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  1. JM1872

    Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    Not going to get us close to winning the league these types of players.
  2. JM1872

    Out?: Josh Windass

    This. As far as seasons go, last year Armstrong was effectively a passenger looking at the stats whereas Windass was a key player for us. Ok, he has his flaws, but in a better team with better players around him and a better manager, we have yet to see how this impacts his game. Hopefully gone are the days of idiots accepting pennys for our players. Cardiff will be rolling in it and if they want him they will need to pay. I'd say no less than £5m and the argument is pretty clear why.
  3. Need to be laying down a serious marker those first 5/6 games. We're going to have a strong indicator fairly quickly of how the season will go.
  4. JM1872

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    Before we appointed Gerrard though...
  5. JM1872

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    Morelos should be spearheading our attack next season. A good break, rest of the legs and back at it under Gerrard - I expect him to have a great season.
  6. JM1872

    ***Rumours thread***

    Careful what you say mate. I said the same last week and was told that I had absolutely no clue what quality we require by a poster on here. Firmly put in my place.
  7. JM1872

    Ovie Ejaria

    We need higher quality than this fs. I know its early doors but already preparing myself to be disappointed. Early talk of Lucas and Sktrel has quickly changed to unknowns on loan deals.
  8. JM1872

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    Fs about 2 weeks ago he was the back up option for some strange reason, now he's back to number 1
  9. JM1872

    Robby McCrorie

    Mind you, if you are good enough you are old enough and all that.
  10. JM1872

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    Miller's time at the club is up. We could go on and on about whether he is a club legend, his contributions to our football, crossing the divide etc but those are discussions for another time. We should be moving on. Wallace, on the other hand, stood by us through our darkest times. Okay, he hasn't been great of late and perhaps never reached his true potential. I don't believe we need to get rid, however, and would say he still has something to offer. He shouldn't continue in his role of captain as I think we need someone stronger, more vocal and commanding as captain. However, I think we should keep him. All of that aside, these two men have been harshly treated by the club. Someone had to speak out after that game - that absolute disgrace of a day.
  11. JM1872

    Robby McCrorie

    What age was McGregor when he came into the first team after his loans? Surely McCrorie is a little off that level atm. A couple of loans to get the experience and then take it from there. No doubting he will be good enough though.
  12. JM1872

    Joe Dodoo

    Hope not. Need his £20k a week off the wage bill ASAP.
  13. JM1872


    Somebody actually got paid to write that, to write a completely infactual column. And for what? A laugh? Where do I apply?
  14. JM1872

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Can't remember that far back mate but vaguely recall something of the nature. I do remember him sort of spitting the dummy at perhaps NOT being sold to Bayern. You'd think prospective clubs (Chelsea, Man Utd & City mentioned in article) would likely be put off by that, but the lifespan of a player these days at one club is so short probably not. Bayern will probably be laughing right enough, as if they can't replace RL at, effectively, the push of a button. Gone are the days of the one club man imo.
  15. JM1872

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Lewandowski wants away from Bayern. Says if he doesn't get a move then he won't go on strike but he just won't be motivated to score goals The modern day footballer - a bawbag. All that money and the privilege of playing for FC Bayern Munich but yet he can't be motivated to put the ball in the net