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  1. For £2m+ I'd sell him right away. I'd consider over £1m.
  2. Worst team in the league. If we can't get off to a good confident start then it may say a lot about Caixinha.
  3. We always win psychologically. We have peace in mind that we don't go home and fuck kids.
  4. It's about us today. Its always all about the Rangers. Only show in town.
  5. Really don't understand how you can say we didn't win? We won 1-1 in my book.
  6. Games like today he goes missing too regularly. I can forgive someone having a bad game but I cannot forgive a lack of commitment. Was disrespectful to his teammates, the fans and Graeme Murty today with his effort.
  7. Was too low for me.. Should have been in the throat.
  8. Who cares? It wasn't given. We won 1-1.
  9. Exactly how I thought we should have been playing for months now especially away from home against decent sides. Hard to beat. We aren't blessed with the luxury of the players celtic have, perhaps not even Aberdeen but we have to get the best out of the players we do have. It's something Walter Smith done expertly when he took over from Le Guen for that second half of the season in 07. I pray Caixinha took note.
  10. Delighted for Graeme Murtys, glad he's still at the club in some capacity.
  11. For Graeme Murtys sake I hope we do him justice. He's been first class.
  12. Decent first 30 or so from us then we began to tire/Celtic began to improve. Goal was from nothing but thought Foderingham should have done better at his near post. Waghorn should have scored goes without saying but he's been decent apart from that. Mckay has been dreadful absolutely no commitment.
  13. His agent is it not?
  14. Depends what the offers were. I like both players but both could be replaced. Foderingham more so.