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  1. “Worth every single penny” absolutely 👍 Not something I would normally buy into or take out a subscription on but its different class to anything that is out there imo.
  2. The trial works just like any other trial based service on the internet today tbh. Like Netflix, you agree to be charged beyond your 30 day trial, and if on day 29 you don’t fancy it, you just cancel your trial and you won’t be charged. This won’t change your mind, but I read the full Ryan Jack feature and found it to be not only excellent reading but a rare insight into Jack and the team too.
  3. Content is excellent, not just in Rangers. However, Jordan Campbell who writes about us is a Bear and doing a terrific job. Far more insightful than any of the turgid pish you read in the rhags. In fact, there is an interview with Reyna I’m going to read tonight. If you are unsure on the outlay, there is a trial I think. I’ve paid it and never looked back.
  4. Tavernier past his peak by the looks of it. Rotten, fucking rotten.
  5. Its these games where you wonder if Gerrard actually believes in all of our players or only 12/13 of them.
  6. About the 5th time I’ve said this already this season - Tav is miles aff it this season and its going to cost us at some point.
  7. Easiest game please. Lets get to the final and then we’ll see.
  8. Couldn’t have been much in the last 20 mins of the first half. Just nothing going our way football wise tonight
  9. Livi are dominating the game and look like they want it more tbh
  10. No creativity in this team will kill our season. Goldson can’t play out from the back, Tav is miles off the boil this season, Davis and Jack are too deep, Aribo is an empty jersey, Barker too weak and Ojo can’t make a decision.
  11. No clue mate, don’t know if maybe some will go to the family if they want them or the club might store them away somewhere. However, and you don’t like to think about it or say it, the majority will probably end up in the bin you would imagine.
  12. Took a trip up today to lay a jersey. Couldn’t believe the amount of jerseys, scarfs, flags and flowers at both sets of gates. Its incredibly sad and sombre but all the colours on show will personify how colourful Fernando’s character was. Rest in peace Fernando.
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