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  1. Proud to have him as our captain.
  2. McCrorie will never get to the level of Davis or Kamara on the ball. I would bet we have better midfielders coming through the youth system.
  3. Fuss over McCrorie is way over the top. Limited player.
  4. He was a hibs fan growing up, think he has family who supports Rangers though.
  5. Hibs with an American businessman takeover. Could be interesting.
  6. A winnable game, any of the bottom six. Dropping points last season and playing catch up from the first round of fixtures wasn't ideal.
  7. Tiger or Speith for me. Kuchar top 10. Iron play a premium out there.
  8. Would be gutted to lose Tav, one of those players who I used to critise regularly when he first arrived to season by season become one of my favourite players at the club. He's also one of if not the best players at the club losing a player like him would be a great loss.
  9. Been playing for years, just never joined a club due to work. Reckon it'll move up a bit, it's right on my limit of ability... Around 10 would be more suited but I'll bash away at it.
  10. Just got my first official handicap the other day there, playing off 8.
  11. Aslong as we can keep it 11 v 11, I'm as confident going into this one as I've been since 2012 going into an old firm. No issues whatsoever with Wes in goals.
  12. Ryan_1

    Katic today.

    Think he spends a little too long in possession at times, then ends up panicking a bit when put under pressure, but defensively he's as sound as anyone we have.
  13. They've still to get a point at Pittodrie first, as much as Aberdeen are shitebag against them, the taigs have been shocking lately. Reckon title will go to the last day.
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