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  1. Something that stood out for me and i hope i am reading into right is near he start of the interview when he mentions we need to attack more and aggresively down the left side. I hope he means McKay needs to take players on much more and i hope he is drilling that into him and Wallace.
  2. Hopefully moved on at end of the season, players like Halliday are holding us back. Dont doubt hes a true supporter but i also dont doubt how pish he is.
  3. Michael Francis O'Halloran for me.
  4. Got slated last year on here for calling out Halliday and Holt when they were given long term contracts..... people telling me they could make the step up and would be an integral part 😂 Halliday is a fucking imposter, defies belief how he continues to get game time when he is so shit.
  5. Poor game but expected in a derby. Been very impressed with Tziolis for Hearts, but then he didnt play for Watford or Brentford.
  6. Lot of shite but would take him here gladly. A good manager who is underrated in my opinion.
  7. Really? Just seen it as a professional experienced coach giving nothing away. As i said dont think he gave the impression he was interested at all.
  8. Sounded to me from watching he wasnt interested. As mentioned would want to start in summer but just get the feeling hes not interested at all.
  9. Just making us a laughing stock now. We ran a lot to get a point against Ross County for the 3rd time this season. Honestly get this squad and management to fuck.
  10. Embarassing. St Johnstone have a better away league record than us in the league and its February. We are an utter disgrace and the sooner hes gone the better.
  11. Hes fucking terrible and constantly gives away goals through terrible positioning and fannying about on the ball. I couldnt give a fuck who he supports he is an embarassment like the rest of them.
  12. Anybody who defends this fucking embarassing pish is a fucking joke and stain on our name. The sooner this baldy fucking arsehole leaves the better, he has made us a laughin stock. Davie Weir should fuckoff back south as well, what a fucking deplorable cunt he is letting this happen whilst he makes a coin. Board just as bad for prolonging it, we are an utter fucking disgrace and i cant wait to see the back of them all.
  13. He simply doesnt have the mentality to be a Rangers manager. I know this is cliche but imagine this team going into face Walter or Souness or any commanding manager. Souness would have rightly punched fuck out of a few of them. Even when i seen the subs coming on (Windass and Forrester) - we are a team of actual poofters with no fight whatsoever.
  14. Not at all mate. My point is there needs to be balance.... do we all just go and continually fund and accept mediocre?. Sad thing is about this board is most likely will only wisen up when the supporter £££'s dry up. Always the supporter who suffers and is taken as the mug whilst everything around is overhyped and overpaid dross from top to bottom.
  15. Not in the mood for wankers like you after tonight.... Come say hello next home game?.