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  1. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Miller starting? Surely not?
  2. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Don't bother me either mate. Whether you are offended or not though, a truly shocking example to the younger fans of their club which will only breed further hate. I believe that club should have been absolutely hounded from every possible avenue for that act. Unsurpringly it was swept aside (from what I can remember).
  3. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Ahead of us they are not. Two examples from an utterly extensive list.
  4. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    Has been an update on McCrorie's estimated return? Must be due surely.
  5. They are more within our sights than they think. We still have tough games coming up including them @ Ibrox in a few weeks but lets be serious - this title race isn't over despite what some would have you believe.
  6. Ayr Utd - Rangers Highlights

    Caught some of it in work, just watched highlights, looked fairly decent and strong in attack (albeit against substantially weaker opposition, but who are playing well). Nice range of goals and play in tough conditions. Excellent draw too. We MUST win the competition this season!
  7. 17 points dropped since Pedro left.

    We have been 6 or 7 players away every season since the Third Division. Clearly no progress is being made here.
  8. Can clearly see on thay Bobby Madden only counting 8 yards for that free kick in the second half. I remember Tam Mueller on the commentary mentioning Candeias wasn't happy about it but in that evidence its clear cut.
  9. Tavernier has arguably played well throughout his time at Rangers. There has been moments were his ability has been called in to question but the sustained run in Scotland's top flight has undoubtedly helped him improve his game. Overall, I would be all for a new and reasonably priced contract with it in mind that one day we may be moving him on. When that day comes, we really should be looking at maximising the value we receive for him. It is high time Rangers Football Club receive what we are due for our players! Insert a clause for a minimum fee, future payments or whatever. Just make sure we get our dues. On the flip side, selling our best players isn't going to win us any trophies. Players like Foderingham, Tavernier and Morelos are of required quality to win this league but it is those round about them that matter. Get him signed up for a serious title push next season.
  10. Youth Team Fixtures Confirmed

    There can only be positives from this set of fixtures. This whole idea of playing teams from abroad far outweighs the development league. Does it outweigh the benefits of League 2? I'm unsure but for time being we are making strides here. Keep it up Rangers & Mulholland.
  11. ***Florida Cup Thread***

  12. McCrorie vs Forest

    Good on him. High time they cunts knew what a challenge is. We are the people and to all the people a Happy New Year.
  13. There is a team there

    Correct. Its clear over both reigns that the players put in the effort for him and, a few ropey and unacceptable results aside, Murty has done ok. I wonder where we would be if we hadn't lost to Hamilton, to Dundee etc... the games we should be winning. 2 or 3 signings in January with reasonable quality through the removal of some high wages (Kranjcar, Pena, Herrera and possibly Alves) and things could be looking up.
  14. Candeias

    Very impressed with him as I have been most of the season. Ok, some disappointing performances but overall I like his work ethic, he has good technique and should be one the of the players from Caixinha's short era that we keep.