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  1. Just saying what everyone with half a brain cell already knew.
  2. New Home Kit Apparently Leaked

    Puma could do a lot worse tbf.
  3. Daniel Bentley

    Not gonna lie, actually never heard of him.
  4. Jason Cummings

    We should be looking to improve the squad and I don't think he'd do that. We need competition for Waghorn, not someone to sit on the bench. No from me, before considering his cuntishness.
  5. Signing of the season

    Eventually went for Holt for his price tag.
  6. Will winning the Scottish Cup top yesterday?

    Yesterday was probably the best I've felt as a Rangers fan in years so I'm gonna say no.
  7. Liam Burt

    Imagine we gave Ness a 10 year deal. He'd still have 5 years left and cost us an absolute fortune in wages and medical bills...
  8. The Other Semi

    How "exciting."
  9. The Other Semi

  10. The Other Semi

    Ahaha who the fuck is he? Looks like a 47 year old alky.
  11. The Other Semi

    Literally just put this on for penalties.
  12. Who would you want in the final?

    I'd absolutely love to give DU a doing on their way down as we return to the top. Would be the cherry on the icing on the cake kinda thing. First things first though...
  13. Collins & Delilah

    Cause they've been fan fucking tactic lately.
  14. When do we actually celebrate title success

    When it's mathematically impossible for Falkirk to catch us.
  15. Gostomski Offski

    I guess you'd have to have something in your locker to be first choice for Lech Poznan. Fair enough they're not Real Madrid, but pretty sure they won the league last season he was there. Have no doubt he could have been something, Warburton has yet to make any other bad signings, but I assume culture change would have had a lot to do with it.