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  1. At the time it'll mean everything. In the grand scheme of things... Fuck all.
  2. Max refund is £10 on first race. Was £20 last year.
  3. Only reason the bad officiating is an issue is because we've dropped points. The cup final should have been out of sight we'll before Julian scored, only ourselves to blame. Same goes for the bad decisions against Kilmarnock, game we should have had won well before O'Donnell scored. The elephant in the room is us fans using bad officiating as an excuse to paper the cracks of our star player being shockingly out of form caused by his red card for diving and subsequent suspension, While our big money signing being undroppable when clearly out of form also.
  4. I don't like the change of trainer, I don't like Furys comments that he plans to trade blows with Wilder and knock him out. I know this could be all mind games, but as has been said in here it takes Wilder one punch to end the fight, I don't believe Fury has that power. Added to Eddie Hearn saying he's heard rumours around the Fury camp, I just don't like what I'm hearing. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. This could be exactly what we need. A good performance and result might kick start the season again.
  6. Really like Fury and i believe he's the best heavyweight in the world. However there a few things coming out of Fury camp I just haven't liked which makes me think Wilder will win this.
  7. They're a better, more talented, more seasoned team im afraid.
  8. I am slightly nervous about tonight but I also see tonight as a game where we kick on again. Once we get going again we won't drop many more points.
  9. Calm down. Plenty more twist and turns throughout the season. Morelos and Tavernier to comeback. Leagues still in our hands.
  10. Hibs is must win now. Dreading it but a win and another 3 pts on Boxing day, they're there for the taking on the 29th. We dominated them in the final and last night although they won an extremely poor Hearts side had the bulk of the play especially before the first goal.
  11. Hearts are going down, they won't cause celtic any issues, as much as I hope I'm wrong.
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