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  1. He is exactly the type of signing/player that has been wrong with us past few seasons. Might not work out for Pedro but at least he is slowly but surely getting rid of all the poofy cunts in the team like Forrester etc and realises the issue. The most spineless gutless Rangers team of my whole existence.
  2. Poor result but people are worrying a bit too much for me. We still have at least 4 or 5 regular starters to come in and its early days. I would be worried if we were full strength a couple of weeks further on and getting these results. We need the Mexican boys in ASAP.
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  4. 500k is plenty for him. Decent player and a step up from the shite we have, like Jack another upgraded squad player. Genuinely feel anything more is a bit much for him.
  5. Waghorn actually scored a goal!?
  6. Copy and pasted from DR (I know)..... Pedro Caixinha is ready to raid his homeland again, according to Portuguese media outlet O Jogo. They report the Rangers manager is interested in winger Salvador Agra. The 25-year-old was only signed by Benfica on Wednesday from CD Nacional but will be sent out on loan in the new season. And sources in Portugal claim Caixinha is weighing up a move for Agra, who is also wanted by Vitoria Setubal. The wide man began his career at Algarve side Varzim, moved to Olhanense before joining Real Betis in 2012. The Spanish club loaned Agra out to a number of sides before he signed for Nacional two years ago. He has played for Portugal at age-group level from the Under-19s to Under-23s.
  7. Incredible pedigree/calibre of signing if true. Maybe a couple of years too late but would get a couple of good seasons out of him. Make the man captain.
  8. Again, exactly the type of player we should be looking at. To get him for near a million quid is a steal when you compare it to prices for MOH and Garner etc. Cardoso, Alves and a fully fit Wallace with better players around him will be a huge difference on Hill, Kiernan and Senderos.
  9. Really hope we can shift him on. The level of player at the club right now is horrific.
  10. Superb! Before my time but great story.
  11. Not what i heard at all. Staying in championship.
  12. How can you get money for loanees leaving and contracts ending?. 7 players left in your list at a million per head on your maths. Get real mate, your making yourself look daft.
  13. You dont half talk pish. He said it will be invested in the playing squad, and it will be via wages and transfer fees. Whether its supplemented for the transfer side of things who knows and theres reason to doubt. However the wages are in the accounts, its really not fucking difficult.
  14. Moan about the players and cant wait to get rid of them, but then turn on the guy who inherited them. The seasons been a shambles, and Pedro has a lot to prove but its actually embarrassing people calling for his head. Let the fucking guy get a chance to build a team of his own players, his own ideas across and a pre-season to implement his ways. A big summer ahead for him and the board but judge both after that, the board are really running out of time and patience amongst the support and rightfully so, If he doesnt get it right he will be offski anyway. We are in a terrible situation and need to hope Caixinha works miracles already, people need to wisen up to this. Also, I think he knows exactly what he is doing by playing about five under 20's last night, you cant tell me all them players are injured but thats another story...