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  1. Millers Agent

    Absolutely no interest in this story. Enjoying winning games and looking towards the next one too much to care.
  2. Miller to train with the Kids

    They'll go safe after Pedro and Warburton. A former player or someone currently in the SPFL. McInnes, McLeish, Wright or Davies will be the shortlist.
  3. Miller to train with the Kids

    'a winning manager' isn't coming here. Any new manager we bring in is going to have some sort of blemish on his CV.
  4. Miller to train with the Kids

    We're a shambles. Still. Tiresome. Board are just as much to blame for this as Pedro/Miller are.
  5. Pena

    Thought he was shite with the ball at his feet but done a job on Brown. Soon as he came off Brown controlled the game.
  6. Are celtic really that good?

    Wish we had a player that pish.
  7. Are celtic really that good?

    Exactly. Hayes, Mcgregor, Dembele all considerably better than anything we've got. Don't like Forrest for Scotland but he'd get a game in our squad.
  8. Are celtic really that good?

    In Scottish football yes. Absolutely miles ahead of anyone. Team that can bring Dembele off the bench when already 2-0 up and cruising then not many can compete with that.
  9. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Any early indication to the team?
  10. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Our best course of winning is probably a backs to the wall job. Can't see us playing like that. Worry we give away an early penalty/sending off, or ref makes a horrendous decision. The confidence they're showing is infuriating, but they have every right. They are the better side, 56 games unbeaten in domestic football. The wider Scottish football community are predicting 4/5/6 today in their favour. We haven't beaten them in 90 minutes in five years. A win today will be the sweetest yet. The absolute best feeling. It could provide the turning point in the hell of the last five years. This could be the catalyst. Over to you boys, play for the jersey, play for every single person in the stands today wearing red, white and blue. Play for yourselves, because a legendary status at this club is like no other. Every Rangers legend is judged by their performances against celtic and the titles they've won. To win titles we must start to overturn the gulf between us and them. This is your chance lads.
  11. We won last night didn't we? Not Caixinhas biggest fan but until Saturday has been we have to get behind him.
  12. Use this game to try 3-5-2 ahead of game on Saturday. Fod Cardoso Alves Wilson Tav Dorrans Jack Wallace/John Pena Morelos Herrera
  13. It's funny how this week could be the end for Pedro but also on the other hand it very well could be the making of him. A good cup win and if we could be the first side to beat celtic domestically in what 40+ games it could be a catalyst to greater things. I absolutely realise a club like ours should never accept 2nd place, always should be aiming to win every game and every title. However a good season for us is closing the gap, planting seeds of doubt in that celtic side going forward and installing a fear factor back into ourselves and a self belief. We get that, then we can mount a serious, serious challenge next year. For me that's the minimum we should see from Pedro and if we don't get a positive result Saturday it's just more of the same.
  14. The only solace if we were to lose and Pedro was to be sacked, I don't think the rebuild job is anywhere near to the level Caixinha had when Warburton was sacked. Basis of a decent squad to build on, more about coaching and setting up that said than having a major overhaul of personnel.
  15. Three points away from home however they come is always welcomed. Partick are a decent side despite their results so far, be a tough game. Should have enough though.