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  1. Can't wait to buy my strip and get EBT on the back
  2. In all honesty what worries me about Cardoso is his ability to defend, not how he is on the ball. Was caught out a fair few times in the first game with the ball over the top and his positioning. The exact same things that let Danny Wilson down.
  3. Could be an indication of things to come, could mean fuck all. In the grand scheme of things I'd rather the shite results in behind closed doors friendlies. The real indication come next Thursday.
  4. Excited to see him play next week.
  5. Really? Take all my money.
  6. Walker isn't your Neil McCann type winger, he won't play on the right hand side and put crosses in the box. Seen him from an early age in Hearts youth teams and he's always played on the left hand side cutting inside. This is where his goal scoring record comes from and lack of assists. I can actually see Walker moving into the number 10 position at some point in his career. He will be a left winger if he does sign.
  7. I really really don't want to be judging someone so early on but certain things I read about Cardoso were extremely worrying.
  8. Five pages of people saying it's a farce and McGregor is going to get leathered, I won't be paying etc. Boring bastards. A one sided fight it may be but the magnitude of this fight and the event may never happen ever again in our lifetime. Don't get me wrong I'm a massive McGregor fan and certainly have the blinkers on but I'm all in for the ride of it all. Bit like Antigua getting a bye all the way to the World Cup final and playing Brazil in the final, total mismatch on paper but it's the World Cup final you are going to tune in and wonder what if, just maybe..
  9. For what it's worth someone on Jamie Walkers Instagram thanked him for taking pictures with him outside Auchenhowie today. Guy who said was followed by Walker. Most probably a wind up but thought I'd post it.
  10. That analogy is totally different. Conor McGregor can box and has been been boxing his entire life and throughout his MMA career. The Lions don't play football.
  11. I saw him and his bird a few months back at the local Asda he must stay near by, gonna hang around Asda for the latest scoop.
  12. Regardless what you think of it as a contest, we'll all be watching. Most probably the biggest event ever. I'm looking forward to the spectacle.
  13. Don't have a handicap myself, so always go by scratch. Nice shooting though mate, had a three week break from it recently being away to Mexico, went for a few holes yesterday now chomping at the bit to get back out there.
  14. Fight is set, August 26th, Las Vegas.
  15. I think he has shown already he's interchangeable even during games. I would suggest he will play 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 more often than not but I reckon Morelos and Herrera may strike a partnership and force him to go with two up top.