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  1. JM1872

    FIFA 20

    Right wtf am I doing wrong on FUT? My team is fairly decent I would say, but online Rivals is a joke. My players with 90+ pace look like they’ve got 80 pace, and the other player’s are flyin, can’t get close to them, and my team seem fairly static when defending. Also the game has decided my skill rating was 700 odd based on the qualifiers, so I was in Division 7, pumped nearly every game, now I’m in division 8 but won about 2 games out of 20.
  2. I’ve still got seasons worth of these in the house.
  3. Another court case then if they are saying we do and we are saying they don’t.
  4. JM1872


    Its probably been said elsewhere in the 20 pages, but what’s the prices for this for adults & juniors?
  5. It will show us to be miles aff it.
  6. What’s the latest here? Been following it on and off as still working and knew it would drag on.
  7. Is that definitely them? Loss making company at the moment and they have £4m to pay us every 12 months going forward, plus only 2 employees on the books.
  8. The corruption within our game might just show itself through all this. Hopefully more and more people/clubs are now seeing it.
  9. Not played FM in years. Would play hundreds or thousands of hours each year when I was younger back in 08 > 13. Started up FM17 last week as Kobenhavn for a nice easy challenge. Sitting 6 clear after about 8/9 games, qualified for UCL Groups and got drawn with Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund & Tottenham Hotspur 🥶
  10. I’ll tell you what wee Barry didn’t have make some errors in his career, and his columnist career wasn’t exactly pro Rangers at times but by fuck he was some player, some Captain and was and probably still is my hero in Gers shirt. Go on wee man.
  11. Still to this day gives me goosebumps. Will never forget it, nor the commentary for the goal. Don’t remember the picture being as shite as it mind you!
  12. A great deal unless the is some form of aid. At this stage of the season cash reserves of all clubs are at their lowest ahead of the new season and next wave of ST money.
  13. They will attack and that will suit us. I’m predicting a tough a game as they have bags of quality. It generally doesn’t get much harder than against the big sides from Germany at the moment. Both of us will score but think it could be a draw or a Gers win.
  14. JM1872


    No, not on current form you’re right but current form doesn’t dictate market value. Ability does. He is a superb player when he’s up to it. He is well worth £20m and would be an absolute steal at that for any club in the top 5 European leagues. We really need to stop writing off the values of our biggest assets. It is ridiculous. However, we do need to cash in IF somebody offers us a suitable amount.
  15. I mean what can you do when inept players have 31 shots on goal, and can’t convert 2 of them??
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