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  1. Am I being daft here but hasn't the rules on being the last man and giving away a penalty and the subsequent red card for the player committing the foul? I thought they changed the rule so that they cannot send the man off if they have given a penalty? The 3 punishment rule or something? For instance if that foul happened outside the box and a free kick was given, the referee would be within his rights to give out a red card, however it was inside and the penalty was given so the correct decision was the yellow card? Ive seen this decision happen numerous times over recent weeks in different leagues and the commentators/pundits have all been screaming why this wasn't a red card but the yellow card was given. This would indicate I haven't just made this rule up and I'm sure it was brought in at the start of the season. Can anyone clarify this?
  2. Can't remember the last time I said this about us but we're a joy to watch at the minute. That Docherty pass for Windass' goal was sublime. If Kevin De Bruyne played that pass everyone would be waxing lyrical.
  3. Still think celtic have an extra gear, with one eye on the European games, it's given us false hope. Definitely think we have improved, especially going forward. However there still isn't championship winning consistency within in our squad although I think it'll come. Need to sort our horrific home form out. Next year there can without a doubt be a title challenge. This time last year I wasnt at all confident we'd finish 2nd this season nevermind a challenge.
  4. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Same team as Aberdeen and Ross County.
  5. LAST time we had a hero??

    Walter Smith. Last time I loved a player was probably Thomson.
  6. **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    Lack of a defensive minded midfielder with McCrorie out is worrying. Can see Haliday starting. Something along the lines of Wes Tavernier Martin Wilson John Holt Haliday Goss Candieas Morelos Windass
  7. 4-4-2

    Don't believe Cummings will start off as a starter. Wes Tavernier Martin Wilson John McCrorie Jack Candaeis Windass Murphy Morelos
  8. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    Much as I think he's a wee prick and his pals are all picks, he's now our prick. All the best Jason.
  9. Our Attacking Options

    No idea what we're going to play. You'd like to see Cummings and Morelos upfront together and I reckon we'll utilise that in home games, or against weaker so called sides, but 4-2-3-1 will probably be how we go onwards against them, Aberdeen, Hibs etc. It's great to know we've got options, not even going forward but even in midfield and defence too. Things are starting finally, finally to go in the right direction for us.
  10. A bit of realism

    Not Cummings biggest fan by any stretch of the imagination, but he'll score goals in this league no question.
  11. How Will We Line Up?

    That front four looks superb on paper.
  12. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Superb. Murty out.
  13. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Would like to see another good performance from Windass, another goal from Morelos and Jack not to receive a red card today.
  14. Finlay's Christmas Wish

    Watched it last night, absolutely brilliant. There's still good in the world and I'm delighted we were at the front of it. Hope Windass scores another one for Finley today.