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  1. lee erwin

    Lee Erwin Aye, OK. Same cunt that hasn't scored since leaving Motherwell? Jason Cummings isn't half the prick and twice the player and I don't want us to go near him. What does that tell you aboutthis diddy?
  2. New strips in more detail

    Only really a fan of the home one. It's a fucking belter though
  3. League Cup group section

    You've just made my day, how had I not heard of this before?
  4. One of last season's many highlights

    Top lad. We had been missing this for years. Despite all the new signings he was a breath of fresh air and I'm gutted it didn't quite work out for him.
  5. Tavernier.

    This place has been crawling lately.
  6. Kenny Miller

    If there was ever a player that didn't get the credit he deserved. Aged is only a number.
  7. Subbing Zelalem for Shiels

    was a bit edgy with his name on the team sheet but can go back to Arsenal with his head held high. Not everyone's cup of tea but done his job.
  8. Happy With This Seasons Achievements?

    doesn't get enough credit for his efforts this season.
  9. Would rather have lost to the tarriers

    We missed out on a treble. To say it's ruined the whole season is jumping the gun. It's fucking shit, but put ourselves in our situation 12 months ago getting battered by Motherwell and you'd have taken this. Probably going to get ridiculed for making the most out a bad situation but we can end today with our heads held high and look forward to a summer of transfer activity and a title challenge next year.
  10. Surely Hivs must have trophy taken away

    Get a grip. Trophys are won on the pitch and we were second best.
  11. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    What the actual fuck is Tav playing at the day?!
  12. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Not caught it Amy sweeter? Fuck up? Naw mind his first game against Hibs?
  13. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Bizarre sub imo. Zelalem has been decent.