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  1. Open Goal is generally superb but Lafferty was poor from what I could stand. Listen to the Haliday one mate superb.
  2. Listeners to about 10 mins and couldn't bare his slow paced story telling. Torture. Halidays was superb so was his Keeping the ball on the ground podcast with them Bobby madden
  3. Won 55 quid on that Ian Heinisch
  4. Thought you meant birds.
  5. I'd sign him, but I'd also be very wary of the deal. I'd he signed permanently we would have to focus alot of our play around him to get the best out of him. Ontop of that he has to mature and be a leader of the side which until he hasn't had to do in his career. Definitely got the talent. Just worry of his stature in Scotland.
  6. Not a film, however Bobby Robson Documentary is brilliant.
  7. Castore the same firm Andy Murray with?
  8. Rocky films 1-4 are timeless classics. Really liked Draft Day aswell, don't think it got the ratings.
  9. What a film. Top three for me.
  10. And if Fleck never left he would never have reached where he's at now. Even then although he's a good player in a good Sheffield utd Premiership side, he could easily be a midtable championship player in the same vein.
  11. Would take him in a heartbeat right now, perfect replacement for Davis however by the time we can afford him imagine he'll be past it and hopefully we are past him.
  12. Really enjoyed the series, always hated basketball growing up, didn't see the point in it with every bit contact being a foul but some of the things Jordan did on the court was jaw dropping.
  13. At the time it'll mean everything. In the grand scheme of things... Fuck all.
  14. Max refund is £10 on first race. Was £20 last year.
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