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  1. Ryan_1

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Bite your hand off for that.
  2. Ryan_1

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Would love that.
  3. Ryan_1

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    In bits at the moment. Nervous for the game, nervous for the team selection, fearful of more disappointment in this fixture. Then theres that part of me who thinks today's the day. We need at least Arfield, Jack and Goldson fit. If they play I think we can do it.
  4. Ryan_1

    Arfield Injury

    Massive loss. We already struggle for creativity in the middle of the park as is, and although I don't think he's the most creative, his forwards runs and little touches here and there opens up more space for the likes of Morelos and Candieas etc. Putting a big burden on Ryan Jack to be our creativity in there which for me isn't his game. He should be our sitter with two either side of him but he's miles better than anyone we have available in the middle of the park and he'll be asked to that job.
  5. celtic are there for the taking at the minute, especially away from home. Fancy Aberdeen to sneak something on boxing day. We need to get 6 points from the next two, and then sets up the big one on the 29th. Worried about the injuries we might have picked up last night, especially to Goldson and Arfield.
  6. Ryan_1


    Morelos wouldn't have missed that header Lafferty missed against Hamilton. Lafferty didn't look like scoring the other day, Morelos although fluffed his lines could have had 4 and on another night would have converted at least 2.
  7. Ryan_1


    Cracking player. We have the basis of a title winning team. McGregor, Goldson, Tavernier, Barisic, Jack, Arfield, Candieas, Kent, Morelos... Add to that with a couple more bits of quality, keep them fit and available we'll win the league this year or next.
  8. Ryan_1


    Outstanding last night bar the finish, another night he scores 4. Best striker in the league.
  9. Ryan_1

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Haliday deserves to be in before the likes of McCrorie and Rossiter. Hasn't put a foot wrong.
  10. Ryan_1

    Gerrard press conference

    He is just a magnificent bastard. I haven't been this proud of any of our managers like this since Walter. He gets it.
  11. Ryan_1

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    Title race well and truly on. Let's go.
  12. Ryan_1


    We could very well be two points off the top of the league and top of our Europa League group come Saturday night... Would have bitten your hand off for that in the summer.
  13. Ryan_1


  14. Ryan_1


    Fuck sake. Steven Gerrard has been the best thing that's happened to us in years, certainly from a footballing stand point. He got yesterday wrong, he's taking the blame, the players also must take the blame and we must see a reaction but to call for his head... Fuck me. Remember how we've done in Europe, remember where we were last year and years before. Now we have to make a run in the league and get 15 from our next five games and we'll be sitting pretty.
  15. Ryan_1

    Up front on Sunday?

    Youth option? Mebude perhaps? Doubt it but an option.