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  1. Would be unfair to drop Halliday but Rossiter needs games. He has the potential to be something special but it's not going to happen if he's sitting on the bench.
  2. Your Tim pal was right but why was he so intrigued by us against Queen of the South? Will I fuck be watching them against Alloa the night.
  3. No danger of us dropping points the night.
  4. I was sitting in GF1. To suggest it was a coincidence is insulting.
  5. Not gonna lie, might be the bevy, might not, I thoyght he was decent.
  6. With the absolute worst patter of all time. Grass
  7. We pretty much play a 4-2-3-1 anyway.
  8. In what way is Barton at risk of being sent off? His booking tonight was bull shit and he hasn't been sent off in well over a year.
  9. Joey Barton?
  10. Because we play football on social media?
  11. Not as bad as Joe Millers. Full celtic XI stating "Not one of our players are good enough for their team." Stick that up on the dressing room wall in September
  12. Is that what the Sevilla calculator reads?
  13. Wes without a doubt. Gilks is a good backup but we have to look to the future and Wes has the potential to be a great keeper imo. Gilks has also played onlu a handful of times in the past few years. I'd be surprised if he was brought in as anything other than backup, but hopefully he does push Wes to step up his game.
  14. Olic