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  1. JM1872

    Arfield Song

    Superb. What a chant. Gutted I missed it developing. How creative.
  2. JM1872

    Arfield Song

    If that is it, them I am disappointed. Disappointment level up there with the Jermaine Defoe song which is as original as they come!!
  3. We've fucked it for ourselves. No ifs or buts.
  4. JM1872

    Arfield Song

    Several responses, no serious answers. I assume there is no song. Cheers lads, Arfield's crying.
  5. Apparently there's an Arfield song? In the pub with the Mrs, could do with something to lighten it up!! Merge if appropriate.
  6. What a terrific night that was.
  7. We need continuity, stability and around 5/6 additions of real quality. They are shite and I don't care what anybody says. We done them at Ibrox, we should have done them at the Tattiedome on Sunday, and we will do them at Ibrox in the split.
  8. Grateful for the goals he has scored in his time here, the effort he has put in and, hopefully, the millions he will bag us. However, he has simply not learned any of the lessons he should have and we can no longer trust him to see out 90 mins in a heater fixture, of which in this backwater, shitehole of a country, there are several. If its 5 red cards for him to begin thriving on being wound up then its 5 red cards too late. You just wonder what may have been if he had featured against Aberdeen at Hampden, yesterday and wherever else he was unavailable.
  9. I'm torn, because deep down I'm so frustrated with football decisions by the board over the last 3 years that I tend to forget about that and blame the manager. Then you hear stats that we are no better off than last season stat/progression wise. However, we are fighting tooth and nail in games v them again. They peaked long ago and are winning through luck. We have been improving and we now have a team with some steel. Fs, only last season we were getting absolutely done by them. What we need to do in the summer as well as develop the squad, is add some real pieces of quality. If we can get Kent somehow then fine, he will only get better, but we shouldn't be paying over the odds. We need to sell Morelos for whatever we can get above £14m, shift some of the dead wood and add some real international quality. I'd like to see us bringing in another Jelavic from Austria or the likes, those markets have players. We need soldiers on the park and through the squad next season. We need real leaders. We need Rangers players. It always takes me a little bit of time and reflection after any defeat, never mind a derby defeat, to get my thoughts straight; but Gerrard will take us forward. It might not seem it, but its getting closer. We have fucked it for ourselves this season. Let ourselves down, without doubt due to just lacking one or two further pieces of quality. No fucking Surrender.
  10. JM1872


    We looked better with 2 wingers up top today.
  11. JM1872


    Go on Borna boy.
  12. Any human being would have reacted the same. A deliberate attempt to cause a scene/start something and possibly even cause an injury. Broadfoot's been acting like a right taig against us lately.
  13. 5 subs made 6 minutes added on, I've seen the last 30 mins and there's been not one stoppage??
  14. If they scumbag bastards drop points again this week I will be absolutely fucking raging with our whole club from top to bottom. A massive chance gone begging, the squad not taking their slips ups as motivation.
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