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  1. Got yesterday all wrong. Biggest fan, but you have to criticise when it's due. Big response needed and hopefully lessons learned. Yesterday was a blow but by all means wasn't fatal.
  2. Ryan_1


    Worried me on Thursday, thought the game bypassed him and he was shocking on Sunday. Really hope I'm wrong but looks a bit like Ejaria mk II.
  3. Ryan_1


    Mountain of a performance.
  4. Alfredo will start both if he's still here come Sunday. Defoe will likely start against Livingston and possibly the St Johnstone game after the international break.
  5. Not having Arfield restricts Tav for me. With Arfield always tucking in it frees up the right hand side for Tav to get forward which is one of our best weapons going forward. People moan about our left backs for not getting forward enough, and to an extent its true, but unlike on the other side there's always a winger on that side taking the open space that on the opposite side is there to exploit. I think resting Arfield is a massive risk in the two biggest games of our season coming up, even if his form isnt quite up to the same standard as last season he can always give you a goal. More willing to give him a break after the internationals.
  6. Same team as last week, Jones for Ojo. As much as Jones was poor on Sunday, he is far more suited to more open games like Thursday and Sunday.
  7. Morelos for both. Defoe could start Sunday and I wouldn't be totally against it but Morelos does more for the side so should start both. If he's still here that is.
  8. Jack outstanding, best midfielder in the country. Was impressed with Helander, postionally if anything. Job done is all we could ask for.
  9. Expect Defoe to start and score. 2-0 us, Defoe and Jones.
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