we not concede from a corner again.
  8. Yeah he`s well past the point of no return now, hopefully gets resolved soon.
  9. Not exactly earth-shattering news but he`s changed his picture on twitter from him holding the rangers shirt to his old one before he came, think ties between him and the club are completely severed now in all but paperwork, hopefully there`s movement on terminating his contract soon to put this all behind us.
  10. Worth a go Thinking of buying a season ticket next year even if I can only make 5/6 matches just to go to an OF, fucking brutal.
  11. Not really expecting it but just out of interest what are the chances for a non-season ticket holder to get a ticket for the hogmany game at ibrox?
  12. Just seen this is on BT, is it one BBC Scotland too? If not do BT have an equivalent to the Sky sports day pass on Nowtv?
  13. Foderingham Tavernier Wilson Hill Wallace Holt Halliday Kranjcar Windass Waghorn McKay