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  1. I think we are playing better as a team because of Arfield playing further forward and a better balance in midfield rather than the striker being used. Although Defoe has been good enough that we haven't missed Morelos at all so far, which is a credit to him as when we missed Morelos in the past this season it's been evident.
  2. Valuable player both on and off the park.
  3. We've been very good tonight. Kamara, Defoe and Arfield all excellent so far.
  4. That was unlucky. Shot ourselves in the foot. That celtic side aren't the same, I'm surprisingly optimistic about next season despite defeat.
  5. Ryan_1


    He's got to go.
  6. Can't help but feel Arfields 'broony' is going to come back to haunt him. Would take a draw right now.
  7. Aye agree he will be gone this summer and we will make a massive profit regardless of his final value. He's been superb this season. I worry how we will replace him. We are night and day as a team when he is in the team compared to when he isn't.
  8. Taking 6 points from them means fuck all if we slip against others... Everything is must win now.
  9. Absolutely we must win them all, don't think we will but have to hope. Hibs aren't the team theyve been. Just pumped killie, Aberdeen were beaten not long ago and then them.
  10. Absolutely nothing against Kamara, but I'm rooting for McCrorie in that position.
  11. Aberdeen away. Hibs away. Killie home. Them away. Massive month. Will make or break our season.
  12. 100%. Love the guy. But putting sensible hat on (just commented on about 7/8 threads offering. To shag our players) his discipline will take some value off him unfortunately. Hopefully he stays for longer but, really get the feeling he's loving it now aswell
  13. Ryan_1


    Fuck knows what you're saying but I'm up for a double team if you are big man
  14. In all honestly we're no getting more than they got for dembele. Don't get me wrong give me Morelos every time but his discipline will take some of the £££ off his value due to ubs seeing him as a risk.
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