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  1. Olic
  2. Which was exactly my point, no...?
  3. My god Really shows how far we have come in such a short space of time when that wouldn't be a million miles away from our best XI not long ago.
  4. That Leicester forum is full of hateful wee neds. I can remembr when they were linked with Jelavic and the absolute pish they were saying about us. Can't really bring up threads so old though. There's one on here with the majority hoping we wouldn't "waste" £1mil on Vardy.
  5. If he goes on to have a fantastic season at least we wouldn't lose him for nothing.
  6. He's been offered a new deal no? Like I said I wouldn't be keen on a loan deal. If rejects them, fair enough. Article also states he played for Burnley which is bull shit. Daily Mail for ya.
  7. Literally says in the 3rd line he's expected to sign a new contract.
  8. Not keen on a loan deal.
  9. Blackburn want 6Mil for Hanley with Newcastle interested
  10. Wonder if he'll stop being linked with every job in England now?
  11. Then followed it up as Championship top scorer didn't he?
  12. Off top of my head Jelavic and Cuellar, but you're right, was a lot harder to think than I'd have hoped.
  13. Doubt both Hill and Wilson will start. Warburton always plays a left footer and a right footer as his CB pairing does he not?
  14. Whit?
  15. That is literally amongst the worst patter I have ever heard