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  1. About our midfield

    Shame he'll miss the celtic game.
  2. *****Official Raith Rovers v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Healthy looking bench.
  3. Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    Fuck off   Every time he gets a touch we better sing King Billy's on the ball.
  4. Shoot: Which players should get new deals?

    Law only one deserving.
  5. Oduwa

    Maybe he can go disrespect the Premier League. Efforts appreciated, but booted out of this league for being too talented.
  6. Just Watching Our Main "rivals"

    I'm having trouble telling who plays for who? Having to look at their sleeves
  7. Nicky Law: I’D Love To Stay

    He deserves it based on this season. Could be a decent squad player even when we're back on top imo.
  8. They Made Me Feel Like A King

    Heartbreaking, yet touching to see all those stars pay tribute to a true legend. Keep fighting Fernando, the whole footballing world loves you
  9. Jakeball Killie Fan Shares His Thoughts About The Draw

    No comment on the: "...and I'm glad we've got ees away cause we're shite at hame the noo" part? Made me laugh.
  10. Mo Dembroke

    Hope we get this WAN.
  11. Some Dodgy Song Choices Yesterday?

    He's cringey as all hell and his column is just the ramblings of a wingey old todger who has to lie to get some attention.
  12. They are aye. Pitch invasion after beating the mighty Airdrie 1-0 yesterday
  13. Barnsley Close In On Rangers Striker...

    Hardie is more than capable of being Clark's replacement as 3Rd choice.
  14. Nicky Clark

    He'll rightfully be moved on next season when we go up. Got the attitude just not the ability.