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  1. JM1872

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    Thought we already knew this. We know who the club was anyway. The words jealousy and hatred spring to mind.
  2. JM1872

    18’s Grab Late Leveller

    Joao Balde - first I've seen his name. Surely not son of yon Bobo Balde 🤔
  3. JM1872

    Grezda sent home by national team

    Great another Graham Rossiter
  4. JM1872


    Now what's the tactics behind it? What would McCrorie or Halliday have given us that Ejaria couldn't/wasn't? Fresh legs maybe but not anything that would change the game.
  5. JM1872


    Still waiting for a single direct reply on who we should have taken Ejaria off for 👀 We have a net loss of 6 players through the transfer window. Depth is an issue to which the 3 new additions will partly address but still.
  6. JM1872

    Gerrard beaten by Gerrard

    I'm with you brother 👍 Progress is progress and those who can't see it I have sympathy with
  7. JM1872

    Pedro or murty

    😂 will give you a like for that one pal.
  8. JM1872

    Pedro or murty

    Ach well. Last OF line-up under Murty: The result? 5-0 celtic and an utterly calamitous situation unfolded afterwards. Ok, not his team but I doubt we'd be in Europa groups or where we are in general under Murty rather than Gerrard
  9. JM1872

    Pedro or murty

    Yer at it surely 😂
  10. JM1872

    Massive wake up call

    Gave away too many chances because we sat far too deep and weren't closing down. The 55 minute mark was when this changed and we started forward and on the ball a lot more. Too little too late by that point. Walter's teams went to the Tattiedome and struggled like that, sat back like that but ground out results/missed out narrowly. I'll decide come Christmas. It is very early doors.
  11. JM1872

    Pedro or murty

    😂 Foderingham Tavernier Alves, Cardoso/Martin, John Candeias, Jack, Holt, Windass Herrera, Miller Ok.
  12. JM1872

    We’re still scared of them

    Who would you have put on for Ejaria?
  13. JM1872

    Massive wake up call

    That's what a good keeper does. McGregor put in a world class performance but it doesn't mean we weren't organised defensively. I wouldn't like to know the result today with last season's team.
  14. JM1872

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    Who would you have put on for Ejaria?
  15. JM1872


    Sir Allan McGregor. All is forgotten.