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  1. I expect us to see off both comfortably. The Kosovo mob have never made it past Q1
  2. JM1872


    You’d hope so, but he played a lot of games last season. You’d also hope that we will qualify for the Europa Groups again (though it looks more difficult this year) plus reach the finals of both domestic cups so the volume of games will be high again. I suppose the signings of Aribo etc will mitigate it slightly, but he’s a huge player for us.
  3. JM1872


    I wonder how long it will be before he is back playing for us if he has had an international tournament through the Summer. Possibly in doubt for Europa Q1?
  4. Aluko was pretty underwhelming at the time. I remember it was on STV news or something one night at how he had offered or paid money to the sheep shaggin bastards to let him come here. That might not have materialised in the end, however when he arrived he was a breath of fresh air for the squad and those in the stands.
  5. About time we made the most of the Chinese markets for commerical reasons, however I couldn’t name you one household name in terms of a Chinese football player.
  6. Nothing to offend me pal 😂 Just a quick look at your previous posts makes me draw the aforementioned conclusion.
  7. I assume it was decided we are keeping you as a pet? You’re absolutely reeking.
  8. Pretty depressing day tbf. They’ve done 3 times since our return what they couldn’t do once while we were away. Some names we have been linked with aren’t that great, whilst we have a lot of clearing out to do and Morelos to sell for, hopefully, big money. We threw the league away for ourselves this season. Fucked it for ourselves. That’s the sickening part. Too many dropped points v St. Johnstone, Kilmarnock and Hibs. Not confident as of yet that it will be any different next year. Sickening.
  9. He was great at the start of the season, his form and confidence dipped and he lost his place in the team. He has regained it, perhaps through problems outwith his control, but he’s made the position his own for now. Fair play and great performance.
  10. Anywhere decent in Edinburgh I can watch this tomorrow?
  11. JM1872

    Arfield Song

    Superb. What a chant. Gutted I missed it developing. How creative.
  12. JM1872

    Arfield Song

    If that is it, them I am disappointed. Disappointment level up there with the Jermaine Defoe song which is as original as they come!!
  13. We've fucked it for ourselves. No ifs or buts.
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