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  1. Cause Tav has been far better than Wallace this season.
  2. I highly doubt that. He seemed very excited when he first joined and had a great attitude. He just needs time to settle, he's still just a young lad and been unlucky with injuries.
  3. Deserving of any cunts 100th.
  4. Have to wonder if Halliday would even be interested in getting called up. An honour for most players but I wonder what his opinion would be.
  5. who comes up with these shit ideas?
  6. Chamberlain doesn't touch it so not offside but if the shot doesn't hit Koscielny's arm it goes well over so you have to give it. Gutting for Burnley, played their hearts out. Hope they stay up this time, didn't deserve to go down their previous two attempts imo.
  7. How harsh is that for Burnley? Surely that's either a hand ball or offside?
  8. Would be unfair to drop Halliday but Rossiter needs games. He has the potential to be something special but it's not going to happen if he's sitting on the bench.
  9. Your Tim pal was right but why was he so intrigued by us against Queen of the South? Will I fuck be watching them against Alloa the night.
  10. No danger of us dropping points the night.
  11. Probably just get another transfer ban. Cause that worked out so well last time.
  12. I was sitting in GF1. To suggest it was a coincidence is insulting.
  13. Not gonna lie, might be the bevy, might not, I thoyght he was decent.
  14. With the absolute worst patter of all time. Grass