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  1. Very good point. Going forward against the better teams I think we have to ditch the 4-4-2. Teams like Hibs, Celtic and Aberdeen will dominate our midfield if we player that formation. It works when we play at 100mph in the first 15 mins but we cannot sustain that for the whole game. I reckon we'll switch to 3-5-2 eventually, I just hope it doesn't take another bad result for Pedro to realise this. Be a good sign from him as a manager to switch to it before we play good side and not when we are already losing or whatever. However in saying that I don't think Hearts have the quality to be one of those teams to switch to 3-5-2 and we can do the job with a 4-4-2.
  2. Lenton is a prick, but these constant statements are fucking embarrassing. Start winning on the pitch do to fuck with all this pish.
  3. It was a sending off no appeal. Games over, must move onto Hearts and take matters out of the refs hands.
  4. By letter of the law it was a sending off. However Stokes should have been off for the Tav incident, then should have received a second yellow card for involvement in Jack melee. McGeouch should have been off also.
  5. It is Dale Pyrde, using his mums maiden name due to aftermath of cup final.
  6. Imperative we start fast, not let them play and take our chances.
  7. Perhaps, but for the moment I don't want to needless put him in especially when Windass needs a run of games. If we get a comfortable lead at the weekend then throw him on and see what he can do.
  8. Hahahahaha. Smart as fuck me..
  9. Won't be any movement until after we play Hearts.
  10. Every club in the world is a club. Every player has a price, if a club is willing to pay then they'll be sold. Just have to look at Neymar. Our problem is we need to selling players for upwards of £3m again, at the moment we are only selling players for £1m max. We need to buy well, develop the player and then sell on for big money. I hate to say it but it's something Celtic have got spot on for a number of years now. Also a selling club.
  11. Want him to do it, bit of a Speith fanboy. Won a few bob over the years. Although I've not backed him this time.
  12. Shocking coverage. Anyway of getting the coverage in America using VPN or whatever?
  13. Cardoso has overshadowed Alves so far for me. Albeit the presence of Alves has probably produced the better performances from Cardoso. The mistakes so far have been from Alves.
  14. I think he must play as a two rather than on his own. Miller is a perfect foil.
  15. For me he's still first choice striker. Until we bring in someone better, or Morelos and Herrera form a worthy partnership then it's should be Miller and one other. To say Miller shouldn't be in our team at the minute is ridiculous, if we're looking at it from who we currently have and what they've shown.