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  1. Really dont understand how anyone can blame the manager solely. Him and Kenny Miller basically came out and said they worked on stuff all week and bar Miller and Tav I dont think nobody bothered their arse. What can the guy do? Celtic are a better team with better players. They would need to have a major off day and us a very good/element of luck filled one. As mentioned hopefully he learns a thing or two from it, however whether Pedro is the right man or not you physically cannot judge the guy until he has more of a say in players. He has inherited the most pathetic Rangers squad that there will ever be.
  2. You still going on about this tackle ya fucking weirdo? We are shite, one attempt off your boyfriend Andy to put a marker down doesnt hide that, nor does it hide how much of a fanny he really is. It was never the time or place for it but who cares. Now fuckoff and let the rest of us debate realistically, ya big mad mental Rangers man.
  3. Chin up lads, its been horrendous but the seasons nearly over. Performance was a disgrace today but i dont expect any less from the poofs we have on show. My hope is every bitter pill we swallow is another reminder that a lot of work is needed on this team, sounds stupid but in reflection i think days like today might not be all bad in 1-2 years time, sometimes unexpected wins paper over the cracks. All depends on if the board find the £££ we need. I think we need at the minimum around 5/6 million, with a few very shrewd loans/bosmans. Biggest fear is we get it wrong in the market again, but i think Pedro understands the type of player needed at Rangers - technically and mentally.
  4. Wes, Rossiter, McKay, Dodoo & Beerman. Miller and Kranjcar for experience and numbers. Tav maybe as squad player. The rest can go, and i really hope there is a massive clearout of the utter shite we are left with. We need about 8 new players that are starters every week and streets ahead of the imposters we have at the mo
  5. Dodoo's sock has a ring to it. Clearly a tim..
  6. Honestly mate, just shutup. Hes useless.
  7. I dont care if he is a supporter, hes fucking useless. At fault as usual for the first goal.... cant wait until we get rid of the utter shite like him, teams full of them. Warburton i am sure gave likes of him and Kiernan 4 year deals?. Joke from top to bottom.
  8. You speculating?
  9. Team is horrendous. Dreading it now
  10. Toral..... thats still not saying much. We need better, most would agree with me
  11. Wait till he plays against Celtic, you will see exactly what i mean about him. Dont see why anybody would want a player like this, i know we wont get another Laudrup but doesnt mean we need to accept bang average.
  12. Dont rate him at all, lazy style and sloppy with possession. There is glimpses of talent but not at all what we need in middle of the park.
  13. Foderingham, McKay & Rossiter. Wont happen but would be good to keep Hyndman another season.
  14. The players are utterly fucking atrocious. Manager has a lot to prove but the shite he inherited is actually mind blowing when you look at it. How can we be in such a shite state with the financial advantage we have over everyone bar Celtic. I just dont see a way out of it because the investment wont be enough and we would need to unearth a couple of gems and sell on fast and keep getting it right.
  15. I think Pedro gets it, however tonight was completely unacceptable again. As much as i am far from convinced that was all down to this pathetic bunch of players, the stats back up what i am saying. The guy has the toughest job in Britain.